Alfonso X of Castile

Alfonso X (November 23, 1221April 4, 1284) was a Spanish monarch who ruled as the King of Galicia, Castile and León from 1252 until his death. He was elected Rex Romanorum in 1254. His nicknames were "el Sabio" ("the Wise", more accurately translated "the Learned") and "el Astrólogo" ("the Astronomer").


  • Si hubiera estado presente en la Creación, habría dado algunas indicaciones útiles.
  • Translated: "Had I been present at the Creation, I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe."
    • After studying Ptolemy's treatise on astronomy.; reported in Carlyle, History of Frederick the Great, book ii. chap. vii. Carlyle wrote that this saying of Alfonso about Ptolemy's astronomy, "that it seemed a crank machine; that it was pity the Creator had not taken advice," is still remembered by mankind,—this and no other of his many sayings.
  • "Los que dejan al rey errar a sabiendas, merecen pena como traidores."
    • Those who knowingly allow the King to err deserve the same punishment as traitors.
    • Quoted in "Diccionario ilustrado de frases célebres y citas literarias" - by Vicente Vega - Literary Criticism - 1952
  • "Quemad viejos leños, leed viejos libros, bebed viejos vinos, tened viejos amigos."
    • Burn old wood, read old books, drink old wines, have old friends.
    • Quoted in "Aire puro para el amor y la amistad Betancourt, Luis Fernando 7a. reim." - Page 165


  • "Entre todas las tierras del mundo Espanna a una estremança de abondamiento et de bondad más que otra tierra ninguna. [...] ¡Ay Espanna! non a lengua ni engenno que pueda contar tu bien [...]"
    • Of all the lands of the world, Spain is more extremely abundant and good than any other land. [...] O Spain! There is no tongue or genius that can tell your goodness.
    • Estoria de España.
  • "Rey de las tres religiones."
    • King of the three religions.
    • A title he liked to give himself, referring to his Christian, Jewish, and Muslim subjects.
  • "Los cántaros cuanto más vacios, más ruido hacen."
    • The emptiest pitchers make the most noise.
  • "Pues esta España que decimos tal es como el Paraíso de Dios."
    • This Spain, we say, is like the Paradise of God.

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