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I hate Imperialism whether British or Japanese or Burmese. ...

Aung San (13 February 191519 July 1947) was a Burmese revolutionary, soldier, and statesman who is widely considered to be responsible for Burmese independence, even though he was assassinated six months before it was achieved. He is the father of Burmese pro-democracy figure Aung San Suu Kyi.


  • I am well aware that there is such a great craving in man for heroism and the heroic, and that hero worship forms not a small motif in his complex. I am also aware that, unless man believes in his own heroism and the heroism of others, he cannot achieve much or great things. We must, however, take proper care that we do not make a fetish of this cult of hero-worship, for then we will turn ourselves into votaries of false gods and prophets.
  • We cannot bank our hopes on possibilities. We must put our trust in ourselves, in our capabilities and efforts and strength and preparations not only for our success but even to avoid our own defeat.
    • Presidential address to the AFPFL Supreme Council Session (August 1946)
  • In so far as nationalism inculcates in us a sense of national and social justice which call upon us to fight any system that is oppressive or tyrannical both in our country and the world, there I am completely with nationalism. I hate Imperialism whether British or Japanese or Burmese.

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