Age of Empires III

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Age of Empires III (AoE III) is the sequel to Age of Empires II: The Conquerors and the third title of the history-based real-time strategy Age of Empires series of computer games. The game was developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft, and was officially released on October 18, 2005. The game covers the European colonization of the Americas, whilst its expansion mainly covers the decolonization of the New World between approximately AD 1500 and 1850.

Morgan Black

  • "Get some soldiers to protect those settlers. If they die, we die."
  • "Why do you call me that? I'm Scottish, you Turkish dog."
  • "Good work."
  • "Excellent work, men!"
  • "So this is what the Ottomans really wanted on Malta."
  • "What, across the Ocean Sea?"
  • "We are Knights of St. John. We do not surrender!"
  • "Our ship is badly damaged. Start a colony on this island and wait for more ships to arrive from Malta."
  • "Sahin has beaten us here, but we'll worry about him later. We need to get our colony started."
  • "Speaking of hurricanes."
  • "So, Sahin, it seems your Spanish friends have left you here to die."
  • "What are you saying? Alain has given his life to my knighthood. He's no member of this Circle."
  • "Ram the Fountain with a fire ship!"
  • "Our base is over-run. All is lost."
  • "Amelia Black. The girl who owns Falcon Company. Is it true your grandmother was a Mohawk?"
  • "This land belongs to you now. You and folks like you."
  • "You broke the Circle, and in just one lifetime, too."
  • "Don't miss your train."

Alain Magnan

  • "Why is the signal fire lit? And why am I here, Morgan? I ordered you to defend the fort."
  • "The Falcon can't stand up to my heavy cavalry. Lead on, Morgan, and destroy those cannon."
  • "Once the Ottoman weapon caches are destroyed, they will be forced to leave Malta."
  • "Morgan, why is that savage still alive?"
  • "You and your band of misfits will be wiped from the New World, Morgan!"
  • "No! Morgan seeks to destroy the Fountain! Stop him!"

Sahin "the Falcon"

  • "It is already broken, Morgan! Will you break with it?"
  • "We do not have to fight, Frenk. Do you never question foolish orders?"
  • "I have no quarrel with you, conquistador. All I wanted was a look at an old map."
  • "If you kill me, there will be no one to stop the Circle of Ossus."
  • "Do you see it now, Frenk? You have been tricked."
  • "Open your eyes! The Circle wants the lake because they think it is the Fountain of Youth! All I have been trying to do is keep it out of the hands of the Circle! And Alain Magnan!"
  • "I am Ottoman. I have more than you could possibly ever use."(Talking about black powder)
  • "Destroy it. It is the only way. You cannot leave the Fountain of Youth in the hands of such men."

Elisabet Ramsey

  • "Knights? How quaint."
  • "Morgan Black. So the New World hasn't killed you off yet. What's this I hear about Florida?"
  • "Wait just a minute, old man!"
  • "My ship! I'd better be paid well for this, Morgan!"
  • "Morgan, he makes sense. Alain left you to fight the Spanish while he raced ahead to the lake. He's been using you."
  • "My fire ship was destroyed!"
  • "Another fire ship has arrived."

Francisco Juan Delgado de Leon

  • "So, we have captured not only Aztecs, but a Turk as well. What is an Ottoman doing in the New World?"
  • "Bah! The Circle is nothing more than a legend! No match for powder and steel!"
  • "Stop them! They're taking the king's gold!"
  • "They have stolen one of my treasure ships! That treasure was meant for Spain."

John Black

  • "And your eyes were better once. Your arrow missed the mark. My shot was the one that took him down."
  • "Only a few more miles to Brunswick, boys. You've marched long and hard, and you all deserve a hot meal."
  • "Stuart may not be the commander my grandfather Morgan was, but if he thinks the colony is threatened, I believe him."
  • "I don't know, but they're not peaceful anymore! Prepare the defences! We need every colonist that can hold a musket on these walls."
  • "More colonists - get them into the colony! Hurry!"
  • "You colonists will have to fight alongside us. Give them weapons. They're militia now!"
  • "Stuart, you stay here with the other women."
  • "Six of you stay here to protect the wounded. The rest, with us."
  • "Ambush!"
  • "Those are British riflemen! Why are they attacking their own colony?"
  • "Ride back and tell Stuart that we'll do what we can! We've got our own problems here!"
  • "Hold on, Nonahkee. We're coming!"
  • "Warwick doesn't need to look for me. I'll go to him."
  • "Have you told your brother about us yet?"
  • "The French cannot be trusted."
  • "Who's asking?"
  • "They're just madmen chasing after an old legend. They believe my grandfather Morgan knew the location of the Fountain of Youth."
  • "Nonahkee goes home. This will end badly, and I don't want her to see it."
  • "You already know about us, don't you?"
  • "They may know where Warwick is. Come on."
  • "This beast is enormous!"
  • "We have all the settlers we'll get. For resources, we'll need to steal some of the supply wagons being escorted into Warwick's fort."
  • "We only have a short amount of time before Warwick's fort is too well-defended to destroy."
  • "I'm going to bring the mountain down."
  • "Warwick!"
  • "You shouldn't have taken Stuart!"
  • "There is no secret."


  • "Too slow, John Black. You were faster once."
  • "This is a waste of time. Your uncle sees a shadow in the forest and cries for help."
  • "Why would the Cherokee attack? Brunswick is far from their lands."
  • "We've found the Cherokee war camps."
  • "Something feels wrong here, John."
  • "That explains the Cherokee cannon. They have allied with the British!"
  • "Then my tribe and my sister may also be in danger. We must get back to New England."
  • "My people cannot hold off the British for long."
  • "We were delayed."
  • "It is your uncle. I will put him to rest where the others fell."
  • "Be careful. I know nothing of the people of this land."
  • "The Great White Buffalo is sacred. We must rescue it and lead it back to the Lakota village near where we first arrived."
  • "Amelia, stop! It's a trap! He leads the Circle!"
  • "Can you help us?"
  • "The Circle is all too real. Your grandfather John learned that before he died."
  • "Beaumont has allied with this Seminole tribe. If we destroy his trading post, we will be free to ally with them ourselves."
  • "The local Seminoles have a legend, but their chief can explain better than I can."
  • "Stop that scout! If he reaches the Boneguard army, they will be able to move forward."
  • "In my experience, the American government's promises are...less than reliable."
  • "Perhaps the reports of the Mohawk and the Seneca allying with the British have been exaggerated."
  • "Kill now! Talk later!"
  • "Each time a travois passes our trading post, a new villager will join us."

Stuart Black

  • "John, thank God you're here!"
  • "Grab rifles and defend the walls!"
  • "Cannon? How did the Cherokee get cannon!?"
  • "Yes, I think my skills are best put to use here."
  • "Oh dear!"


  • "Find a member of the Black family and kill the rest."
  • "It is time we discussed the location of the Fountain..."
  • "Take Black's uncle to our western fort. He will tell me where the Fountain of Youth is before he dies."
  • "No! This cannot be! My stronghold is crumbling!"
  • "You're delaying the inevitable. The New World belongs to the Circle of Ossus now."
  • "You're right. It seems you're the keeper of the family's secret."
  • "Perhaps. Are you made of stuff sterner than your uncle? I so love a challenge."
  • "Fools! The powder!"


  • "Brother, what took you so long?"
  • "The new British governor, Warwick. He knows you, John."
  • "Later, when it is a quieter time, he will accept it. But not now."
  • "I'm free. Thank you all."

George Washington

  • "Are you John Black?"
  • "The colonial army has survived to fight another day."
  • "Here is another artillery piece, Nathaniel."

Amelia Black

  • "Sorry, old man, but I don't have time to chat."
  • "Allying with the Indians in this region will greatly help us get this railroad through."
  • "Do I know you, friend?"
  • "Good work."
  • "I've got to finish the railroad if I'm going to get paid."
  • "Bring that wagon to Kanyenke. He can use the food to recruit help."
  • "It looks like Beaumont has fled, but look at this."
  • "That old story again? Did you forget what year this is?"
  • "I don't see any Fountain of Youth, but the area is littered with doubloons from that old Spanish treasure fleet."
  • "Beaumont will pay for this."
  • "This place. Is it real?"
  • "Falcon Company wasn't the first, but we'll still get a piece of the pie."
  • "We managed to find some new...investors, in Florida and Cuba."
  • "I'd stay and chat, old timer, but the train's coming."
  • "What did you say?"

Major Cooper

  • "Get everyone into the fort!"
  • "Thank the Indian. He tracked you for many miles across rough ground."
  • "This swamp was the Lake of the Moon?"
  • "We've flattened one of the outposts. Two to go."
  • "Surrender, or you'll face justice right here!"

Pierre Beaumont

  • "She can fight, this pretty one."
  • "Leaving so soon?"
  • "Not far, see? In the cave, there."
  • "Too slow, cheri!"
  • "Be sure he knows nothing. Take his fingers, then his toes, one at a time."

Simon Bolivar

  • "I know this place. You'll never get past the Spanish. But, together we can organise an assault. Help us rid ourselves of the Spanish and I will help you find your Frenchman."
  • "I see you beat me to this village. Excellent work, my friend."
  • "Attack the fort! A la carga, mis valientes!"

Nathaniel Black

  • "Hold the line!"
  • "You were saying, uncle?"
  • "Yorktown has been heavily fortified."

Colonel Sven Kuechler

  • "They have allowed some of those villagers to be freed. I should have stationed more of my mercenaries at that pen."
  • "We will have only one patrol tonight. Enjoy your evening, men."
  • "No, I will not be defeated by you! No!"

Chayton "Black"

Billy Holme

  • "You the Falcon Company man, Chayton Black?"
  • "Nice work tracking down Crazy Horse, kid. Just like the old days, huh?"
  • "I've been patient, kid, but I'm getting tired of your attitude."
  • "I thought I taught you better than this, kid."

George Armstrong Custer

Other characters

  • Crossbowman: "Morgan, the Ottomans are flanking to attack the settlers on the hill!"