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True love means two seeds grow separately until they join in Matrimony forever.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer uses a common Wikiquote TV-show formatting scheme that provides unambiguous attribution of quotes in a dialog format, includes Wikipedia links to character pages, and organizes all quotes in chronological order, grouped by episode. The additional overhead of maintaining such organization can be intimidating for new editors, or even regular wiki editors who are used to one-line quotes, often without attribution.

This format page describes the formatting practices and provides text that allows editors to copy-and-paste format elements into the main article. It also describes how and where to add new quotes, especially if one doesn't know where the quote belongs.

Adding a quote

Putting quotes in order

This quote page is divided into seasons and episodes. To add a quote, first find the relevant episode and copy the formatting of an existing quote as a starting point. If you don't know the episode, place it in the Unknown episode section near the bottom of the page and someone'll put it in the right place.

Second, look up the quote in a transcript (Buffyworld.com or Buffy-vs-angel.com) and find where in the episode it belongs. The order in which quotes appear in an episode is important.

Inserting the quote

Many great quotes from the show are dialogues, which confound usual quote formatting. If the following instructions are too much, use the simplified version:

:Xander: Angel was in your bedroom?!
:Willow: Ours is a forbidden love.

Above all, remember the initial colon (:) and the blank line between different quotes. Someone will pretty it up later. Or you can create

Xander: Angel was in your bedroom?!
Willow: Ours is a forbidden love.
Xander: ...

by typing

:'''[[w:Xander Harris|Xander]]''': Angel was in your bedroom?!
:'''[[w:Willow Rosenberg|Willow]]''': Ours is a forbidden love.
:'''Xander''': ...

It works as follows:

  • The colon (:) indents the quote.
  • The triple apostrophes (''') surrounding the character name make the name bold.
  • The double brackets ([[... ]]) make the character name a Wiki link, so you can click on the character for more information. A list of these links is provided in the next section.
  • The expression "w:Character's FullName|" links to Wikipedia, where most if not all of the Buffy characters have entries. Do it for the first occurrence of each character per episode. Notice the second Xander line above.

Don't add any blank line within a dialogue quote, but do add one between two quotes.

Character list

Here is a set of preformatted character names that, if you paste it into your quotes, will provide full formatting and linking abilities, including disambiguation for common names. They're separated into regular and recurring characters, and sorted by the names they're typically called in the show.

:'''[[w:Angel (vampire)|Angel]]'''
:'''[[w:Anya Jenkins|Anya]]'''
:'''[[w:Buffy Summers|Buffy]]'''
:'''[[w:Cordelia Chase|Cordelia]]'''
:'''[[w:Dawn Summers|Dawn]]'''
:'''[[w:Rupert Giles|Giles]]'''
:'''[[w:Daniel 'Oz' Osborne|Oz]]'''
:'''[[w:Riley Finn|Riley]]'''
:'''[[w:Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Spike]]'''
:'''[[w:Tara Maclay|Tara]]'''
:'''[[w:Willow Rosenberg|Willow]]'''
:'''[[w:Xander Harris|Xander]]'''
:'''[[w:Adam (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Adam]]'''
:'''[[w:Amy Madison|Amy]]'''
:'''[[w:Andrew Wells|Andrew]]'''
:'''[[w:Ben (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Ben]]'''
:'''[[w:Caleb (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Caleb]]'''
:'''[[w:Devon MacLeish|Devon]]'''
:'''[[w:Ethan Rayne|Ethan]]'''
:'''[[w:Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Faith]]'''
:'''[[w:The First Evil|The First]]'''
:'''[[w:Glory (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Glory]]'''
:'''[[w:Harmony Kendall|Harmony]]'''
:'''[[w:Jenny Calendar|Jenny]]'''
:'''[[w:Jenny Calendar|Ms. Calendar]]'''
:'''[[w:Jonathan Levinson|Jonathan]]'''
:'''[[w:Joyce Summers|Joyce]]'''
:'''[[w:Kennedy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Kennedy]]'''
:'''[[w:Larry Blaisdell|Larry]]'''
:'''[[w:Maggie Walsh|Maggie Walsh]]'''
:'''[[w:The Master (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|The Master]]'''
:'''[[w:Richard Wilkins|The Mayor]]'''
:'''[[w:Mr. Trick (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Mr. Trick]]'''
:'''[[w:Principal Flutie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)|Principal Flutie]]'''
:'''[[w:Principal Snyder|Principal Snyder]]'''
:'''[[w:Principal Robin Wood|Principal Wood]]'''
:'''[[w:Quentin Travers|Quentin Travers]]'''
:'''[[w:Warren Mears|Warren]]'''
:'''[[w:Wesley Wyndam-Pryce|Wesley]]'''
:'''[[w:Willy the Snitch|Willy]]'''

Contexts for quotes

Longer dialogues may require explanations, but please make any comment succinct. Italicize it and put braces around it. To insert:

[Willow, sleeping over an open book, bolts upright.]


:''[Willow, sleeping over an open book, bolts upright.]''

Separating dialog segments

In order to make the article clearer without adding too much blank space for one skin, use the following HTML between each pair of dialog sections:

<hr width="50%"/>

The standard Wiki line markup "----" looks exactly like the horizontal lines in Monobook headings. The Monobook skin that is the default for anonymous and registered users makes it difficult to see separations made with the Classic skin and its stylesheet. Other solutions only work for specific skins, too.

Adding accurate quotes

Please verify quotes by watching the episodes whenever possible to confirm them. Otherwise, check highly reliable sources like buffy-vs-angel.com or Buffyworld.com. Try to leave out stage directions.

IMDb is atrociously error-prone. Use it only as a starting point.