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Christopher ("Boomer") James Berman (born May 10, 1955, in Greenwich, Connecticut) is a sportscaster who anchors SportsCenter, Monday Night Countdown, Sunday NFL Countdown, Baseball Tonight and other programming on ESPN.



  • The Chefs
    • Nickname for the Kansas City Chiefs, in reference to the 1981 season in which Berman stated that the Chiefs were not playing in a manner fitting of the name Chiefs. Berman later made a deal with former Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt that if the Chiefs had a winning record the following season, Berman would never refer to them as the Chefs again.
  • "All he does is catch touchdowns!"
  • He could... go... all... the... way!
    • whenever a football player runs a long distance for a touchdown, said in imitation of Howard Cosell
  • He could... go... all... the... w-w-w-w, OH! Just shy at the 1 yard-line!
    • For plays that get close to a touchdown.
  • He could... eat... all... the... dots!
  • He's rumblin', bumblin', stumblin'
    • whenever a larger, heavier football player runs for a touchdown.
  • Nobody Circles the wagons like the buffalo bills!
    • Whenever the bills won
  • Bills Special teams
    • When the bills special teams make a great play

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