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Afro Samurai is a Japanese Manga series that premiered in January 2007, initially online. It is about a samurai (known only as Afro Samurai) who sets out on a journey to avenge his father's death at the hands of a demon called Justice. It stars the voice talents of Samuel L. Jackson, Ron Perlman, Kelly Hu, and others. A second season is set to air on Spike TV in 2009.

Afro Samurai

  • Nothing personal... It's just revenge.

Ninja Ninja

  • [To the stalker that is following them up the mountain] Hey, hey, hey, w- Can't you give a brother a break, yo? Can't you see the man's down? What about honor, and- and-and vanish, and shit?!
  • Afro, don't fight this fucker! [assassin cocks his crossbow] He got arrows and grenades 'n' shit! You ain't got no chance, dude!
  • [The Afro Droid has just fired off a phallic-looking laser weapon and missed, falling over dead.] I think he blew his load.

Season 1

Unidentified Episode

Justice: With this headband on my forehead, I will rule this world as God himself!

Afro Samurai: Nothing personal. It's just revenge.

[to young Afro after killing his father]
Justice: It's unfortunate you had to see this, boy. This moment will always haunt you. Challenge me when you are ready to duel a god.

Justice: And I thought you loved your pappy.

Justice: Are you ready to die like your pappy?

Brother 1: Can you dig it?
Empty 7 thugs: Yeah!
Brother 1: Then let's get busy!
[Thugs charge towards Afro Droid]

Justice: This is it, kiddo. Here's where you gofuck fuclk fuck down!

Ninja Ninja: Add one more body to the body toll. May God rest this poor bastard's soul.

Justice: Those headbands can make a man crazy.

Ivanov: I am second to no man.

Ninja Ninja: Watch it! He abouts to bust a two-sword move on you!

Ninja Ninja: Is that a mother fuckin' RPG?! You got a mother fuckin' RPG?! An RPG in a mother fuckin' back pack?!

Afro Samurai: You will only die again, my friend.


Samuel L. Jackson - Afro Samurai, Ninja Ninja

Kelly Hu - Okiku

Ron Perlman - Justice

Jeff Bennett - Foo, Hachiro

Steven Blum - Assassins

S. Scott Bullock - Dharman

TC Carson - Sword Master, Brother #4

Grey DeLisle - Oyuki, Woman

John DiMaggio - Brother #2, Giant, Ivanov, Patron #2

Greg Eagles - Rokutaro: Afro's Father, Brother #6

John Kassir - Soshun

Phil LaMarr - Brother #1, Brother #3, Brother #5, Kuro, Teen Afro Samurai

Yuri Lowenthal - Jinno/Kuma

Jason Marsden - Sasuke

Liam O'Brien - Kihachi, Patron #4

Crystal Scales - Young Afro Samurai

Dwight Schultz - Assassin #1, Patron #1, Ronin

Tara Strong - Jiro, Otsuru

Fred Tatasciore - Juzo, Patron #5, Shuzo

James Arnold Taylor - Yashichi

Dave Wittenberg - Assassin, Matasaburo, Patron #3, Pun