Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill (February 10, 1685 - February 8, 1750) was an English dramatist and miscellaneous writer.


  • First, then, a woman will or won’t, depend on ’t;
    If she will do ’t, she will; and there ’s an end on ’t.
    But if she won’t, since safe and sound your trust is,
    Fear is affront, and jealousy injustice.
    • Zara, Epilogue (1735). Note: The following lines are copied from the pillar erected on the mount in the Dane John Field, Canterbury:
      Where is the man who has the power and skill
      To stem the torrent of a woman’s will?
      For if she will, she will, you may depend on ’t;
      And if she won’t, she won’t; so there ’s an end on ’t.
      The Examiner, May 31, 1829.
  • But me no buts.
    • Snake in the Grass, sc. 1.
  • Tender-handed stroke a nettle,
    And it stings you for your pains;
    Grasp it like a man of mettle,
    And it soft as silk remains.

    ’Tis the same with common natures:
    Use ’em kindly, they rebel;
    But be rough as nutmeg-graters,
    And the rogues obey you well.
    • Verses Written on a Window in Scotland.


  • Courage is poorly housed that dwells in numbers; the lion never counts the herd that are about him, nor weighs how many flocks he has to scatter.
  • Customs form us all, our thoughts, our morals, our most fixed beliefs; are consequences of our place of birth.
  • Reason gains all people by compelling none.
  • Youth is ever apt to judge in haste, and lose the medium in the wild extreme.

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