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Battlestar Galactica (2003-) is a "re-imagining" of the 1970s science fiction series Battlestar Galactica.

Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow.



Miniseries, Part 1

Number Six: Are you alive?
Military Liaison: Yes.
Number Six: Prove it.

William Adama: Wha'd'ya hear, Starbuck?
Starbuck: Nothin' but the rain, Sir.
William Adama: Grab your gun and bring in the cat.
Starbuck: Boom, boom, boom!

Number Six: [to a little baby whose neck she is about to snap] There there. It's okay. You're not gonna have to cry much longer.

[After Number Six tells Baltar that she's a Cylon and how the Colonial military could kill him over her access to the Defense Mainframe]
Dr Gaius Baltar: I'm going to call my lawyer. He's the best in the business. [dials numbers]
Number Six: That wouldn't be necessary, because in a few hours, no one will be left to charge you with anything.
Baltar: [puts down phone] What are you trying to say?
Number Six: Humanity's children are returning

[Adama's speech at Galactica's decommissioning ceremony.]
William Adama: The Cylon War is long over, yet we must not forget the reasons why so many sacrificed so much in the cause of freedom. The cost of wearing the uniform can be high ... [after looking at crowd] but sometimes it's too high.
You know, when we fought the Cylons, we did it to save ourselves from extinction. But we never answered the question, why? Why are we as a people worth saving? We still commit murder because of greed, spite, jealousy. And we still visit all of our sins upon our children. We refuse to accept the responsibility for anything that we've done. Like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play God, create life. When that life turned against us, we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that it really wasn't our fault, not really. You cannot play God then wash your hands of the things that you've created. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things that you've done anymore.

Lt. Karl 'Helo' Agathon: Hey. Aren't you Gaius Baltar?
Baltar: [startled] Yeah, I haven't done anything!

Apollo: So, what's the charge this time?
Starbuck: Striking a superior asshole.
Apollo: And I bet you've been waiting all day to say that one.
Starbuck: Most of the afternoon, yeah.

Starbuck: Why can't we use the starboard launch tube?
Chief Tyrol: It's a gift shop now.
Starbuck: Frak me.

Miniseries, Part 2

President Laura Roslin: The lesson learned here is not to ask follow-up questions, but simply to say "Thank you, Captain Apollo, for saving our collective asses!"

Adama: You would rather that we run?
Roslin: Yes! Absolutely! That is the only sane thing to do here - exactly that, run. We leave this solar system and never look back.
Adama: You can run if you'd like. This ship will stand and it will fight.
Roslin: I'm going to be straight with you here. The human race is about to be wiped out. We have fifty thousand people left and that's it. Now, if we are even going to survive as a species, then we need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies!

Number Six: [on whether Doral is a Cylon] He doesn't seem the type. And I don't remember seeing him at any of the Cylon parties.

Adama: Boy, it's a super bitch to anchor a ship there.

Adama: [sees Billy flirting with Dualla] They'd better start having babies.
Saul Tigh: Is that an order?
Adama: It may be before too long.

Gaius Baltar: If there are Cylons aboard this ship, we'll find them.
Number Six: "We"? You are not on their side, Gaius.
Gaius Baltar: I am not on anybody's side.

Lieutennant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace: Permission to speak off the record?
Tigh: Granted.
Starbuck: You're a bastard.

[Adama's speech at the funeral services on Galactica.]
Adama: Are they the lucky ones? That's what you're thinking, isn't it? We're a long way from home. We've jumped way beyond the red line, into uncharted space. Limited supplies, limited fuel. No allies, and now, no hope? Maybe it would have been better for us to have died quickly, back on the Colonies with our families, instead of dying out here slowly, in the emptiness of dark space. Where shall we go? What shall we do? Life here began out there. Those are the first words of the sacred scrolls, and they were told to us by the Lords of Kobol, many countless centuries ago. And they made it perfectly clear that we are not alone in this universe. Elosha, there's a thirteenth colony of humankind, is there not?
Elosha: Yes. The scrolls tell us a thirteenth tribe left Kobol in the early days. They travelled far and made their home upon a planet called Earth, which circled a distant and unknown star.
Adama: It's not unknown. I know where it is! Earth. The most guarded secret we have. The location was only known by the senior commanders of the fleet, and we dare not share it with the public. Not while there was a Cylon threat upon us. For now we have a refuge to go to. A refuge the Cylons know nothing about. It won't be an easy journey. It'll be long, and arduous. But I promise you one thing: on the memory of those lying here before you, we shall find it, and Earth shall become our new home. So say we all!

TV series

Season 1

33 [1.01]

Tigh: Yes, we're tired. Yes, there is no relief. Yes, the Cylons keep coming after us time after time after time. And yes, we are still expected to do our jobs!

Number Six: God has a plan for you Gaius. He has a plan for everything and everyone.

Chief Tyrol: We'll sleep when we're dead, c'mon

Water [1.02]

Number Six: Do you remember the first time you lied to a woman? Other than your mother, that is.
Baltar: Other than my mother? Sherry Bennett. Fourth grade, on the playground, behind the band room. "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine." She did. I did not.

Adama: There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.

Bastille Day [1.03]

Number Six: We're the children of humanity. That makes them our parents, in a sense.
Number Five/Aaron Doral: True, but parents have to die. It's the only way children can come into their own.

Adama: Every man has to decide for themselves which side they are on.
Lee "Apollo" Adama: I didn't know we were picking sides. [walks off]
Adama: That's why you haven't picked one yet.

Roslin: You have committed me to holding elections within the year.
Apollo: Madam President, with respect. You are serving out the remainder of President Adar's term. When that term is up, in seven months, the law says, there is an election. I only committed you to obeying the law.
Adama: You sound like some kind of lawyer.
Roslin: This is unacceptable.
Apollo: I swore an oath. To defend the articles. The articles say there is an election in seven months. Now, if you are telling me we are throwing out the law, then I am not a captain, you are not a commander, and you are not the president. And I don't owe either of you a damned explanation for anything.
Roslin: He's your son.
Adama: He's your advisor.

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace: Ummm. I have my flaws too.
Tigh: The difference is, my flaws are personal, yours are professional.

Acts of Contrition [1.04]

Adama: He said something else. That you might have been feeling guilty about something you did for Zak. What did you do for him?
Starbuck: I don't know. You'd have to ask Lee.
Adama: I'm asking you.
Starbuck: Well I don't kn- I, ah...I don't really know what he was talking about, so...
Adama: Don't fence with me, Kara. I love you like a daughter. I don't deserve that.
Starbuck: Ummm...Zak...failed...basic flight. He wasn't a bad pilot, he just had no feel for flying...and, um, when it came to his final check ride he...busted...three of the test manoeuvres, and I should have flunked him, but I didn't. The bottom line is your...son...didn't have the chops to fly a Viper...and it killed him.
Adama: [following a flashback] You did it because you were engaged.
Starbuck: [breaking down] Because I made a mistake...because I was just...I was so in love with him...and I let that get in the way of doing my job...and um, and he um, he just wanted it so much, and I...I didn't want to be the one who crushed him...
Adama: Reinstate the trainees to flight status.
Starbuck: I will...but I just want you to understand...that I...
Adama: Do your job.
Starbuck: Yes sir...
Adama: And walk out of this cabin...while you still can.

You Can't Go Home Again [1.05]

Starbuck: [to a downed Cylon Raider] Are you...alive?

Lee: Why did you do this? Why did we do this?
Adama: Kara was family. You do whatever you have to do. Sometimes you break the rules.
Lee: And if it was me down there instead?
Adama: You don't have to ask that.
Lee: Are you sure?
Adama: If it were you, we'd never leave.

Litmus [1.06]

Adama: [to Sergeant Hadrian and her Board of Inquiry] You’ve lost your way, Sergeant. You’ve lost sight of the purpose of the law: to protect its citizens, not persecute them. Whatever we are, whatever’s left of us – we’re better than that. Now these proceedings are closed. You’ll be transported back to your ships and we appreciate your help.
Chairman of the Board: This is an independent board. You have no power to close our inquiries.
Adama: This is a witch-hunt. I will not have it aboard my ship.

Adama: [to Tyrol, after Socinus has been incarcerated] What I can’t do is I can’t let someone who wears this uniform get up on the witness stand and lie under oath. And that’s what your man did. He either lied the first time or he lied the second time. And it doesn’t matter. He’s guilty, and he’ll pay the price. You? You’ll pay a different price. You’ll have to walk out on that hanger every day knowing that one of your men is in the brig because you couldn’t keep your fly zipped. You are the most experienced non-commissioned officer we have left. You keep my planes flying. I need my planes to fly.

Six Degrees of Separation [1.07]

Number Six: If you would give yourself over to God's will, you'd find peace in his love like I have.
Baltar: [trying to get her dress off] Can you help me with this zipper?

Baltar: Are you running a glitch in the program or something? Because you say the same thing over and over again. Now I've accepted your God and all that. Can't we reboot the hard drive?
Number Six: He's not *my* God, he is God.
Baltar: Yeah, your God, my God, everyone's God. He's big enough for all of us, isn't he?

Baltar: Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion that Cylons are, in the final analysis, little more than toasters... with great-looking legs.

Baltar: Yes, maybe we can dispense with the foreplay, get right down to-
Dualla: [standing at the door] What did you say?
Baltar: That, um... that was nothing. I was just talking to myself. [pause] I talk to myself. Hang me.

Baltar: No more Mr. Nice Gaius!

Shelley Godfrey: Have you lost your mind!?
Baltar: That's an interesting question, and one I pose to myself on a regular basis.

[Roslin visits Baltar in the brig after he is accused of treason.]
Roslin: I want to believe you. I want to believe that I haven't made such a profound error in judgment in trusting you, in asking your advice. But here's where we are, doctor. If anyone can be a Cylon, and it's hard to tell us apart then we o­nly have o­ne thing left to trust. Our instincts, our feelings. And the moment they told me it was your face in the photo I knew I believed it. I believe you were involved in the attack... somehow. I feel it.
Baltar: You'll forgive me, Madam President, if I don't wish to be executed based solely o­n your gut feeling.
Roslin: May the gods have mercy o­n your soul.

Shelly Godfrey: Dr. Amarak gave the disk to me before he died.
Baltar: What, as opposed to after he died?

Flesh and Bone [1.08]

[Starbuck interrogates a captured Cylon infiltrator]
Starbuck: Now, if you were human, you'd be just about ready to start offering up some false information about the location of the nuke. Some tiny thing that might get you a reward and maybe spare you a few minutes of this. But then I keep forgetting, you're not human. You're a machine.
Leoben Conoy: I am more than you could ever imagine. I am God.
Starbuck: [stifles laugh] I'm sorry, you're God? Wow... nice to meet ya. That's good, that's good. We'll give you a couple of minutes for that.
Leoben: It's funny, isn't it? We're all God, Starbuck. All of us. I see the love that binds all living things together.
Starbuck: Love? You don't even know what the word means.
Leoben: I know that God loved you more than all other living creatures and you repaid his divine love with sin, with hate, corruption, evil. So then he decided to create the Cylons.
Starbuck: The gods had nothing to do with it. We created you. Us. It was a stupid, frakked-up decision, and we have paid for it. You slaughtered my entire civilization. That is sin. That is evil. And you are evil.
Leoben: Am I? I see the truths that float past you in the stream.

Starbuck: Tell me where the warhead is.
Leoben: This is not your path, Starbuck. You have a different destiny.
Starbuck: Don't interrupt me. You see, I'm gonna dazzle you with my poor human brain. You see, I think that you're afraid. You're afraid that we're a long way from home. What if you don't transfer all the way back? What if, when you die here, you really die? It's your chance to find out if you're really god or just a bunch of circuits with a bad haircut.
Leoben: I'm not afraid of dying.
Starbuck: Somebody's programmed you with a fairy tale of god and streams and life ever after but, somewhere in that hard drive that you call a brain is a beeping message: "Error, error, does not compute. I don't have a soul, I have software. If I die, I'm gone."

Adama: Manipulative. Cunning. The only problem with Leoben isn't that he lies - that would be too easy - its that he mixes lies with truth.

Leoben: What is the most basic article of faith? This is not all that we are. The difference between you and me is, I know what that means and you don't. I know that I'm more than this body, more than this consciousness. A part of me swims in the stream. But in truth, I'm standing on the shore. The current never takes me downstream.

Leoben: I have a soul. I see patterns. I know you. You were born to a woman who believed suffering was good for the soul, so you suffered. Your life is a testament to pain. Injuries. Accidents. Some inflicted upon others, others inflicted upon yourself. It surrounds you like a bubble. But it's not real, it's just... It's just something she put in your head. It's something that you want to believe because it means you're the problem, not the world that you live in. You want to believe it because it means that you're bad luck. You're like a cancer that needs to be removed. Because you hear her voice every day and you want her to be right.

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down [1.09]

Adama: Madame President, we are the proud owners of the universe's first bona fide Cylon detector.
Roslin: Well, that is great news. So... when do we begin?
Adama: Doctor Baltar would like to start widespread testing as soon as possible, but there are some serious limitations, because he can only do one person at a time and verification takes hours.
Roslin: So, who's going to go first?
Adama: (thinking for a second) The test... right. I think people in sensitive positions should go first.
Roslin: I completely agree. How about you?
Adama: Excuse me?
Roslin: If you're a Cylon, I'd like to know.
Adama: If I'm a Cylon, you're really screwed.
[Adama and Roslin both start laughing.]
Roslin: Seriously, I do think you should go first. Show everyone in the fleet that they can trust the people at the top.
Adama: Well then, maybe YOU should go first. (silence) All right... I'll go first.

[Number Five (Aaron Doral) and Number Six have trouble catching Caprica Sharon and Helo.]
Number Five: We've searched every street, every building. They slipped through. How's that possible?
Number Six: She thinks she loves him now. That she can't live without him. Her passion is making her more resourceful.
Number Five: It bothers you, doesn't it?
Number Six: We'll get them in the end.
Number Five: No, it bothers you that you've never experienced it.
Number Six: You saw the way Helo was when we took her away. He was pathetic.
Number Five: I can't help wondering what it would be like to feel that intensely. Even in his anguish he seemed so alive.

Hand of God [1.10]

Adama: Sometimes you've gotta roll the hard six.

Adama: Captain Adama and Colonel Tigh are working on the plan now and I need some serious "out-of-the-box" thinking.
Starbuck: "Out-of-the-box" is where I live.

Number Six: God doesn't take sides. He only wants your love. Open your heart to him and he will show you the way.

Adama: When you are in the cockpit, you are in control. Its hard to give it up... All you can do now is wait and hope you didn't make any mistakes. Welcome to the big leagues.

[Referring to a lighter which Adama has just given him]
Apollo: Dad, I'll bring it back.
Adama: You better or I'll kick your ass, it's a good lighter.

Colonial Day [1.11]

Starbuck: You have been selected as Caprica's delegate to the Quorum of Twelve.
Baltar: Me? Is this some kind of joke?
Starbuck: Guess you got the super-genius vote. No accounting for taste.
Number Six: Congratulations, Doctor!
Baltar: Thank you, um...politics is the only thing more boring than blood samples. All those interminable speeches, all that dreary pomp...!
Number Six: Parties full of young women, drawn to men of power.
Baltar: ...but when the people call, you must serve.

Number Six: As far as I'm concerned, you can have any woman you want. But always remember, I have your heart.
Baltar: Yes, of course you do.
Number Six: I can always rip it out of your chest if I have to.

Adama: Politics. As exciting as war. Definitely as dangerous.
Roslin: Though in war, you can only get killed once. In politics it can happen over and over.
Adama: You're still standing.
Roslin: So are you.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1 [1.12]

[Baltar is trying to have a conversation with the president and Six at the same time.]
Number Six: I don't believe you.
Roslin: You're a genius, are you not?
Baltar: Well quite frankly, I don't give a flying frak whether you believe me or not! Because I've had it. I am- I am tired of being pushed and prodded around like I'm some kind of toy. I'm not your plaything!
Number Six & Roslin: [together] Plaything?
Baltar: I don't work for you. And quite frankly, I don't have to sit anymore and take this kind of abuse from either of you!

[Roslin and Billy look confused.]

Baltar: You either- either in here, either in there! Wherever it is, I don't need to take it.

[As Kara Thrace pilots the Cylon Raider in a weapons test, she contacts Commander Adama.]
Adama: (to Kara) Go ahead.
Starbuck: I believed you. Believed in Earth.
Adama: What are you doing, Starbuck?
Starbuck: Bringing home the cat, sir.
Adama: We can talk about this.
Starbuck: No, I don't think so.
Adama: I want you to remember one thing. I do not regret anything that I did. Be sure that whatever you're going to do, you don't regret it later. Do you understand me?
Starbuck: I guess we'll find out. (Starbuck executes a FTL jump to Caprica)
Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. Starbuck has jumped away. Repeat, Starbuck has jumped away.
Tigh: She wasn't scheduled for a Jump test! Where the hell did she go?
Adama: Home.

(From a deleted scene. Lee visits Boomer in the sickbay to encourage her to get back in the flight line.)
Lee: We need you Boomer. You're a helluva pilot. And a good officer. I wish I had a whole squadron of Sharons.

Adama: You don't lose control.
Apollo: Thanks.
Adama: No, you've got to lose control, let your instincts take over... That's why you don't win.

Roslin: It is crazy perhaps, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2 [1.13]

[Commander Adama and President Roslin argue about Starbuck's unauthorized mission to Caprica.]
Adama: [to Tigh] Bear witness, put on your headset. [to Roslin on the phone] Madam President, moments ago, Lt. Thrace took the Cylon raider on an unscheduled and unauthorized jump.
Roslin: Yes.
Adama: Do you have any knowledge of this incident?
Roslin: Let's save some time here, Commander the question you really want to ask me is whether or not I asked Lt. Thrace to take the raider to Caprica. And the answer to your question is yes.
Adama: You and I talked about this.
Roslin: Yes, we had.
Adama: We both decided it was a military decision.
Roslin: My responsibility as President is, first and foremost, to protect and preserve this fleet and its future. In the end, that outweighs any other consideration. It has to.
Adama: By taking the raider, you've placed our people on the surface of Kobol in direct danger.
Roslin: I'm very aware of the danger our men and women are in on Kobol. I am also deeply aware of the danger this civilization will be in if I ignore the pursuit of this arrow.
Adama: I'm going to have to ask you for your resignation, Madam President.
Roslin: No.
Adama: Then I'm terminating your presidency, as of this moment.
Roslin: Commander Adama, I will exercise the authority of this office until I am unable to do so, so if you want to stage a coup you're gonna have to come over here and arrest me.
Adama: I don't want any blood shed.
Roslin: Of course you don't, neither do I. Neither does the press. They're here, by the way.
Adama: [mutters to Tigh] The press...
Roslin: They're recording every minute.

Roslin: This government survived the Cylon attack, it will survive William Adama.

Apollo: My instincts tell me that we cannot sacrifice democracy just because the president makes a bad decision.

Season 2

Scattered [2.01]

(Caprica Sharon explains what happens to Cylons after they die - specifically, the Number Six that Starbuck killed.)
Caprica Sharon: Her consciousness is being downloaded into another body right now. And when she wakes up, she'll tell them exactly where we are.
Helo: She's right. We can't stay here.
Starbuck: She's right, huh? Sharon the Cylon is right. Let's all just listen to Sharon the Cylon, do whatever she says, cause that's a good idea.

Starbuck: Bitch took my ride.

Tigh: That software firewall ready?
Lieutenant Felix Gaeta: Best I can make it, sir. Wish Dr. Baltar was here.
Tigh: To hell with that. I'll take your work over that shifty son of a bitch's any day.

Valley of Darkness [2.02]

Apollo: Remember, just head away from the sound of gunfire.
Roslin: What about you?
Apollo: We're heading towards the gunfire.

[Starbuck and Helo are walking the streets on Caprica.]
Starbuck: It's not exactly what I expected. I thought I'd be stepping over decaying corpses in the streets.
Helo: Yeah, we saw a few bodies here and there. Not much though. Sharon said..
[Starbuck glares at him.]
Helo: Cylon Sharon said they had troops picking up the bodies transporting them to mass incinerators.
Starbuck: Your girlfriend's from a lovely family. Good people, great values.

Starbuck: After they attacked, I never... I never pined over any of my old crap. Never missed it. Stupid view of the parking lot. Broken toilet in the bathroom. You know, everyone I know... is fighting to get back what they had. And I'm fighting 'cause I don't know how to do anything else.

Apollo: [to Colonel Tigh] I am not fit to wear the uniform...and maybe I never was. Then again, neither are you.

[From a deleted scene. A flashback to Tigh and Adama reminiscing about the previous Cylon war.]
Adama: I was on the Galactica. We were boarded the last week of the war. By the end of the war they had learned a lot. Gotten smart. Clever. They didn't head to CIC or the magazines. Two teams. One went to Secondary Damage Control and the other to Aux Fire Control. See, that's clever. Not the CIC, Auxiliary. And not the Primary DC, the Secondary.
Tigh: Why?
Adama: First team was after the fire suppression system. It tried to override our safety lockouts and vent our air into space. Kill all of us before we could get our EVA suits on. Then the second team just walks in the Aux Fire Control and turns our own guns against the ships trying to rescue us. It was smart. Clever. Almost 2000 guys bought the farm that day.

Tigh: Thank the gods l didn't have kids.

Fragged [2.03]

Tigh: Why aren't you in the brig?
Billy Keikeya: (flustered) Because.. no one put me in there?

Baltar: I just don't respond to the title "Doc." A dock is a platform for loading and unloading material. My title is "Doctor" or "Mr. Vice President," if you don't mind.
Galen Tyrol: You are loading, are you not?

Baltar: I'm not trained for this kind of thing. I've never fired a gun in my life.
Specialist Seelix: I haven't fired o­ne since basic.
Baltar: You?
Cally: I just joined to pay for dental school.

Roslin: (to the Quorum of Twelve) Thank you all for coming. I have a statement I would like to make. The attempted military coup against the lawful government of the Colonies is illegal, ill-advised, and clearly doomed to failure. I have not resigned the Presidency, and I will fight this action with everything at my command.
Tigh: She's crazy. She's nuts! She thinks she's a prophet or some such nonsense. Go ahead and ask her, she'll tell you. Just listen to her! What was it, the...Arrow Of Apollo will open the Tomb of...Artemis, or some such nonsense.
Roslin: Everything I have done is consistent and logical. We have found Kobol, we have found the City of the Gods, and when we retrieve the Arrow, we will open the tomb of Athena, and we will find the road to Earth.

Baltar: Its all so pointless. We kill them, and they kill us, so we kill more of them, so they kill more of us. What's the point anymore?
Number Six: You, your race, invented murder. Invented killing for sport, greed, envy. Its man's one true art form.

Number Six: I am so proud of you Gaius.
Baltar: Why? 'Cause I've taken a life?
Number Six: It is what makes you human.
Baltar: Is it? Not conscious thought? Not poetry, or art, or music, literature? Murder. Murder is my heritage...

Resistance [2.04]

Cally: But I've known the Chief for years. He's no toaster!
Baltar: He was involved with Lieutenant Valerii, who most certainly is a toaster.
Number Six: That word is racist. I don't like it.
Cally: Sure, he showed some bad judgment getting involved with her, but that doesn't mean he's a toaster! You've got to help him.
Number Six: Say something, Gaius. Tell her you won't have racial epithets used in your presence.
Baltar: I'm very sorry. I was going to tell the Colonel there's nothing I can do. The Cylon detector I developed doesn't work. Clearly.
Cally: No. You've got to help him.
Number Six: Your child's gonna be half toaster. How does that make you feel?
Baltar: Nothing would make me happier.

Roslin: Doctor, I need your help, but it's illegal, dangerous, and a violation of your oath as an officer.
Doctor Cottle: You're a lousy salesman.

Starbuck: Didn't see any shiny silver out there. I think we're dealing with the human variety.
Helo: Hope so. They're not as tough as mechanicals.
Starbuck: Yeah, they do bleed good, though. You gotta like that.

Baltar: Love is a strange and wonderful thing chief — you be happy you experienced it all — even if it was with a machine.

The Farm [2.05]

Adama: She was a Cylon, a machine. Is that what Boomer was, a machine? A thing?
Tyrol: That's what she turned out to be.
Adama: She was more than that to us. She was more than that to me. She was a vital, living person aboard my ship for almost two years. She couldn't have been just a machine. Could you love a machine?

[Cylons discussing the surgical testing they are performing on Starbuck.]
Simon: : ...pending lab test results on [sample for] ovaries, complete removal will proceed tomorrow. They've lab tested positive and subject will be removed to processing facility for final disposition.
Number Six: Is that regret I hear in your voice, Simon?
Simon: If it is, it certainly is none of your concern.

Home, Part 1 [2.06]

Apollo: Hmm. It must have been hard, being back on Caprica. Being home. Probably saw some tough things back there. Anyway, tomorrow this whole thing is gonna end, one way or another. We find the tomb or we don't. We find a way to earth or we don't. I just want you to know, Kara, that I am your friend. I love you. *pause* If there is anything you wanna talk about, anything you wanna get off your chest then... I am here for you. *pause*
Starbuck starts throwing that ball towards the wall once more.
Apollo: Anyway... whenever you wanna talk, just let me know. (walks away)
Starbuck: What was that middle part again?
Apollo: Hm? What do you mean?
Starbuck: Did you say you *love* me?
Apollo: *laughs* Well... ahm...
Starbuck: Lee Adama loves *me*.
Apollo: No, all I meant was... (Starbuck cuts him off)
Starbuck: No seriously! Very sweet. You love me!
Apollo: *laughs again, getting nervous, walks away*
Starbuck: No, you love me. You can't take it back. There is no take backs.
Apollo: You're dreaming it Kara (while walking away)
Starbuck: You love me.
Apollo: You're dreaming it.
Starbuck: You love me.
Apollo: Dreamer... (disappears around the corner)
Starbuck: Hmhm... okay.

[Roslin and the representatives of breakaway fleet are discussing whether Galactica can become a threat to them.]
Tom Zarek: : We're not entirely defenseless. Some of our ships are armed. We should take steps to arm the others just in case.
Apollo: Just in case we want to commit suicide. If Galactica wants to take us down there's nothing we can do about it. Nothing. And nobody in this room should be under any illusions on that count.

Apollo: (to Starbuck, after her return from Caprica) You've missed a few catastrophes while you were away.

Number Six: For once, Gaius, you can stop manipulating the world and let destiny take its course. If there's one thing we know about human beings with certainty: they are masters of self-destruction.

[Lieutenant Anastasia "Dee" Dualla talking to Adama about his actions after being shot by Boomer.]
Anastasia "Dee" Dualla: I don't think the problem is that you've been betrayed, I think its that you feel helpless. You were shot, you were injured, and when you finally had a chance to do something, you let us down. You made a promise, to all of us...

Adama: Mr. Gaeta? I want to see all recon material o­n Kobol immediately in my quarters.
Felix Gaeta: [surprised] Aye, sir?
Tigh: Kobol?
Adama: Yes. I'm putting the fleet back together. I'm putting our family back together. This ends now.

Home, Part 2 [2.07]

Number Six: Come on, Gaius. Wake up and smell the psychosis already.

(Onboard Raptor One, transporting a party down to Kobol):
Tyrol: How simple could it be? Okay. We're in the north-northwest continent, quadrant C, sector 2, which...
Lieutenant Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson: Oh, for frak's sake, let me see if I can make heads or tails of it.
Tyrol: Look, I marked the terrain as best as I could but we're not... topography's for pansies anyways.

(Commander Adama and Billy Keikeya, onboard Raptor One, discussing President Roslin):
Adama: She thinks you'll be President one day.
Billy: 'Scuse me?
Adama: That's what she said to me once, that you reminded her of President Adar when he ran for his first office.
Billy: I don't really know how to respond to that, sir.
Adama: Don't let it go to your head. Adar was a moron.

Helo: How much further?
Caprica Sharon: Farther.
Helo: What?
Caprica Sharon: Farther describes actual distance, further is more figurative.
Helo: So you're a dictionary now?
Caprica Sharon: I'm sorry I'm smarter than you.

(Number Six taunts Baltar while he's trying to hold still for a brain scan):
Number Six: Yeah, okay, God has a plan and there *is* a God and he talks to Gaius Baltar. Okay.
Baltar: Oh shut up, will you??
Doc Cottle: Hey! Will you stop going crazy in there?
Baltar: I'm not crazy!

Helo: So Cally kills Sharon and the old man gives her 30 days in the brig. 30 days for murder.
Caprica Sharon: They don't see it as murder, Helo. That's what I'm trying to tell you. That's what you're not hearing. To him, to the president, to all of them Cylons aren't people. I'm not a person to them. I'm a thing.

Doc Cottle: Frakking hypochondriacs, one on every bloody ship.

(On "Earth" (a representation of Earth's night sky found within the Tomb of Athena):
Adama: I thought we were in the Tomb of Athena.
Starbuck: I think that was just the lobby.

Baltar: So who or what are you, exactly?
Number Six: I am an angel of God sent here to protect you. To guide you, to love you.
Baltar: To what end?
Number Six: To the end of the human race.

Final Cut [2.08]

Number Three / D'Anna Biers: (after meeting Baltar for the first time) What a strange little man.

[Filming an interview with Apollo.]
Biers: You seem to think that your pilots deserve special consideration.
Apollo: Actually, I do. Like everyone else, my pilots have lost their families, their friends, everyone they ever cared about; but on top of that they're asked to put their lives on the line every single day, for a fleet that seems more interested in what they do wrong than in what they do right. They're not asking for your pity, but they damn well deserve your respect.

[The closing voice-over narration to D'anna Biers' documentary on the Battlestar Galactica, which runs over a montage of images from the ship. The Colonial Anthem tinkles in the background and gradually builds to up to a grand swell.]
Biers: I came to Galactica to tell a story. In all honesty I thought I knew what that story was before I ever set foot there: how an arrogant military let their egos get in the way of doing their jobs, safeguarding the lives of the civilian population. But I found out that the truth was more complex than that. These people aren't Cylons. They're not robots blindly following orders and polishing their boots. They're people. Deeply flawed, yes, but deeply human too, and maybe that's saying the same thing. What struck me most is that despite it all - the hardships, the stress, the ever present danger of being killed - despite all that, they never give up. They never lie down in the road and let the truck run them over. They wake up in the morning, put on their uniforms and do their jobs. Every day. No pay, no rest, no hope of ever laying down the burden or letting someone else do the job. There are no relief troops coming, no Colonial Fleet training new recruits every day. The people on Galactica are it. They are the thin line of blue that separates us from the Cylons. Lt. Gaeta told me a remarkable statistic; not a single member of Galactica's crew has asked to resign, not one. Think about that. If you wore the uniform wouldn't you want to quit? To step aside and say "enough! Let someone else protect the fleet"? I know I would. But then, I don't wear a uniform. Most of us don't, most of us never will. The story of Galactica isn't that people make bad decisions under pressure, it's that those mistakes are the exception. Most of the time the men and women serving under Commander Adama get it right. The proof is that our fleet survives. And with Galactica at our side, we will endure. This is D'anna Biers, Fleet News Service.

Flight of the Phoenix [2.09]

Apollo: Nobody's expecting a miracle.
Tyrol: Maybe that's the problem.

[Lt. Gaeta is starting to lose his composure under constant pressure.]
Gaeta: Sir, I'm running every diagnostic we've got. Checking each line of code could take days.
Tigh: I am not interested in excuses. Fix it!
Gaeta: [shouting] It's not an excuse, sir. It's a frakking fact!

Tyrol: Sharon flew 47 missions in this thing, couldn't trap a landing worth a damn.

Tigh walks into the tool closet on the hanger deck:
Tigh: What's this, Chief?
Tyrol: I'm making solvent, sir, to clean machine parts.
Tigh: Solvent my ass. I know a still when I smell it.

Adama: I took your advice, met on common ground.
Roslin: And what was that?
Adama: We both wanted to live.

Pegasus [2.10]

Red text only appears in the extended cut.

[Baltar tries a new approach to interrogating tortured Gina, he has her chains removed and brings her some food.]
Baltar: The food is yours. It's not a trick. I'm not gonna take it away the last second. You know I.. I'm just gonna talk right now. I don't expect you to say anything. Back on Caprica, before the attack.. And sometimes I forget there was a world before the attack. I knew someone, a woman unlike any other woman I'd ever known. She was unique. Beautiful. Clever. Intensely sensual. When she wasn't in my bed she was in my thoughts. She was a Cylon. And she changed my life in a very real, very fundamental way. In that I have quite literally never stopped thinking about her. Because I love her. To this very day, I love her. And she looks exactly like you.

[From the extended episode: After receiving library tapes from Pegasus.]
Lt. Felix Gaeta: You got any porn?

Adama: You told me they'd get a fair trial. What kind of a trial could they have possibly had?
Admiral Helena Cain: I assure you I heard them out. I weighed their statements against those of the guards and I took into consideration their service records and commendations. It was a difficult decision, Commander, but I daresay it was a fair one.
Adama: They have the right to have their case heard by a jury.
Cain: I am a flag officer on detached service during a time of war. Regulations give me broad authority in this matter.
Adama: [to Tigh] Launch the fighters. [to Cain] You can quote me whatever regulation you'd like. I'm not going to let you execute my men.
Cain: I highly suggest you reconsider that statement, Commander.
Colonel Jack Fisk: Admiral, Galactica is launching Vipers and a Raptor.
Cain: Commander, why are you launching Vipers?
Adama: Please arrange for Chief Tyrol and Lieutenant Agathon to be handed over to my Marines as soon as they arrive.
Cain: I don't take orders from you!
Adama: Call it whatever you like, I'm getting my men.
Cain: You are making such a mistake.
Adama: I'm getting my men.
Cain: Action stations.
Fisk: Admiral, this will spiral out of control fast.
Cain: Launch the alert Vipers. Adama has taken us over the line. He's left me with no choice but to launch the alert Vipers. Target the main battery for Galactica. And may the Gods have mercy on their souls.
[The Galactica and Pegasus Vipers are released from their ships and face off]

Resurrection Ship, Part 1 [2.11]

Starbuck: Starbuck to all vipers-- do not fire...repeat, do not fire! I'm a friendly, okay? We're all friendlies! So, let's friendly!

Roslin: The spirit of the law requires something here more than summary executions.
Cain: [to Roslin and Adama] Is this what the two of you have been doing for the past six months? Debating the finer points of Colonial law? Well, guess what, we're at war! And we don't have the luxury of academic debate over these issues!.

[Admiral Cain visits Baltar in Gina's cell.]
Cain: Well, I see you got it to eat. That's progress I suppose. Can you get it to roll over, beg?

Resurrection Ship, Part 2 [2.12]

Fisk: I don't want your thanks. I owe Lieutenant Thorne my life, as do many people on this ship.
Helo: He was trying to rape a prisoner!
Fisk: You can't "rape" a machine, Lieutenant.

Caprica Sharon: [to Commander Adama] It's what you said at the ceremony before the attack, when Galactica was being decommissioned. You gave a speech, it sounded like it wasn't the one you prepared. You said that humanity was a flawed creation, and that people still kill one another for petty jealousy and greed. You said that humanity never asked itself why it deserved to survive. Maybe you don't.

[Apollo floats in space after his ship is destroyed.]

Apollo: I'm sorry, Kara.

["Gina" confronts Admiral Cain in her quarters with her gun.]
Gina (aka Number Six): Tell me, Admiral. Can you roll over? Beg?
Cain: Frak you.
Gina: [right before shooting] You're not my type.

Adama: It's not enough to survive. One must be worthy of survival.

Epiphanies [2.13]

[In a flashback sequence]
President Richard Adar:One of the most interesting things about being President is that you don't have to explain yourself. To anyone.

Number Six: (reading Roslin's letter out loud) "President Baltar, I offer my sincere congratulations. I say that knowing we've had our differences, and that you take office despite my many reservations. You may be the most brilliant person I've ever met... but your intelligence is unleavened by compassion. You must be reminded of your ethical responsibilities and challenged to rise above your own selfish needs. I don't write this to hurt you, but to beg you to open your heart. Understand that the people in the fleet look to you not just for leadership, but for solace, justice. Find a way to give them that, and you will be a great leader. Laura Roslin."

Black Market [2.14]

[Apollo confronts Colonel Tigh after finding that he dealt in the Fleet's black market.]
Tigh: Don't you play "holier than thou" with me. I haven't done anything that most people on this ship haven't done. Including you.
Apollo: Doesn't make us right, Colonel, just a whole lot of people wrong.

[Roslin tries to convince Baltar to resign the Vice Presidency.]
Roslin: You saved my life. And I'm grateful. But I sense that there is some unease in you about assuming the presidency, and I'd like to offer you an out.
Baltar: You what?
Roslin: Resign. Return to your scientific work o­n Galactica. No o­ne will question your motives. You can consider it a second chance, like the o­ne you gave me.
Baltar: Charming.
Roslin: Doctor. This is a o­ne-time offer. I suggest you reconsider.
Baltar: You know, Madame President, I've never been particularly interested in politics. I never wanted any lofty position of power. I never wanted to be the Vice President. That is, until this very moment. Because right now, I can't think of anything I want more.

Scar [2.15]

Starbuck: It is funny. You know the President says that we're saving humanity for a bright, shiny future o­n Earth. That you and I are never gonna see. We're not. Because we go out over and over again until someday, some metal motherfrakker is gonna catch us o­n a bad day and just blow us away.
Apollo: Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway.

Adama: So say we all!

Sacrifice [2.16]

[After a bout of negotiations with Sesha Abinell, leader of the Cloud 9 terrorists, Adama briefly confers with Tigh.]
Adama: Saul, we can't give her Sharon. I hope you know that, right?
Tigh: I know that. Against our dealing with the terrorists... if we start now, it'll open the floodgates; and it will never stop. And by the way, it's not Sharon. It's a frakking Cylon.
Adama: You don't think I know that?
Tigh: I think there's part of you that looks into that thing's eyes and still sees that young girl that reported aboard two years ago as a rook pilot. Well, it's not. It never was. Bill, it's a machine.

The Captain's Hand [2.17]

[Following the Cylon ambush of Pegasus and the death of Commander Barry Garner (Pegasus's commanding officer).]
Adama: In your opinion, off the record, what was Garner's flaw?
Apollo: He was used to working with machines. Command is about people.
Adama: Remember that, as you take command of "The Beast". Garner was my decision; his failures, my responsibility. Don't let me fail a second time. Congratulations, Commander.

Downloaded [2.18]

[Caprica-Sharon has gone into premature labor with her Hybrid baby.]
Doc Cottle: I find it absolutely amazing you people went to all the trouble to appear human, and didn't upgrade the plumbing.

[Six and Three are talking about Boomer-Eight's resistance to her Cylon psychology]
Number Three: Caprica, you don't understand. She really needs your help. If we don't turn her around soon, there's talk of boxing her.
Caprica-Six: Putting her memories in cold storage? You can't be serious.
Virtual Baltar: [sardonically] Well, that's a charming way to deal with emotional problems! One might almost call it inhuman. Oh, that's right, you are!

[Six is talking to the original Galactica-Sharon about Baltar's house.]
Number Six: I always loved the view. Sunlight on the water. It's my favorite spot in the universe.
Virtual Baltar: Yeah, it's magical. Too bad you nuked it.

[Roslin, Baltar, Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh discuss what to do with the hybrid baby.]
Roslin: If the baby does survive, the question is — what do we do with it?
Baltar: Do? What are you suggesting? That we throw it out of an airlock?
Roslin: I don't make suggestions, Mr. Baltar. If I want to toss a baby out of an airlock, I'd say so.

Number Six: Look, God loves you.
Sharon Valerii: [showing photo of her Galactica crewmates] This is love. These people loved me. I loved them. I didn't pretend to feel something so I could screw people over. I loved them. And then I betrayed them. I shot a man I loved. Frakked over another man, ruined his life. And why? Because I'm a lying machine. I'm a frakking Cylon!

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1 [2.19]

[Roslin is trying to control her pre-debate giggles.]
Adama: You just have to really try to think about something serious. That always helps, right?
Roslin: Like what?
Adama: Well, like, uh... (they look at each other and crack up laughing)

[Chief Tyrol is worried that like Galactica-Sharon, he could just as well be another Cylon sleeper agent.]
Tyrol: How do you know I'm human?
Brother Cavil: Oh, well, maybe because I'm a Cylon and I've never seen you at any of the meetings.

Brother Cavil: Do you know how useless prayer is? Chanting, and singing, and mucking about with old half-remembered lines of bad poetry? And you know what it gets you? Exactly nothing.
Tyrol: Are you sure that you're a priest?

[Vice President (and Presidential candidate) Gaius Baltar, conferring with campaign manager Tom Zarek.]
Baltar: I'm not sure if you're aware, Tom, but the mob isn't usually in the habit of electing ungodly apostates who denigrate people of faith.

Zarek: You... are a genius.
Baltar: And?

[shaking hands after a presidential debate]
Baltar: Not your night, I guess.
Roslin: Why don't you go frak yourself?

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2 [2.20]

[Doctor Cottle, after treating Cally's broken jaw.]
Doc Cottle: Jaw set nicely. You're done here. I'm kicking you out of here and sending you back to work.
Cally: [muffled, with her jaw immobilized] Work? Like this?
Doc Cottle: You gotta love a woman who can complain even with her jaw wired shut.

[Admiral Adama, remarking to newly-elected President Gaius Baltar that he needs to pay attention to a possible security risk.]
Adama: You're not listening.
Baltar: I don't have to listen. I'm the President.

[Admiral Adama after deciding to jump rather than launch alert fighters when the Cylon fleet arrives at New Caprica.]
Adama: We're leaving. But we'll be back.

[During the Cylon's march through the streets of New Caprica.]
Tyrol: What do you want to do now, Captain?
Starbuck: The same thing we always do. Fight them until we can't.

The Resistance

Season 3

Occupation [3.01]

Tigh: I know you're wonderin', so I'll save you the trouble; the eye is gone. They ripped it out onto the floor and showed it to me. Looked like a hard boiled egg.

Cavil: Let's review, why we're here shall we? Uh, we're supposed to bring the word of "god" to save the people right? To save humanity from damnation, by bringing the love of "god" these poor, benighted people.
Six: We're here because the majority of the Cylons felt that the slaughter of mankind had been a mistake.
Sharon: We're here to find a new way to live in peace.As god wants us to live.
Cavil: And it's been a fun ride so far. But I want to clarify our objectives. If we're bringing the word of "god" it follows that we should employ any means necessary to do so. Any means. Yes, fear, is a key article of faith as I understand it, so perhaps it's time to instill a little more fear into the people's hearts and minds. Let's uh, let's execute Baltar.
Baltar: What? What?!
Six: That's not gonna happen.
Cavil: Just because he's your favorite toy shouldn't interfere with the larger issues here.
Baltar: I think that I have co-operated-
Six: Gaius is with me. Anyone that wants to challenge that will have to deal with me.
Doral: Well it doesn't matter. If we killed him at the beginning, it might've worked. But now most humans think of him as a traitor, and might actually cheer his death.
Cavil: Fine, fine. We don't kill Baltar. We round up the leaders of the insurgency and we execute them, publicly. We round up at random, groups off the street and we execute them, publicly. Send a message that the gloves are coming off, the insurgency stops now or else we start reducing the human population to a more mangeable size. I don't know, say less than a thousand.
Sharon: We need to stop being butchers.
Six: The entire point of coming here was to start a new way of life. To push past the conflict that seperated us from humans for so long.
Cavil: And what has it gotten us? It's not like they welcomed us with, with, frak it, never mind. You're all living in a fantasy world, consider the irony in that! Ha ha! Delusional machines! What's the universe gonna come up with next?

Number Three: Is it really worth it Caprica? Is the love of that man really worth possibly losing all of this?
Number Six: If you had ever experienced love, you wouldn't have to ask.

Precipice [3.02]

Tyrol: ...You know, we need to figure out who's side we're on.
Tigh: Which side are we on? We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We're evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go.

Tigh: (to Laura) You know, sometimes I think that you've got ice water in those veins, and other times I think you're just a naive little school teacher. I've sent men on suicide missions in two wars now, and let me tell you something; it don't make a Gods' damned bit of difference whether they're riding in a Viper or walking out onto a parade ground. In the end, they're just as dead. (puffs on cigarette) So take your piety and your moralizing and your high-minded principles and stick 'em some place safe till you're off this rock and you're sitting in your nice, cushy chair on Colonial One again. I've got a war to fight.

Helo: Symbols matter. Uniforms, flags, banners - even mascots. They're like pieces of your heart that you can see.

Sharon: (before going to the rescue mission on New Caprica, to Adama) Can I ask you a question? How do you know? I mean, how do you really know that you can trust me?
Adama: I don't. That's what trust is.

Exodus, Part 1 [3.03]

Adama: I'll see you at the rendezvous point.
Apollo: Eighteen hours. Try not to be late.
Adama: I'm getting old; I'm a little slow, but I'll be there.
Apollo: Gods, I wish I could talk you out of this...
Adama: You can't. You tried.
Apollo: You know, Dad, um...
Adama: Don't. Don't make me cry on my own hangar deck.
(The Galactica is preparing to jump to New Caprica and begin the rescue)
Adama: This is the Admiral. You've heard the news, you know the mission. You should also know there is only one way that this mission ends: and that's with the sucessful rescue of our people, off of New Caprica. Look around you. Take a good look at the men and women that stand next to you. Remember their faces, for one day you will tell your children and your grandchildren that you served with such men and women as the universe has never seen. And together, you'll accomplish the feat that will be told and retold down through the ages, and find immortality as only the gods once knew. I'm proud to serve with you. Good hunting.

Exodus, Part 2 [3.04]

Number Three: What would you have us do, Gaius?
Gaius Baltar: Leave. Pack up your centurions, and go. Please. Go.
Number Three: And then what? What would you do if we really just left you here? You'd live out your lives in peace and never trouble yourselves with thoughts of us again? Or would you raise your children with stories of the Cylon, the mechanical slaves who once did your bidding, only to turn against you? Killers who committed genocide against your race, the occupiers of this city until we just ran away? Would you tell them to tell the story to their children, and to their childrens' children, and nurse a dream of vengeance down through the years so that one day they could just go out into the stars and hunt the Cylon once more?
Gaius Baltar: Blood for blood ...has to stop one day.

[preparing to launch his Viper while the Galactica freefalls through New Caprica's atmosphere]
Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza: Well... this oughta be different.

[in the CIC of the heavily damaged Battlestar Pegasus]
Apollo: Set main batteries to auto-fire cycle B! Lock engines ahead flank! (into announcement system) This is the Commander: abandon ship, abandon ship! All hands, abandon ship. Report to evac Raptors and jump to rendezvous point! Good work, and I'll see you on the other side.
Dualla: All right, people, let's move! Out! Let's go! (turns to see Apollo lingering at his station) You too, Commander.
Apollo: Yes, sir. (starts to leave, but pauses to take one last look at the CIC; addressing the ship herself) Thank you.

Admiral Adama: I guess you didn't understand my orders.
Apollo: I never could read your handwriting.

Admiral Adama: You did it. You brought them home Saul.
Colonel Tigh: Not all of them.

Collaborators [3.05]

Number Six: Don't make me angry, Gaius.
Adama: You wouldn't like her when she's angry.
Roslin: I've always wanted you.
Baltar: Oh no.
Roslin: What?
Baltar: I'm dreaming, aren't I?
Roslin: Yes, you are. (kisses him)

Tigh: (shouting at Gaeta) Hey! Look at me! As long as you're here, maybe you can help me out. I'm missing something. I lost it in detention. Since you're so buddy-buddy with the Cylons, maybe you know where it is. How about it? Do you know where my eye is?

Tigh: Everyone likes Gaeta so let's let him off the hook. Let's just look the other way on this one. Well, a lot of good people had to pay the price for what they did. Choices they made on New Caprica. Like my wife. That's right. Ellen collaborated, gave the Cylons information on the Resistance and she died for it. Because that's the price of collaborating with the enemy. And I liked her a lot more than I like Gaeta.

Baltar: (to Caprica Six, as she's leaving to decide Baltar's fate on the basestar) You need me! (Pause) I need you, too! (Another pause, then talking to himself) I should have said that first.

Torn [3.06]

[Gaius Baltar sees and hears the Hybrid for the first time.]
Hybrid: Two protons expelled at each coupling site creates the mode of force, the embryo becomes a fish though we don't enter until a plate, we're here to experience, evolve the little toe, atrophy, don't ask me how, I'll be dead in a thousand light years, thank you, thank you, genesis turns to its source, reduction occurs step wise though the essence is all one, end of line. FTL system check. Diagnostic functions within parameters repeats the harlequin, the agony exquisite, the colors run the path of ashes...

A Measure of Salvation [3.07]

[Baltar talks religion with D'Anna while she takes a short break from torturing him.]
Baltar: I'm a scientist. And as a scientist, I believe if God exists, our knowledge of him is imperfect. Why? Because the stories and myths we have are the products of men, the passage of time. The religion you practice is based on a theory, impossible to prove. Yet you bestow it with absolutes like, "There is no such thing as coincidence."
D'Anna/Number Three: It's called faith.
Baltar: Absolute belief in God's will means there's a reason for everything. Everything! And yet you can't help ask yourself how God can allow death and destruction. And then despise yourself for asking. But the truth is, if we knew God's will, we'd all be gods, wouldn't we??

[Six has mind-sex with Baltar, while in reality he is being tortured and yells back to her.]
Number Six: Look at me. Look at me, Gaius. Do you want me to believe you're worth saving? Do you? Do you? Say it.
Baltar: I want you to believe in me! Don't stop! Don't stop! Please, please don't stop! You have to believe in me! You're all I have left!
Number Six: Now tell me you believe in me. Tell me you believe in my strength.
Baltar: I believe in you! I believe in you!
[D'Anna stops hurting him, totally confused, and he smiles at her/Six dreamily.]
Baltar: I love you with all my heart.

Sharon: I made a choice to wear a uniform, to be a person.
Helo: You were a person before you put on that uniform, okay? You were a person before I fell in love with you. You don't have to prove that.
Sharon: I have to prove it every day.

Helo: I'm not a traitor. I love my people. I love this ship. Besides you, the first thing I want to see on any morning is the lights of that CIC. But I did what I thought was right. If it was a mistake, fine, I can live with that. It's you I can't live without.
Sharon: I'll always love you, Helo.

Hero [3.08]

Unfinished Business [3.09]

[Flash to scene on New Caprica]

Apollo : [bringing Starbuck a drink] I bring offerings.
Starbuck : Just in time. I was runnin' o­n bingo fuel.
Apollo : Wow, look at that. You literally drank Anders under the table.
Starbuck : Where's Dee?
Apollo : Oh, she, uh, packed it in. To go pack.
Starbuck : Guess it's just you and me then.
Apollo : Yep. It's just you and me.

Adama : When you stand o­n this deck, you be ready to fight, or you dishonor the reason why we're here. Now remember this: When you fight a man, he's not your friend. Same goes when you lead men. I forgot that o­nce. I let you get too close. All of you. I dropped my guard. I gave some of you breaks, let some of you go, before the fight was really over. I let this crew and this family disband. And we paid the price in lives. That can't happen again.

Tigh : All right, this dance is over. Get your booze and your dog tags and let's get out of here.
Starbuck: So what, you're just gonna call it?
Tigh: Not enough excitement for o­ne night for you, Captain?
Starbuck : [to Apollo, as he leaves] Hey. Hey! Where the frak do you think you're going?
Apollo : It's over, Kara.
Starbuck : So what? You have the guts to try and frak another man's woman but not to fight o­ne? I wonder if Dee knew what she was getting. Think she would have settled for sloppy seconds?

[Apollo punches her in the face.]

Starbuck : Truth stings, don't it?
Apollo : You want a fight, Captain. You got it.

[Flash to New Caprica]

Starbuck : Check it out. It's a great place for a house.
Apollo : So you're really gonna give up flying.
Starbuck : Ah, flying's gonna suck now anyway. Lots of training, endless CAPs. The war's over. So's all the good stuff.
Apollo : Gimme a tour of the future life of Kara Anders.
Starbuck : I'm not getting married.
Apollo : Well, then -- then what's the point, Kara? I mean, you love him, right?
Starbuck : Where are we going with this, Lee?
Apollo : Well, now, that's the question, isn't it-- where are we going? I mean, what if this-- this is it? The rest of your life, Kara. Is this how you want to spend it? Is this who you want to spend it with?

[Flash to the match]

Anders : What's going o­n?
Dualla : What's it look like?
Anders : Looks like they're trying to kill each other.
Dualla : That's o­ne perspective.

[Flash to Starbuck and Apollo alone together on New Caprica. They kiss, then make love.]

Starbuck : [laughs] Well, that makes things more complicated.
Apollo : Yeah.
Starbuck : What are we gonna do?
Apollo : What are we gonna do? We accept it. Tomorrow, I tell Dee, you tell Sam.
Starbuck : Just like that?
Apollo : Just like that.
Starbuck : I don't know.
Apollo : Yeah, we tell them how we feel. We shout it to the skies.
Starbuck : Yeah, right. Mm-hmm.
Apollo : Well, you… You don't think I will?
Starbuck : Mm-mm. [giggles]
Apollo : [Stands up and shouts to the sky]My name is Lee Adama, and I love Kara Thrace!
Starbuck : [laughing] Calm down!
Apollo : Well, it's not like anybody'll hear. We're in your cabin in the forest, right?
Starbuck : Ah. [giggles]
Apollo : I love Kara Thrace! And I don't care who frakking knows!
Starbuck : Oh, you're crazy. Get down.
Apollo : Well, come o­n. I'm not gonna stop until you get up and do it too.
Starbuck : I can't.
Apollo : I'm gonna-- Okay, here we go again. Lee Adama…
Starbuck : Okay, shh! [She stands] Okay. Ka -- [Her breath catches.] Kara Thrace loves Lee Adama!

[They kiss. Starbuck stops smiling and looks serious.]

[Flash to New Caprica. Apollo awakes confused to find Starbuck gone. Flash to Apollo walking back into town smiling and with his shirt unbuttoned.]

Apollo : Morning, Admiral.
Adama : You look like you had a good time.
Apollo : Yeah, it was some party.
Adama : Yeah, well, it's been a hell of a morning too. You missed all the excitement.
Apollo : There's problems upstairs?
Adama : No. No, good things. Kara got married. Believe that?
Apollo : What?
Adama : Yep, 'bout an hour ago. Found herself a priest, went down by the river and got married.

[Shocked speechless, he looks away and tries to catch his breath]

Adama : You okay?

[They see Anders and Stabuck coming down the street.]

Adama : Can you believe that? [laughs] Well, she deserves it, man. We all deserve to be happy.

Anders : Hey, man. Did you hear the news? we're hitched. We got married. Can you believe it?
Apollo : No. No, I can't believe it.
Anders : Yeah. No, it was crazy. She comes down, and she wakes me up. She pops the question, she drags me down to the priest, and, bang, like that, we're married.
Apollo : So it was your idea.
Starbuck : Yeah. It was my idea.
Anders : Do you guys… Do you guys want a minute to, uh, you know, talk?
Apollo : Congratulations, Sam.
Anders : Yeah.
Apollo : And good luck. You're gonna need it.

[Flash to Apollo, kissing Dualla, then flash back to the fight. Both Starbuck and Apollo are bloody and exhausted, but still throwing punches at each other between flashes of memories. Finally, they embrace, both in flashes of memories and in the ring, in front of Dualla, Sam, and everyone watching the fight.]

Starbuck : I missed you.
Apollo : I missed you too. I missed you too.

The Passage [3.10]

Eye of Jupiter [3.11]

Roslin : [interrupting Baltar] The less this man says, the better this will go.

Starbuck : Can I make a suggestion that you won't like?
Apollo : Do you make any other kind?

[In response the the Cylon's calling his bluff about nuking the planet.]
Roslin : Too bad we're bluffing.
Adama : Are we?
Adama : Mr. Hoshi, order nuclear ground-strike missiles into launch tubes 4-10.
Hoshi : (On the intercom) Aye sir, This is a nuclear mission order...
Roslin : What are you doing?
Adama : Nuking the planet.

Rapture [3.12]

Starbuck : He won't cheat. He's too honorable.
Dualla : Unlike you.
Starbuck : Yeah, unlike me. I love Sam, I hate Sam. I love Lee, I hate Lee. Gods, I have to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat.

[Adama is ordering a nuclear strike on the planet's surface, where Lee is, responding to the Cylon's calling his bluff]:
Adama : XO, Please enter your firing code.

Chief : (To Baltar before hitting him over the head with a pistol) Welcome home Mr. President.

Taking a Break... [3.13]

Baltar : [During interrogation about Six] She chose me. Chose me over all men. Chosen to be seduced. Taken by the hand. Guided between the Light and the Dark. But is she an angel or is she a demon? Is she imaginary or is she real? Is she my own voice or the voice of..

Adama : You took the Cylons to the Temple. To the Eye of Jupiter. What did it tell them? What did it tell them about Earth?
Baltar : I wasn't looking for..
Adama : What were you looking for, doctor? What were you looking for?
Baltar : Their faces but they wouldn't show them to me.
Roslin : Their faces? Whose faces?
Baltar : Five. Final Five.
Roslin : The Final Five.. Cylons?
Baltar : I thought I might be one of them. I told them I wanted to be one of them.
Roslin : A Cylon? Why?
Baltar : All my sins forgiven. A new beginning.
Roslin : Are you a Cylon, doctor Baltar?
Baltar : [After a lengthy pause] No..

The Woman King [3.14]

[Helo is accusing doctor Robert of intentionally letting the Sagitarions die]
Cottle : I'm not gonna listen to this, you hear me? That man has his hands full down there.
Helo : He's singling out Sagitarions. That doesn't bother you? Doctor, that doesn't bother you?
Cottle : What exactly is he doing?
Helo : I don't know, I'm not a doctor.
Cottle : Well, now, that's the first sensible thing you've said yet.

[Helo is about to go and face doctor Robert]
Sharon : You know what's wrong with this ship? You and the Sagitarions. How you might actually be listening to them.
Helo : It's my job.
Sharon : They're dying because they're refusing medication, Karl.
Helo : You want me to look the other way, is that it? Is that it? Our daughter's fine, that's all that matters?
Sharon : No.
Helo : Or is it cause as long as everyone hates the Sagitarions you forget you are a Cylon for five minutes?
Sharon : You shut the frak up. Yeah, I want you to look the other way. I have to fight on this ship every day to be accepted.
Helo : This has nothing to do with you. Okay? You think that's what I am? That's what I've become? That's my defining characteristic, the guy married to a Cylon?

A Day in the Life [3.15]

Dirty Hands [3.16]

Maelstrom [3.17]

Virtual Leoben Figure: See, there's nothing so terrible about death, when you finally face's beautiful. You're free now... to become who you really are.
Kara: (smiling) You're not Leoben.
Virtual Leoben Figure: Never said I was. I'm here to prepare you to pass through the next door. To discover what hovers in the space between life and death.

The Son Also Rises [3.18]

“There is no greater ally, no force more powerful, no enemy more resolved, than a son who chooses to step from his father's shadow.” Defense attorney Romo Lampkin's letter to Gaius Baltar.

[Baltar and Lampkin are discussing the upcoming trial]
Baltar : Caprica Six. I'm worried about her. She's the key. They can use her to completely destroy me. We need to get to her. We need to know what she's thinking. We need to.. talk to her. Tell her.. Tell her that I love her very much. I am thinking about her a lot.
Lampkin : I can sense that, yes.

[Adama and Apollo argue after the assassination attempt]
Adama : What the hell were you doing out there? I gave you an order. To do a job.
Apollo : Excuse me, I was doing my job.
Adama : Yeah, being led around by the nose! That bastard yanked your chain and you jumped.
Apollo : He wanted files from the Colonial One.
Adama : It was the middle of the night.
Apollo : You assigned me to security.
Adama : Yeah. And there was a bomb on that ship and you missed it.

[Apollo details the security policy]
Apollo : You take a good look at this room. Every time you leave, memorize it. If anything changes, don't touch it. A book moves, shoes in a wrong place, something smells different, you get the frack out. Someone knocks, don't answer the door, don't open the door. Look, you have to do what I say.
Lampkin : If they wanna kill me, they'll find a way. Now, who do I have to bribe to see the Cylon woman?

[Lampkin visits Caprica Six]
Caprica Six : Did he ask about me? Gaius?
Lampkin : [removes his sunglasses] He wanted to know if you're well. He wanted you to know that he misses you.. Loves you. Because he can't be here to tell you, he gave me this, a gift to you. :[takes out Baltar's pen and gives it to Six] He uses that at the risk of grave reprisal to express his feelings, to put his world into some kind of recognizable order. To be heard. He's kept it hidden because he knows he will not get another.
[Caprica Six takes the pen and caresses it]
Lampkin : He wants you to have it. Because without you it has no meaning. He wants you to have it because he would do anything, ANYTHING to be with you again.
Caprica Six : Well, that's a shame isn't it? [gives back the pen] Since they'll never let me keep it.
Lampkin : You understand that your days are owned and tallied by those people, the ones out there watching us. [points to the glass] I think you realize what's likely to become of you. I couldn't help you if they paid me ten times what they offered me for Baltar. You won't get a trial. Not even a bad one. So I have to ask you, does your love hurt as much as mine?

Crossroads, Part 1 [3.19]

[Lampkin is defending Baltar]
Lampkin : It's obvious my client is guilty. He's a traitor. And a killer. He's no better than a Cylon and what do we do with them?
Voice from the audience : Throw them out the airlock!
Lampkin : That's right! Throw them out the airlock. This man sold us to our enemy. This man is our enemy and if there's one thing that is good in a war, that is right and just and proper: it's slaughtering our enemy! Getting some righteous payback!

[Baltar and Lampkin are discussing options after Roslin's testimony with Lee idly listening to them]
Baltar : We need to find something, anything that can discredit her testimony. She's a fanatic, right. I don't know if that's gonna..
Lampkin : [glances at Lee] You're awfully quiet.
Lee : Just listening.
Lampkin : You see, your problem is that I'm a really good liar and you're not. So let's have it.
Lee : Have what?
Baltar : My gods he's right, you do know something. You know something and you're not saying.
Lee : It's probably not even true.
Lampkin : I like it already.

[Lee asks Adama about Roslin]
Adama : After what you did to Tigh, you're the last person I'd confide in.
Lee : Me? I didn't do anything to Tigh. He was drunk. It's really not my fault.
Adama : You told Lampkin about Ellen.
Lee : I didn't even know about Ellen.
Adama : Yeah, right.
Lee : You're calling me a liar?
Adama : I'm calling you a liar and a coward. One who doesn't have the guts to go after the man himself. Instead you hand the shift to a stranger. Let him stab Tigh in the back. And for what? Traitor, piece of garbage, Gaius Baltar. Doesn't even deserve a trial.

Crossroads, Part 2 [3.20]

Lampkin : Why do you believe that the defendant, Gaius Baltar, deserves to be acquitted?
Lee : Well, because the evidence does not support the charges.
Lampkin : Come on...
Lee : Did the defendant make mistakes? Sure he did, serious mistakes, but did he actually commit any crimes? Did he commit treason? No. It was an impossible situation. When the Cylons arrived what could he possibly do? What could anyone have done? I mean, ask yourself, what would you have done? What would you have done? If he had refused to surrender, the Cylons would've probably nuked the planet, right then and there. So did he appear to co-operate with the Cylons? Sure, so did hundreds of others. What's the difference between him and them? The President issued a blanket pardon. They were all forgiven, no questions asked. Colonel Tigh? Colonel Tigh used suicide bombers, killed dozens of people, forgiven. Lieutenant Agathon and chief Tyrol murdered an officer on the Pegasus, forgiven. The admiral? The admiral instituted a military coup d'etat against the President, forgiven. And me? Well, where do I begin? I shot down a civilian passenger ship, the Olympic Carrier, over a thousand people on board, forgiven. I raised my weapon to a superior officer, committed an act of mutiny, forgiven. And then on the very day when Baltar surrendered to those Cylons, I, as commander of Pegasus, jumped away! I left everybody on that planet, alone, undefended for months. I even tried to persuade the admiral never to return, to abandon you all there for good. If I'd had my way nobody would have made it off that planet. I'm the coward, I'm the traitor, I'm forgiven. I'd say we're very forgiving of mistakes. We make our own laws now, our own justice, and we've been pretty creative with ways to let people off the hook. For everything from theft to murder. And we've had to be, because we're not a civilization anymore, we are a gang, and we're on the run, and we have to fight to survive. We have to break rules, we have to bend laws, we have to improvise! But not this time, no, not this time, not for Gaius Baltar. No, you, you have to die! You have to die, because, well, because we don't like you very much. Because you're arrogant, because you're weak, because you're a coward, and we, the mob, want to throw you out the airlock because you didn't stand up to the Cylons and get yourself killed in the process! That's justice now! You should've been killed back on New Caprica, but since you had the temerity to live, we're going to execute you now. That's justice!
[crowd murmurs angrily]
Judge : Order, order!
Lee : This case, this case is built on emotion, on anger, bitterness, but most of all it's built on shame. It's about the shame of what we did to ourselves back on that planet. It's about the guilt of those of us who ran away, who ran away. And we are trying to dump all of that guilt and all that shame onto one man, and then flush him out the airlock, and just hope that that gets rid of it all. So that we can live with ourselves. But that won't work. That won't work. That's not justice, not to me. Not to me.
Lampkin : No further questions.

[Lampkin is limping along the corridor after the trial]
Lee : Romo, one thing. When you put me on the stand, did you know what was gonna happen?
Lampkin : [Stops walking] I knew you were an honest man, Mister Adama. Much unlike your grandfather. [Leaves his cane, puts on his sunglasses, smiles and walks away without any limp]

[Tyrol, Tigh, Anders, and Tory are all hearing a strange music and begin putting lyrics to it]
Tyrol: There must be some kind of way out of here.
Tigh: Said the Joker to the thief.
Anders: There's too much confusion here.
Tory: I can't get no relief.

Tigh: My name is Saul Tigh. I'm an officer in the Colonial Fleet. Whatever else I am, whatever else it means, that's the man I want to be. And if I die today, that's the man I'll be.

[Tigh and Tory walk to the CIC during Cylon attack, keeping stone-faced about their newly discovered Cylon nature]
Adama : It's good to see you, Colonel.
Tigh : Good to be here, Admiral. You can count on me.
Adama : I've never doubted it.
Tory : I'm here if you need me, Madame President.

[Lee sees an unknown ship, then sees Starbuck in a viper flying beside him]
Starbuck : Hi Lee.
Lee : Kara?
Starbuck : [laughs] Don't freak out, it really is me. It's gonna be okay, I've been to Earth. I know where it is. And I'm gonna take us there.
[The camera pulls back, passing the Colonial fleet, Cylon raiders, four Basestars, and out of the galaxy, before zooming back in towards Earth].

Razor [4.01/4.02]

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Season 4

He That Believeth in Me [4.03]

William Adama: Saul. Saul! What the hell is wrong with you?
Saul Tigh: Nothing, Bill. (Tigh pulls out a gun and aims it at Adama.) I've never felt better in my entire life. (Tigh shoots Adama through his right eye.)

Gaeta: Sir, the Cylon strike force has just turned back to their ships. Baseships are spinning up.
Tigh: They're pulling out.
Adama: I'd do the same damn thing before they change their mind. Helo, have our fighters cover our withdrawal.
Helo: Yes, sir.
Tigh: They had us. Game over. Why the hell did they let us go?
Tory: Maybe something's changed.

Baltar: Please God. I'm not asking you this one last time. Don't let this child die. Has he sinned against you? He can't have sinned against you. He's not even had a life yet. How can you take him and let me live. After all I've done. Really, if you want someone to suffer, take me. We both know I deserve it. I've been selfish and weak. I have failed so many people. And I have killed. I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I'm just asking that you spare the life of this innocent child. Don't take him. Take me. Take me, take me, please.

Thrace: When I woke up orbiting Earth I just figured it's some crazy dream. I went in following the heavy raider. I mean maybe the Cylons pulled me out of the suit.. Captured me, brainwashed me. On Caprica they experimented on me. I mean did they take pieces of me.. Is it possible that they grew me, another me in a petri dish.. Implanted me with the memories or it with the memories, or.. I don't know.
Anders: No, no no no. Hey, no. Kara, no. Listen to me. If you're a Cylon, then you've been one from the beginning.
Thrace: Like Boomer. Spend my entire life thinking I'm one thing..
Anders: ..And then you wake up one day and discover you're another. Still doesn't change who you really are. Still doesn't change the fact that I love you, no matter what.
Thrace: You are a better person than I am because if I found out that you're a Cylon I'd put a bullet between your eyes.

Galen Tyrol: Get that Showboat bird in the tube. Where the frak are these nuggets? C'mon! Momma's not gonna save ya today! Let's go! You want to fly or not?

Six: Yesterday you were facing execution. Today, you're free. Why the long face?
Baltar: Oh, gee, I don't know. From President of the Colonies to this... King of fools. Probably best to be hated by everyone than loved by this lot, doomed to live out the rest of my life in this looney bin. I don't know, that might have something to do with my rather savage mood swings.
Six: Relax Gaius. Do you think I've brought you this far to let it end here?
Baltar: I need encouragement. A ray of hope about the future. An inkling.
Six: You've got me. I'm here for you.

Six of One [4.04]

Hybrid: They will not harm their own.

Adama: [on Kara Thrace's words] What if she's telling the truth? She was supposed to die out there. She didn't. I can't explain it. What if she was meant to help us? And this was a--
Roslin: A what? A miracle? Is that what you want to call this? Go ahead,say it. Grab your piece of the golden arrow. I want to hear admiral atheist say that a miracle happened.
Adama: You shot at her and missed at close range.
Roslin: Doloxan fraks with your aim.
Adama: So does doubt.

The Ties That Bind [4.05]

Escape Velocity [4.06]

Six:Old gods die hard.

Baltar:I am not a priest. I've never even been a particularly good man. I am in fact a profoundly selfish man. But that doesn't matter, you see. Something in the universe loves me. (smiles) Something in the universe loves the entity that is me. I would choose to call this something "God", a singular spark that dwells in the soul of every living being. If you look inside yourself you will find that spark too. You will. But you have to look deep. Love your faults. Embrace them. If God embraces them, then how can they be faults? Love yourself. You have to love yourself. If we don't love ourselves, how can we love others? And when we know what we are, then we can find the truth out about others, seek what they are; the truth about them. And you know what the truth is? The truth about them? About you? About me? Do you? The truth is, we're all perfect. Just as we are. God only loves that which is perfect and he loves you. He loves you because you are perfect. You are perfect. Just as you are.

The Road Less Travelled [4.07]

Anders: What do you want from Kara?
Leoben: The same thing I've always wanted. For her to understand her destiny.
Anders: That's not good enough.
Leoben: It's good enough for her. What is the most basic article of faith? That this is not all that we are. [Starts laughing] C-Bucs rule.
Anders: What did you just say?
Leoben: Forward guard, right? I saw a couple of games. You were good. Yet after all the celebrity and acclaim, what were you? Just another face selling magazines, another piece of scoreboard trivia. You always knew you were destined for more. You were just waiting for your singular moment of clarity.

Galen Tyrol:All I know is if there is a God, he's laughin' his ass off.

Faith [4.08]

Hybrid: Thus will it come to pass. The Dying Leader will know the truth of the Opera House. The missing Three will give you the Five, who've come from the Home of the Thirteenth. You are the Harbinger of Death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their End. End of line.

Guess What's Coming to Dinner [4.09]

[Roslin, Adama, Tigh and Helo are discussing destroying the hub]
Roslin: Imagine, once they're gone they can't come back. Mortal enemies.
Helo: Before we blow the Hub we need to get a team in, to unbox D'Anna.
Tigh: Well no, maybe we just don't. Maybe we just forget the godsdamn Boxing Facility.
Adama: Lie to the rebels?
Tigh: Well, they're lying to us!

Natalie: The humans are never going to allow us to have the Final Five and go our own way.
Eight: Are you sure of this?
Natalie: Not entirely. I'd rather be wrong but we need insurance.
Leoben: Trust has to begin somewhere.
Natalie: Not with us. It's our ship. When we jump, we take control of it with the Centurions. We carry out the mission as promised. But when we return, we take hostages. The humans on this ship will stay on this ship until we have the Five. We've changed but the humans haven't. We've come too far to risk everything on their trust.

Tory: You've been lying. About the President sharing visions with Cylons.
Baltar: That happens to be the God's honest truth.
Tory: Sorry. I can't accept what you've done.
Baltar: What I've done? Wha.. Where's this coming from?
Tory: These rumors you've started. You've seen what they've done to her.
Baltar: You seriously believe that I'm making all this up? I'm not saying that I'm not capable but why would I?

Natalie: When I spoke to the Quorum, I could feel it. The contempt.
Leoben: Then you were right. They're not ready to trust us.
Natalie: No, I was wrong. We're not ready. We're deceiving them.
Eight: For protection. For necessity.
Natalie: Out of suspicion and fear. Why haven't the Final Five come forward? What if they're watching, judging us by our actions? We're about to resort to violence and coercion. What if they refuse to come with us? We can't do this.
Leoben: It's too late.
Natalie: We have to order the Centurions to stand down.
Leoben: It's too late. They're committed.
Natalie: Then we have to tell the humans the truth.
Eight: No! You can't do that! They'll never trust us again. They already know the coordinates. They'll just go and destroy everything.
Leoben: Go. Stall for time. Talk to Adama. Tell him anything. Anything but the truth. I'll deal with the Centurions.

Hybrid: Jump!

Natalie:You asked for a reason to help us? Vengeance.

Sine Qua Non [4.10]

Lampkin : Lee said you once gave him something before a mission, a lighter.
Adama : Belonged to my father. Foolish to think a hunk of metal could keep him safe.
Lampkin : And yet thats what we do isn't it. Hang onto hope and every hopelessly irrational way that we can but not like those poor bastards, giving away their luck just when they need it most. Its like they've given up.
Adama : If you've never been in combat You have no idea what they are thinking.
Lampkin : I always imagined you a realist, Admiral. Not one to indulge a vain hope at the cost of lives but then everyone has his limits. Sine qua non as they say.
Adama : Without which not.
Lampkin : Yes, those things we deam essential without which we cannot bear living without which life in general loses its specific value. Becomes, abstract.
Adama : You may have a point counselor.
Lampkin : Well while I'm on a roll, Tom Zarek may not be an ideal president but we could do worse.
Adama : You're right, there are limits to my realism. Goodbye counselor.

The Hub [4.11]

Roslin: What is your guilt about?
Baltar: I have no guilt.
Roslin: What was your guilt about?
Baltar: I gave the access codes to the Cylons. They wiped out most of humanity. Of course I didn't know that's what I was doing at the time. And when I realized what I had done, the magnitude, in that moment I was saved. I was loved, by God. Looking back, I think I was rewarded.
Roslin: Rewarded?
Baltar: Pythia talks about a flood. Wiped out most of humanity. Nobody blames the flood. Flood is a force of Nature. Through Flood mankind is rejuvenated, born again. I was another Flood. You see, I blamed myself. I blamed myself. But God made the man that made that choice. God made us all perfect. And in that thought, all my guilt flies away. Flies away like a bird.

D'Anna Biers: Suppose you've got some questions for me.
Roslin: Yes I do. I'd like to talk about the five Cylons in my fleet.
Biers: So you know about the Final Five?
Roslin: I know they're supposed to know the way to Earth.
Biers: But you don't know that you're one of them.
[Roslin freezes shocked]
Biers: [Bursting out laughing] Please your face! [Roslin looks relieved and smirks] Oh, it's ridiculous. No. Look, I'm not giving you any names. Not until I feel like I'm safe. 'Cause information is all I got, sweetie.

Roslin : I love you.
Adama: About time.

Revelations [4.12]

Adama: This is the end of the line. We’ve got no where else to go. And if we give the alliance too much time it’ll fall apart again. We gotta roll the hard six. We all go together and as fast as we can.

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