Clothing is material used to cover parts of the human body for protection against the environment, for comfort and body modesty, and as personal decoration ("fashion"), often reflecting religious, cultural, and social customs. Clothes are individual articles of clothing (although the term is always used in plural form).


  • Vestis facit virum.
    • English: Clothes make the man.
    • Latin proverb, unidentfied origin
    • Quoted in Halyard, Ned (1849). "The Owners", Sea Songs, Tales, Etc. (in English), page 263, Palmer & Hoby. URL accessed 2008-03-13.


Décolletage is a low neckline on a woman's dress, designed to emphasize but not quite reveal a woman's breasts.

  • When my modiste first tried it on me I asked if she was dressing me for an opera or an operation.
    • Nora Bayes, commenting on the gasps of friends over an extremely décolleté dress
    • Samuels, Charles and Louise (1974). Once upon a Stage: The Merry World of Vaudeville, page 87, Cornwall, NY: Cornwall Press. ISBN 0-396-07030-2.

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