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William M. Kucmierowski (born in Mineola, New York) is an American professional wrestler of the Jewish religion, better known by his shortened name Will Kaye , or ring name, Brimstone for PWR Wrestling, and for Unified Wrestling Federation. Brimstone is one quarter of Critical Mass with partners, Maniac Mike Mayhem, Chris Hostile, and manager Chavez Raoul. Brimstone, Mayhem, and Hostile were the creators of Critical Mass Pro Wrestling, Corp. & NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection). Brimstone also currently appears in the upcoming comic book based on his character, The Borderhounds.[1][2][3]


  • So it is written… so it shall be… Brimstone shall reign supreme!!! [4]
  • Time to experience Death, then Déjà vu!!! [5]
  • Evil Shouldn't Look This Good… [6]
  • It's going to be… a Critical… Massacre… [7]
  • Hell hath no fury like those meant to keep you there. [8]
  • Welcome to the playground of the tortured and the damned. [5]
  • I'm going to take you straight back to hell. [7]
  • XiBalba!!
    • Screamed while performing finisher [6]

In media

  • Good for me… bad for my opponents!!!
    • When asked how it feels to be back in the ring again he responded [9]

  • PWR has become the new playground of the tortured, and the damned… I'm Hell's number one hound… and Hell hath no fury like those meant to keep you there… So it is written, so it shall be… Brimstone shall reign supreme… [9]

  • It is not easy taking this path, even though people like to pretend it is. I hate the stigma that wrestling is "fake". [10]

  • I've been in the business for 11 years… I guess time flies when your having fun! [11]

  • There are a few things that have become my pet peeves over time. The politics - lies, deceit, backstabbing, jealousy. I hate the egos in the biz. I don't mean the gimmick egos, but the real egos. I'm talking about the guys whose mouths write checks their asses can't cash. [4]

  • Life as you know it will be... OVA

  • You have a 10 percentile that actually continues with it and makes it through training. [13]

  • I'm the kind of character now who is an unstoppable force in the ring where I'll go in and I'll clean house. [13]

  • I do the same thing that everybody else does, except for ten-15 minutes in a match--I'm Brimstone. It's a wonderful thing. I absolutely love the sport and the business. [13]

  • There's obviously a buzz. Everybody's asking about it.[14]
    • Discussing the events of the WWE star Chris Benoit's alleged murder-suicide

  • But as far as a drop-off [of fans attending events], I haven't seen anything different.[14]
    • Discussing whether or not there has been a slump in professional wrestling since the Benoit scandal.

  • “One thing about the events that I love is that we don’t have to get over with the fans by cursing or doing anything too crazy. There doesn’t have to be any bleeding all over the place, hardcore all over the place, cursing all over the place to get the fans interested. The fans over at PWR are an Old school crowd… they enjoy seeing a good side headlock, or a good elbow drop as opposed to a blade across the top of a head…”[15]


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