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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006-2007) and its sequel, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (2008), are anime television series created by Sunrise. Both series were directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Ichirō Ōkuchi. Both series have finished their broadcast run in Japan; the first season has finished airing in the United States, with the second immediately following it.

Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
The Day a New Demon was Born The Day a Demon Awakens
The White Knight Awakens Plan For Independent Japan
The False Classmate Imprisoned in Campus
His Name is Zero Counterattack at the Gallows
The Princess and the Witch Knights of the Round
The Stolen Mask Surprise Attack Over the Pacific
Attack Cornelia The Abandoned Mask
The Black Knights One Million Miracles
Refrain A Bride in the Red Forbidden City
Guren Dances When Shen Hu Wins Glory
Battle for Narita Power of Passion
The Messenger from Kyoto Love Attack!
Shirley at Gunpoint The Assassin from the Past
Geass vs. Geass Geass Hunt
Cheering Mao C's World
Nunnally Held Hostage United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One
Knight The Taste of Dirt
I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi The Second Decisive Battle of Tokyo
Island of the Gods Betrayal
War at Kyushu Emperor Dethroned
Declaration at the School Festival The Ragnarök Connection
Bloodstained Euphie Emperor Lelouch
At Least with Sorrow Schneizel's Mask
The Collapsing Stage Sky of Damocles
Zero Re;

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

The Day a New Demon was Born

Kallen Stadtfeld: You fellas know full well what this badass mother can do!

Lloyd Asplund: A-ha!
Bartley Asprius: What are you doing?
Lloyd: Looking at a man who blundered, am I right?
Bartley: Why, you--
Lloyd: You really screwed this one up. Terrorists came along and stole whatever it was that you and Prince Clovis were secretly working on. Retrieving it is simple, but you want to sweep up all their compatriots in addition. Let the terrorists go, and you can find their hideout, too. [turns to his assistant, Cécile Croomy] Congratulations! Your reasoning was spot-on!
Cécile Croomy: It was nothing. I just thought it was strange.

[Lelouch has just been granted Geass by C.C. and is planning to use it on the Britannian royal guards who have him cornered]
Lelouch Lamperouge: Say, how should a Britannian who detests his own country live his life?
Britannian royal guard commander: Are you some kind of radical? Huh?
Lelouch: What's wrong? Why not shoot? Your opponent is just a schoolboy. Or have you finally realized…the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!
[Lelouch uncovers his left eye and activates Geass]
Britannian royal guard commander: What's happening here?!
Lelouch: I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you! Now, all of you…die!
Britannian royal guard commander: [laughs madly as he and his men are overcome by Geass] Happily, Your Highness!
[the royal guards all put their pistols to their necks]
Britannian royal guard commander: Fire!
[the royal guards all shoot themselves; Lelouch gasps in shock that he has indeed made them die]
Lelouch: [thinking] That was the turning point. Since that day, I've lived a lie: The lie of living. My name, too, was a lie. My personal history, a lie. Nothing but lies. I was sick to death of a world that couldn't be changed. But even in my lies, I refused to give up in despair. But now, this incredible power, it's mine. [aloud, as he grins evilly] Well, then…

The White Knight Awakens

[Lelouch is musing on why C.C. granted him Geass when a Sutherland Knightmare Frame piloted by Viletta Nu barges in]
Viletta Nu: [checks her Sutherland's visual sensors, gasps] How could all these royal guards be dead? [activates her Sutherland's loudspeakers and addresses Lelouch] What happened here, boy?! And why is a Britannian student in a place like this?! Are you deaf?! Answer me, or I'll-- [fires her Sutherland's machine gun around Lelouch] Answer me!
Lelouch Lamperouge: I order you to come out, at once! [activates Geass]
Viletta: [is unaffected by Lelouch's Geass] Who the hell do you think you are to order me?!
Lelouch: [deactivates Geass and thinks] I see. It only works with direct eye contact. [aloud, as he turns to face the Sutherland with his hands up] My name is Alan Spacer. My father's a duke.
Viletta: Nobility?
Lelouch: My ID card's in my breast pocket. After you confirm who I am, I'll request your protection.
Viletta: [deactivates her Knightmare and disembarks, pistol in hand and pointed towards Lelouch] Keep your hands up in the air! I'll take out your ID.
Lelouch: [activates Geass] Now then, hand your Knightmare over to me.
[Viletta is overcome by Geass and points her pistol away from Lelouch]
Viletta: Understood. The code number is XG21G2D4.
[Viletta throws her Sutherland's key at Lelouch, who catches it]
Lelouch: Got it. [deactivates Geass and claims Viletta's Sutherland for his own]

Lelouch: [Lelouch has directed Ohgi's resistance fighters, who are armed only with small arms and a single obsolete Knightmare Frame, into successfully hijacking a train, then addresses them over his radio] I present to you the contents of this train: they're tools for your victory. If you want to use them to win, then follow my orders!" [the rebel fighters open the cargo train, and are shocked to see that it contains over a dozen military-grade Sutherland-class Knightmare Frames]

Lloyd Asplund: So, are we having a bad day?! Looks like you missed a chance to go to heaven, Private Kururugi.

[Lelouch has just forced Clovis to order the Britannian forces to cease fighting in the Shinjuku ghetto]
Clovis la Britannia: Are you satisfied?
Lelouch Lamperouge: Very. Well done.
Clovis: And what shall we do now? Sing a few lively ballads, or perhaps a nice game of chess?
Lelouch: That has a familiar ring.
Clovis: Hmm?
Lelouch: [removes his helmet and casts it aside] Don't you recall? The two of us used to play chess together as boys. Of course, I would always win.
Clovis: What?
Lelouch: Remember? At the Aries Villa?
Clovis: You! Who are you?
Lelouch: [walks out of the shadows, revealing his face to Clovis] It's been a long time, big brother. [Clovis gasps] The eldest son of the late consort Marianne and 17th in line to the imperial throne, Lelouch vi Britannia, at your service.
Clovis: Lelouch! B-But I thought--
Lelouch: That I was dead? You were wrong. [sustained pause] I have returned, Your Highness, and I've come back to change everything.

The False Classmate

His Name is Zero

The Princess and the Witch

[Jeremiah Gottwald's Sutherland has been cornerned by Kewell Soresi and three other Loyalist pilots in their own Sutherlands]
Jeremiah Gottwald: Damn! It's four against one! Coward!
Kewell Soresi: Don't worry, Jeremiah. We'll say you died in battle. Your family's name won't be disgraced.
Jeremiah: You're serious, then?! You actually intend to kill me?! Kewell!
Kewell: Silence, Orange! We serve the Imperial Family! Why else would we be here?!
[Kewell and the other Loyalists all charge towards Jeremiah with their lances]
Kewell and the Loyalist pilots: [in unison] ALL…HAIL…BRITANNIA!!!

The Stolen Mask

Emperor Charles di Britannia: All men…are NOT created equal!

Attack Cornelia

Shirley Fenette: I know Kallen said I had it all wrong, but it seemed like she was getting upset in order to fool me.
Suzaku Kururugi: [holding a telephone] Which is why, in this case, it's best to simply ask him directly. On your behalf, I can ask him how he feels about you.
Shirley: What?! You'd really do that?!
Suzaku: Just relax. It'll be fine.
Shirley: [charges towards Suzaku, takes the phone from him, and slams it on the receiver] Are you nuts?! No way!
[meanwhile, Lelouch is in the cockpit of a stolen Sutherland, conducting terrorist operations in the Saitama ghetto]
Lelouch Lamperouge: [looks at his cell phone] Hmm? Oh, whatever.
[back at Ashford Academy, Suzaku and Shirley are fighting over the phone]
Suzaku: Oh, come on, let me handle this for you! I'll be discreet!
Shirley: I don't want your help, okay?!
Suzaku: It's gonna be fine!
[Suzaku and Shirley fumble and drop the phone, and Suzaku falls on top of Shirley; Arthur the cat is also knocked off his perch during the struggle]
Suzaku: Sorry.
[Shirley gasps; Suzaku then grimaces as Arthur bites his hand]
Shirley: Uh-oh. Does that hurt much?
Suzaku: Greatly.

The Black Knights


[Kallen is standing outside the Student Council room]
Kallen Stadtfeld: [yawns] Man, this double life sure is a killer.
Milly Ashford: [muffled] Come on, Suzaku, hold him down!
Lelouch Lamperouge: [muffled] Damn it, Suzaku, cut it out! [Kallen opens the door to the Student Council room] Stop it! I'm not kidding!
Suzaku Kururugi: Sorry, Lelouch, but it's the President's orders.
[Kallen finds Nina wearing a hat and sitting at a computer and Suzaku, Shirley, Milly, and Rivalz all dressed in cat costumes and struggling to apply makeup to a visibly defiant Lelouch, who is tied to a chair and struggling to get out]
Lelouch: Yeah, like you're not enjoying this at all?!
Shirley Fenette: Would you hold still?!
Milly: [notices Kallen's presence and turns to her] Good "meow"-ning.
Kallen: Good…morning, I guess. [Lelouch, Suzaku, Shirley, and Rivalz all look at her] What is all this?
Rivalz Cardemonde: What do you mean? Didn't we tell you? It's our welcome party for Arthur.
Kallen: Sounds like fun.
Milly: [chuckles] Well, classes are postponed. We might as well have some fun, right?
Shirley: We set some stuff aside for you over here. [points towards a rack of cat costumes and several boxes of accessories] To make up for all my getting upset at you before. Take your pick.
Kallen: What? For me?
Lelouch: She doesn't need a costume.
Kallen: What?
Lelouch: [to Kallen] You're already wearing a mask, right?
Kallen: [sarcastically, to Lelouch] You really are a riot, you know that? You ought to be on television.
Rivalz: [to Shirley] What do you think, Ms. TV Star?
Suzaku: Oh, I thought she meant Lelouch.
Shirley: [sighs] Would you quit joking about that?! The whole thing's a huge pain in the butt! We've been hounded with questions day and night! Even in the bath!
Milly: We haven't been able to leave school grounds in a week!
Rivalz: Not that I don't feel for you, but I don't see why we can't leave either!
Milly: Hmm, that's the price of friendship. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: "It matters not that we were born apart. Upon this day, we die as one."
Rivalz: Is that your idea of a love quote?
Milly: If I go down, then we all do.
Rivalz: That's a little dark, right, Suzaku?
Suzaku: I'm glad… [tears start welling up in his eyes] That we could all be together again… You know, like this?
Rivalz: [jumps over Lelouch] Come on! We're supposed to be unwinding here! [takes Suzaku down to the ground with him]
[Lelouch, Shirley, and Milly all laugh]
Shirley: That's what's so refreshing about Suzaku, though.
Milly: Yeah, but once in a while, you just want him to get a clue, you know?
Suzaku: [muffled as Rivalz starts pushing on his cheeks] Sorry about that.
Rivalz: Aw, you love it, puddy tat.
[everyone starts laughing]
Kallen: [thinking] It's so funny to think that I helped save their lives.

Guren Dances

Cornelia li Britannia: You, the Japan Liberation Front. You, who time has left behind. You, who have forgetten basic human decency. You and your dream of a bygone golden age shall fall and rot to nothingness.

[The Black Knights watch as Cornelia's army begins its attack on Narita]
Lelouch Lamperouge: It's begun.
Shinichirō Tamaki: Huh?! What the hell?! You've got to be kidding, Zero! Those troops coming in have this whole area totally surrounded! There's no way out!
Lelouch: We've already been cut off. Our only chance of surviving now is to fight.
Inoue: What? We can't fight the Britannians!
Tamaki: Let me get this straight, we're surrounded, and you want us to fight them head-on?!
Kento Sugiyama: And we'll be fighting against Cornelia! Her forces are far stronger than any we've encountered!
Lelouch: Correct. It would be a miracle if we win this.
Kaname Ohgi: Zero, what are you saying?!
Lelouch: Even messiahs need to perform miracles if they are to be acknowledged. Therefore, we have to produce our own miracle, don't we?
Tamaki: Now look, pulling this off isn't going to be cheap! The price could be our lives! I knew it was insane to make you our leader! It should be me!
[Lelouch points his pistol at Tamaki, then offers it to him]
Lelouch: Our path of retreat has been cut off. If you think you can win without me, then shoot me! Someone, anyone.
[the rest of the Black Knights look on in shock]
Lelouch: Since you've joined the Black Knights, you have only two choices: You may either live with me…or you may perish with me!

[Jeremiah and the Loyalists have been stationed at the rear line of the Britannian forces]
Jeremiah Gottwald: I thought the reserve units were supposed to be assigned to General Darlton!
Viletta Nu: That's right, they were, but our unit has to secure the rear line of Viceroy Cornelia.
Jeremiah: You mean this is the rear line?! You can't get any farther away from the battlefield! How am I going to redeem my reputation out here if I'm not even near the fighting?!

[Lelouch muses on the trap he has just sprung on the Britannian forces assaulting Narita]
Lelouch Lamperouge: [thinking] Heh. It's even more destructive than I had anticipated. We did succeed in isolating Cornelia's unit, but we could have been a bit more accurate. Perhaps I should have consulted a physics teacher…or asked Nina to tutor me in probability.

[Jeremiah and the Loyalists have just received word of the Black Knights' presence in Narita]
Jeremiah Gottwald: Zero! [pilots his Sutherland down a slope to intercept the Black Knights' forces] How dare he show up here! Zero!
Viletta Nu: Lord Jeremiah, you can't just abandon your post!
Jeremiah: This requires drastic measures! If you want glory in life, then follow me!

Jeremiah Gottwald: The enemy's taken out Carius' unit?! If I can finish this before Zero reaches Princess Cornelia, then I'll be golden!
Viletta Nu: [over the radio] Lord Jeremiah!
Jeremiah: Viletta, you came! I knew that you would!
Lelouch Lamperouge: [thinking] Burn the bridges behind you and keep your back to the wall. Classical strategies remain effective ones, don't they?
Jeremiah: Zero! [takes down two of Lelouch's Burai escorts with his Sutherland's machine gun]
Shinichirō Tamaki: Ugh, damn it! [ejects from his Burai along with another Black Knight]
Jeremiah: Is Zero here?! If he is, then face me! Come forward and fight Jeremiah Gottwald!
Lelouch: [over his Burai's loudspeakers] Well, well, it's been a while, Jeremiah. So, you're still in the army? I'd love to stay and catch up, but I'm afraid I don't have time right this minute, Orange Boy.
Jeremiah: [stammers] Orange?! Die!

[Jeremiah's Sutherland is being fried by the Guren Mk-II's Radiant Wave Surger]
Jeremiah Gottwald: What-- What the hell's happening?!
Viletta Nu: [over the radio] Lord Jeremiah, eject!
Jeremiah: I can't run now! Zero's right in front of me! He's standing right here!
[an alarm goes off in the Sutherland's cockpit, notifying Jeremiah that the auto-ejection system has been activated]
Jeremiah: Damn it! The auto-eject! Don't you dare activate! [voice starts to crack] I can still get Zero! I know it! I know I can still get him! Aah!
[Jeremiah blacks out as the Sutherland's cockpit ejects from the body, causing it to explode; the Guren Mk-II strikes a pose as what remains of Jeremiah's Sutherland goes up in flames]
Kallen Stadtfeld: I won't lose! Not with this…Guren Mk-II!
Viletta: They defeated Lord Jeremiah! Who are the Black Knights? Who are they, these warriors?

Battle for Narita

[Kewell Soresi is trying to engage his ejection seat as his Sutherland is being fried by the Guren Mk-II]
Kewell Soresi: Come on, move! I can't lose to Elevens! I am a Britannian!
[Kewell's Sutherland explodes, killing him]

[a gravely wounded Jeremiah limps in front of a Britannian army cargo truck]
Britannian scientist #1: Ugh, another soldier!
Britanian scientist #2: No wonder our battalions fell apart.
Jeremiah Gottwald: I swear I'm not Orange! ZERO!!!
[Jeremiah collapses]

The Messenger from Kyoto

Shirley at Gunpoint

Cécile Croomy: Oh, Lloyd! Care for another lesson in proper social etiquette? You look like you have some time to kill.
Lloyd Asplund: I'll have to take a pass on that.

Geass vs. Geass

[Shirley visits the memorial at Narita]
Shirley Fenette: Lulu, how could you do this?
Mao: Yes, how could he?
[Shirley gasps and turns to face Mao]
Mao: [claps] A very fine memorial. Isn't that right, Miss Shirley Fenette?

Mao: He's a cruel man, isn't he? Lelouch.
Shirley Fenette: How do you know about Lulu?
Mao: Aw, he deceived you. Never told you he's Zero.
Shirley: [gasps and drops her bag] Who are you?! What do you want?!
Mao: The same mouth that ordered your father's death stole a kiss from your tender lips. He's a very bad man, and you like it. [Shirley shudders as he walks towards her] Punishment must be measured out, to him…and to you.
Shirley: To me?
Mao: I know everything. All that happened that night.
[flash back to the previous night, during the Black Knight assault on the Britannian forces at the harbor; Shirley is in shock that Lelouch and Zero have been revealed to be one and the same]
Viletta Nu: Is that Zero?
[Shirley stands aside as Viletta approaches the unconscious Lelouch, kneels next to him, and grabs him by the hair]
Viletta: Well, well, what a shocker. The student is Zero himself. A Britannian? [laughs evilly before letting go of Lelouch's hair] When I bring him to Viceroy Cornelia, she'll make me a noble! Not just a knight of honor, real nobility! And he's still alive, too! What kind of grand execution will they have in store for him. [stands up to face Shirley] Of course, you'll be rewarded too--
[Viletta gasps, as Shirley is now pointing her gun at her]
Viletta: Stupid of me. He's your boyfriend, isn't he?! [charges towards Shirley]
Shirley: Lulu! [guns down Viletta]
[flash forward to the present day]
Mao: So you're a killer, too. Just like Zero.
Shirley: [gasps] No! That's not true! I just--
Mao: And you actually used your father's death for your own gain.
Shirley: [gasps again] No! I just-- I just--
Mao: Cunning little woman. You knew he'd feel sorry for you, didn't you, so you played it for all it was worth.
Shirley: No! You're wrong!
Mao: Did his sympathy make you all tingly?
Shirley: Stop it!
Mao:: Playing the tragic heroine again?
Shirley: No, I'm not doing that!
Mao: A girl who kills and then goes fishing for attention? Only evil witches do that.
Shirley: I didn't-- I never meant--
Mao: [walks even closer to Shirley] You knew there was another girl who liked Lelouch, and you wanted to get him away from her. [Shirley gasps once more] Now you have to pay the price, Shirley.
[Shirley falls to her knees and breaks down in tears]
Mao: Do you want to carry these feelings around for the rest of your life? All by yourself? [starts clapping] Unless you atone and completely free your heart, you and Lelouch will both be lost in your sins, forever.

Cheering Mao

[C.C. has followed Mao's request to meet him at Clovisland]
Mao: [is riding on the carousel] C.C., your mind is so quiet! It's the only one I can't read! You really are the best there is!
C.C.: As childish as ever, I see.
Mao: I'm a prince on a white stallion…and a prince has to rescue the princess! [gets off the carousel and laughs] Does that make you happy, C.C.?
C.C.: Mao, we talked about this before. I told you that you and I--
Mao: Those were all lies! Lies! C.C., you love me, and this is how I know. [takes off his headphones]
Recording of C.C.'s voice: Thank you, Mao. Mao! Mao.
C.C.: Stop it!
[flash back to Mao's younger days as an orphan]
Mao: BE QUIET!!!
C.C.: Don't listen to them. Just listen to the sound of my voice. That's it. Since my mind is the only one you can't read, and you can only be happy when you're with me, I will stay with you always. Yes…I'm right here, so you don't need to worry.
[flash forward to the present day]
Mao: C.C., you're the only one! The only one I want, forever! Lelouch doesn't matter at all! [walks towards C.C.] If you'll just come with me--
C.C.: Stop it! [knocks Mao's headphones away and pulls a gun on him] I should have done this a long, long time ago.

[C.C. falls to her knees after being shot in the arm by Mao]]
Mao: I knew it! I knew you couldn't pull the trigger! That's 'cause you really love me, C.C.! [laughs hysterically and claps]
C.C.: You're wrong! I was just using you right from the start!
Mao: What are you saying?! You shouldn't tell lies like that! You really shouldn't! [shoots C.C.] Lies are very, very wicked! Wicked lies! [shoots C.C. four more times] Don't worry! [shoots C.C. once more] I understand! C.C., you must listen to me! I've built a big, brand-new house in Australia! A very quiet, white, immaculate, special house! But to get to Australia, you'll need to take an airplane, and there isn't very much room. [starts walking away from C.C.] The thing is, C.C., you're a little too big to bring on a plane. [picks up a chainsaw] So that's why… [starts up the chainsaw] …I'm going to make you compact! It'll take no time at all! [saws right through a metal signpost, seemingly as if to prove his point]
C.C.: Is this your revenge? You're punishing me?
Mao: Oh, no. I'm not. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not at all! [turns towards C.C. and walks towards her] I'm showing you my gratitude!
Lelouch Lamperouge: [via prerecorded message played through Clovisland's television system] So this is the place that you picked.
[Mao turns off his chainsaw as he looks at the screen]
Lelouch: A place where there'd be no one else's thoughts to bother you. That narrowed it way down.
Mao: Lelouch.
Lelouch: Since your Geass has a total maximum range of 500 meters, it can't reach me here at Tokyo Tower.
Mao: [laughs and claps] That's true, that's very true! But what can you do from so far away, hmm? After taking all that trouble to hack into the system, what's your grand plan? A remote-control attack with some battery-operated toys? Or a tongue-lashing to lecture me into submission? [no response from Lelouch] Ah, cat got your tongue now. If you want C.C., then you're gonna have to come--
Lelouch: Mao, think! You don't believe "C.C." is her real name, do you? She never even whispers it to anyone.
[a shocked Mao looks at the screen, then at C.C.]
Lelouch: But I know it, though. She told me her true name.
Mao: Is that right, C.C.? You never told me, ever, ever! But you told it to him?!
Lelouch: You know why? Because C.C. is mine. C.C. belongs to me in every possible way.
Mao: No! She doesn't! She doesn't, she doesn't, she doesn't! She was mine long before she met you!
Lelouch: I have gained every single thing from her, including all of the parts that you have never seen. All of them.
Mao: Lelouch! [starts up his chainsaw again] Face me! [charges towards the screen and starts slashing at it] Lelouch! Come here! Come here so I can look into your mind! I'll see the truth! I'll see what a liar you are! Liar!
Lelouch: Mao. You've lost.
Mao: What are you talking about?! [turns off his chainsaw] I don't care! I'm gonna be with C.C.!

Nunnally Held Hostage

[Rivalz interrupts a conversation between Lelouch and Suzaku by charging in on his motorcycle]]
Rivalz Cardemonde: Hey, Lelouch! [gets off his motorcycle]
Lelouch Lamperouge: What's wrong?
Rivalz: I heard the President's doing a blind date thing again!
Lelouch: Yeah, today.
Rivalz: Today?! [grabs Lelouch by the collar] Why didn't you tell me about it?!
Lelouch: Because it'd make you cry.
Rivalz: Boys don't cry!
Suzaku Kururugi: It's okay. I didn't know about it either.
Rivalz: [lets go of Lelouch and turns towards Suzaku] Don't give me your emo routine!
Suzaku: Emo?
Lelouch: I guess compassion is not in fashion these days.

[Mao's plan to blow up Nunnally has been thwarted by Lelouch and Suzaku's combined efforts]
Lelouch Lamperouge: Hmph.
Mao: You think you've beat me, huh?!
Suzaku Kururugi: [grabs Mao] Stop it!
Mao: Get your hands off of me, father-killer!
[Suzaku is paralyzed in shock]
Mao: You killed your father seven years ago. Heh. He called for do-or-die resistance, and you thought stopping him would end the war. What a childish idea. The fact is, you're a murderer!
Suzaku: That's not true! I just-- I--
Mao: How lucky for you that no one ever found out. All the adults lied to protect you.
Lelouch: But all the reports said his suicide was a protest against the military actions.
Mao: A big, fat lie, all of it!
Lelouch: A lie?
Suzaku: I didn't have any choice! If I didn't, Japan would have--
Mao: That's how you justify it in retrospect? Well, it explains your death wish! [Suzaku gasps] You want to save people's lives? It's your own wretched soul you're trying to save! That's why you're always charging into danger, placing yourself on the edge of death!
[Suzaku falls to his knees and wails in anguish]
Mao: You're no hero! You're just trying to wash the blood off your hands! A little brat begging to be punished!
Lelouch: MAO!!! [activates Geass] NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!!!
Mao: What-- No!
[Mao is overcome by Lelouch's command and is reduced to unintelligible babbling; Lelouch charges towards Mao and attempts to punch him, only to miss as Mao starts walking away]
Lelouch: Mao!
[Mao exits the church and catches sight of C.C. standing in the courtyard]
C.C.: I did love you, Mao.
[Mao babbles as he walks towards C.C.]
C.C.: Mao, I want you to go and wait for me…in C's World. [puts a silenced pistol to Mao's neck and fires, killing him]
[Mao's corpse drops to the ground right before the church doors close; Lelouch looks back at a catatonic Suzaku]
Suzaku: I just… I just…


[Tamaki is overseeing maintenance of the Guren Mk-II]
Shinichirō Tamaki: Look, just stuff 'em in and close the lid, for crying out loud! It's almost time to move out!
Rakshata Chawla: Take your time and treat it with the utmost care!
[Tamaki and the maintenance crew turn to look at the newly-arrived Rakshata]
Rakshata: It was far more fragile than any of you when I gave birth to it!
Tamaki: Huh? Who the hell are you?!
Rakshata: I am its mother.

I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi

Island of the Gods

War at Kyushu

Declaration at the School Festival

[Cécile is playing human whack-a-mole with an inflatable mallet at the student festival]
Cécile Croomy: [giggles] School festivals are such fun! I feel so free! [giggles again]
Britannian soldier #1: That one she keeps whacking, doesn't he look like Lloyd?
Britannian soldier #2: No great wonder. Working under that guy must really drive her out of her mind.

Bloodstained Euphie

Emperor Charles di Britannia: [laughs maniacally] Yes, you're worthy of being called my child now!

At Least with Sorrow

Euphemia li Britannia: I, Euphemia li Britannia, bid all of you within the sound of my voice to heed the following command: Seek out any Japanese you can find and please kill them. Leave not a single one of them alive.

[Tamaki attacks a Britannian official in the aftermath of Euphemia's massacre]
Shinichirō Tamaki: Equality?! You can shove that straight up your administrative ass! You lured us into a death trap! You just made the biggest mistake of your lives, you got that?!

[Lelouch has turned over command of the G-1 Base to Diethard and is leaving to pilot the Gawain with C.C. when he runs into Kaguya Sumeragi]
Lelouch Lamperouge: You're Sumeragi's--
Kaguya Sumeragi: Thank goodness I made it in time! That was so mean of you, the way headed off to battle without me! I've been a huge fan of yours ever since your big debut! I was hoping I'd finally get to talk to you. Wow, you're really tall, aren't you?! Don't worry, though! I'll catch up with you pretty soon!
Diethard Reid: Lady Kaguya, I thought the heads of the six houses remained in Fuji.
Kaguya: I followed after you so I could watch my future husband fight.
[Lelouch, C.C., and Diethard are puzzled by Kaguya's statement]
Lelouch: Don't joke around.
Kaguya: Well, once you win this battle, you'll eventually need a wife, won't you? I mean, I know your identity is a big secret and all, but you're gonna need somebody as your public face, right?
Lelouch: Really? You believe we're going to win this battle?
Kaguya: Of course! I am the goddess of victory, after all.
Lelouch: I'd be lucky to have you, then. Unfortunately, I've already made a contract with the devil.
Kaguya: Huh?
Lelouch: I have no room in my life for deities right now.
[Lelouch and C.C. leave for the Gawain as Kaguya looks on]

The Collapsing Stage

Suzaku Kururugi: When I find you, Zero, I'm going to KILL YOU!!!

[Viletta is sneaking through the ruins of the Tokyo Settlement]
Viletta Nu: [thinking] The power to control people and erase their memories. When you think about it, it makes sense and explains everything that's happened till now. And as a result of its aftereffects, I fell in love with a damned Eleven!

[Suzaku has just defeated Kallen in Knightmare Frame combat]
Suzaku Kururugi: Tell me, where is Zero?!
Kallen Stadtfeld: [nonchalant] You know, I really hate pushy guys.
Suzaku: Okay. Then die here.

[Suzaku has just blundered into a trap laid for him by Lelouch, C.C., Sayoko, and Rakshata]
Suzaku Kururugi: Zero! You deceive the people who trust you to the very end! You betrayer!
Lelouch Lamperouge: Hmph. I've no time to argue which of us is the bigger hypocrite. Farewell, Suzaku Kururugi.
Suzaku: Damn you!

[Lelouch and C.C. have arrived at the Britannian Government Bureau, where Cornelia is waiting for them]
Cornelia li Britannia: Welcome, Zero! I figured you would show up here as soon as you heard about the air raid. Now…join us for your welcome soirée. Care for a dance?

[Ohgi is meeting with Viletta in private]
Kaname Ohgi: Chigusa, why did you come to this battlefield? We need to find someplace safe for you. Stay with me for now.
[Viletta backs away from Ohgi when he tries to get close to her]
Ohgi: Look, I'm sorry I hid this from you, but everything I'm doing is for the sake of peace! If Zero succeeds in freeing Japan from Britannia, then we can finally be together!
Viletta Nu: Oh, stop before I puke!
[Viletta grabs Ohgi's pistol from his jacket pocket and presses the barrel to his back]
Viletta: Me together with an Eleven like you? What a horrible thought. [scoffs] My name is Viletta Nu, and I am a knight of honor of Britannia.
[Ohgi turns to face Viletta, then gets shot in the stomach]
Ohgi: [falls to his knees] So I see, Chigusa… You've gotten your memory back… [groans, then falls to the floor]

[two Black Knights searching for Viletta in the Ganymede hangar at Ashford Academy are startled when the Ganymede, rigged with a primitive nuclear bomb, activates]
Nina Einstein: Zero, Princess Euphemia…
[cut to the Britannian Government Bureau, where Cornelia is fighting Lelouch and C.C.]
Cornelia li Britannia: …WILL BE AVENGED!!!
[the Gawain misses an attack on Cornelia's Gloucester, which counters by charging with its lance]
Cornelia: What's wrong, Zero?!
[Cornelia's Gloucester strafes the Gawain with its machine gun as Lelouch desperately types away at the Gawain's controls]
Lelouch Lamperouge: The specs on this thing are far superior to hers!
[the Gawain attempts to take off, only to get snagged by the Gloucester's Slash Harkens; the Gloucester now attempts to latch onto the larger Knightmare]
Cornelia: You're just a weakling! I have you! I have you right where I want you! Your life is now in my hands!
Lelouch: Cornelia!
[Cornelia readies the final blow]
Cornelia: This is your judgment!
[out of nowhere, Cornelia's Gloucester gets impaled by a Knightmare lance]
Andreas Darlton: [via radio] Princess, it's me, Darlton.
Cornelia: [gasps, dumbstruck by Darlton's treachery] Why? Darlton, why?
Darlton: Don't be afraid. I haven't come to kill you, my lady.
Lelouch: Well, he made it.
Darlton: I've come to deliver you to Zero, Your Highness.
[Darlton suddenly relents as the Geass command placed on him wears off and he sees Cornelia's Gloucester plummeting to the ground]
Darlton: What have I done?! Why, Princess?!
[Cornelia's Gloucester smashes on the ground]
Lelouch: Thank you, Darlton.
[Lelouch repays Darlton for his service by firing on his Gloucester with the Gawain's hadron cannons]
Darlton: [as his Gloucester is exploding] PRINCESS!!!


[Lelouch is preparing to take Cornelia prisoner and leave with C.C. when Jeremiah barges in with the Siegfried]
Jeremiah Gottwald: ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!! Mister Zero, can it really be?! What?! Oh, what luck, what fate, what evil fortune!
Lelouch Lamperouge: Is that you, Orange Boy?!
Jeremiah: [stammers] Oh, I beseech you! I'm begging you, please die.

Jeremiah Gottwald: Zero! I…must rid the world of the Empire's enemies! Yes, and so…ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!!

[Lloyd and Cécile are on board the Avalon; Cécile is suiting up for deployment in her own Knightmare Frame]
Cécile Croomy: Why did you try to stop Suzaku?
Lloyd Asplund: I'm a military contractor.
Cécile: You didn't want him killed, did you?
Lloyd: Why should I care? You know as well as I do. The biggest human flaw is that we're so pitifully fragile in our bodies, our hearts, and our relationships with each other.
Cécile: [puts on her earpiece] Nevertheless, you can't bend the world or people any which way you want.
Lloyd: I want every part in my mechanisms to function exactly as I wish. If we lose Kururugi, we'll just have to find another devicer.

[Jeremiah has tracked Lelouch and C.C. to Kamine Island and is engaging them with the Siegfried]
Jeremiah Gottwald: Zero, it is I! Repent is now!
Lelouch Lamperouge: Stubborn ass!

[Jeremiah has hit the Gawain twice and is readying the Siegfried for the finishing blow]
Jeremiah Gottwald: It's time for my wonderful vindication!
[Lelouch fires the Gawain's hadron cannons at the ocean surface, generating a massive plume of water]
Jeremiah: Insidious isolation impudence!

[in Zero's absence, the Britannian forces have managed to rally and push back the Black Knights]
Claudio Darlton: Hold your ground! Victory's within our reach! Be strong!
Nagisa Chiba: Damn it, we can't hold out!
Shougo Asahina: Enemy reinforcements will be here soon!
Kento Sugiyama: What should we do?!
[Sugiyama watches Inoue's Burai get blown up]
Sugiyama: Inoue? Ugh, where the hell is he?! [fires his Burai's machine gun into the air in vain] Zero!
Gilbert G.P. Guilford: All forces, charge! We'll smash these filthy rebels with one blow!
[Tohdoh's custom Gekka attempts to slice through the Britannian offensive]
Kyoshiro Tohdoh: Fight to your last breath! Stop at nothing! Because if they break through here, our forces will collapse completely!
[meanwhile, Diethard's forces have been forced to retreat to Ashford Academy]
Diethard Reid: [thinking] It's not that Tohdoh isn't a brilliant military leader. He simply lacks the incredible charisma that Zero possesses. We need him! He can't run out on us, not now!
[Kaguya has been left to look after the G-1 on the outskirts of the Tokyo Settlement]
Kaguya Sumeragi: [thinking] Oh, Zero, have you really abandoned us? Have you abandoned Japan?!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

The Day a Demon Awakens

Kousetsu Urabe: We're the only ones left now. This is all that remains of the Black Knights, who, along with Zero, once struck terror in the heart of Britannia. Still, it's too soon to give into despair. If Operation Flying Swallow Four is successful, then…
Black Knights: Yes.
Urabe: Forgive me. Here's to you.
[Urabe and the other Black Knights drink from saucers of sake]
Urabe: [raises his saucer into the air] To victory! Long live Japan! [drops his saucer to the floor]
Black Knights: [drop their saucers to the floor] Long live Japan!

[Shinichirō Tamaki, Nagisa Chiba, Kaname Ohgi, and Kyoshiro Tohdoh have been imprisoned for their involvement with the Black Knights; Tamaki has just been assaulted by two Britannian prison guards]
Shinichirō Tamaki: [growls as he gets back up] If Zero was here, you wouldn't be acting so tough!
Nagisa Chiba: Do me a favor! Don't say that traitor's name again!
Tamaki: Hey, Zero didn't betray us!
Britannian prison guard: Shut up, you stinking Eleven! [hits Tamaki with the butt of his rifle]
Kaname Ohgi: There has to be a reason for what he did.
Chiba: What reason?! Why'd the commander vanish during the final decisive battle like that?!
Kyoshiro Tohdoh: Stop it! It serves no purpose. Zero's dead, after all.
Ohgi: [gasps] He's dead?

[Li Xingke, part of the Chinese Federation diplomatic party to Area 11, is accosted by two Britannian security guards]
Britannian security guard #1: May we have what you're carrying, sir?
Britannian security guard #2: Our security is perfect. You don't need to carry that antique weapon here.
[Xingke unsheathes his sword, slashes at the two guards, and sheathes back his sword in one stroke; the guards are unharmed, but their severed belts then drop to the ground]
Gao Hai: Xingke! That was rude of you!
Li Xingke: Please forgive me. But I hoped it would offer you and the other Britannians a better understanding of the Chinese Federation.

[Lelouch has regained use of his Geass and is confronting the black-ops forces sent to kill him and C.C.]
Lelouch Lamperouge: Before you dispose of me, I'd like you to answer a question.
[both Lelouch and C.C. stand to face the black-ops soldiers]
Britannian black-ops soldier #1: That girl's still alive!
Britannian black-ops soldier #2: Impossible! She was shot through the heart!
Lelouch Lamperouge: [starts walking towards the Britannian black-ops soldiers] If being powerless is so terribly wrong, then does having power make you right? Do you find vengeance evil? What's your value of friendship? Is it justice?
Britannian intelligence officer: There's no justice or evil. The only truth that's left for you, bait, is the simple reality of death.
Lelouch: I see. Then that reality is all that remains for you as well. I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you! All of you…die!
Britannian intelligence officer: It-- It can't be!
[the entire Britannian black-ops force is overcome by Lelouch's Geass]
Britannian black-ops soldiers: [in unison] Yes, Your Highness!
[the black-ops soldiers all point their rifles and pistols at each other, while the intelligence officer puts his pistol to his neck as he laughs madly; Lelouch looks on as the soldiers all commit suicide]
Lelouch: [thinking] Ever since that day, my heart simply couldn't accept it. This fake life I was never able to fit into, all the time that was lost, these false memories planted in me, giving me a life as one of the herd, and yet…the truth continues to guide me toward itself. That's right! It wasn't me who was wrong! It was the world!
[the Guren Mk-II and Urabe's Gekka smash through the room and land before Lelouch, facing him]
Lelouch: [aloud] The world has to change, so I will change it.
Kousetsu Urabe: [via his Gekka's loudspeakers] We've been waiting for you, Master Zero. Please, give us your orders.
Lelouch: Very well! Because, after all, I am Zero, the one who will crush the world…and the one who will recreate the world anew!

Plan For Independent Japan

[a lone Sutherland encounters Lelouch at the massacre site of the Britannian black-ops soldiers]
Britannian pilot: What are you doing there? That's a student uniform, isn't it?
Lelouch Lamperouge: Oh! You're a soldier! Thank goodness! We need to help this man at once!
[the Sutherland pilot sees Lelouch kneeling next to the dead Britannian intelligence officer]
Britannian pilot: Office of Secret Intelligence? What are the Emperor's personal agents doing here?
[the Sutherland pilot deactivates his Knightmare and disembarks]
Lelouch: [thinking] Good. These reports are accurate. Carares' forces don't know about me, so I can use the data in this journal.
Britannian pilot: There's only one survivor?
Lelouch: [aloud] Yes. Just you.
Britannian pilot: What?
Lelouch: [gets up] That's right. [uncovers his left eye, revealing his permanently active Geass] Now, give me your Knightmare.
Britannian pilot: [is overcome by Geass] I understand. The ID code is QR5YK1D6. [gives his key to Lelouch]
Lelouch: [takes the key] Thank you.
[C.C. emerges from her hiding spot behind a nonfunctional Sutherland]
C.C.: Even though you need direct eye contact, are those theatrics necessary?
Lelouch: I don't need comments from an immortal witch.

[Kallen, in the Guren Mk-II, ambushes a Britannian Sutherland]
Kallen Stadtfeld: Let me see you burst, Britannian!

[Emperor Charles has introduced Suzaku to the Sword of Akasha]
Suzaku Kururugi: This place… Is it a shrine?
Emperor Charles di Britannia: No, it's not. This is… This is a weapon for destroying God.

[Kallen has just appeared before Lelouch and is pointing a gun at him]
Lelouch Lamperouge: You who abandoned Zero at Kamine Island, what do you want to tell me?
Kallen Stadtfeld: Lelouch. You were deceiving me right from the very beginning.
Lelouch: About Zero being your classmate, or about my Geass power? Which one has offended you?
Kallen: Both of them. Tell me this: Did you use your Geass on me like you did the others? Did you twist my mind and my heart and make me follow you? [Lelouch laughs derisively] Lelouch!
Lelouch: Your mind and your heart are yours alone, as was your loyalty and admiration for Zero.
[Lelouch starts walking towards Kallen]
Kallen: Don't move!
Lelouch: [continues approaching Kallen] Kallen, you should be proud of what you did. You decided. You made the choice. You chose… [takes Kallen's gun away from her] …Zero. [Kallen backs away from Lelouch] You don't believe me?
Kallen: [hesitating] I wanted to believe, so much that I'd become a slave.
Lelouch: I see.
Kallen: But… [regains her composure] …The one I believe in is Zero! Just him! It's not you, Lelouch!
Lelouch: Well, fine with me. [notes Kallen's Playboy Bunny attire and the Knightmare Frame key stuck in her cleavage] By the way, are you ever going to change out of those clothes?
[Kallen, taken by surprise, turns away from Lelouch and tries to cover her breasts]
Kallen: Don't look at me, you pervert!
Lelouch: [playfully] Oh, is that the way you talk to Zero now?
Kallen: [indignant] I'm saying it to you, Lelouch!

[the Knights of the Round are watching Zero's broadcast]
Gino Weinberg: Come on, Zero's dead, isn't he?
Suzaku Kururugi: Yes.
Gino: So, this guy's a fake. And whoever he is, if we just go over there and storm the consulate…
Suzaku: Then we'd be breaking our treaty with them, risking an international incident.
Gino: He's saying that he's Zero, and Zero killed our royals. That gives this equal status with the E.U. war.
Anya Alstreim: It's a slippery slope either way.

[Zero has just declared that the room of the Chinese Federation he's in will be the first dominion of the reformed United States of Japan]
Rakshata Chawla: [laughs hysterically] A nation consisting of just one room! That man's as amusing as ever.

[Xingke is greeted by the Vincent at the entrance of the Chinese Federation consulate]
Li Xingke: If you are Britannian, you have already been asked to leave. Or, are you one of Zero's followers?
[Rolo, the pilot of the Vincent, emerges from its cockpit]
Rolo Lamperouge: I'm not sure. Which am I?
Xingke: I'm not terribly fond of riddles.
Rolo: Yes. I'm exactly the same way myself. What I want to know is the truth. That's why I came here to kill Zero.

Imprisoned in Campus

Counterattack at the Gallows

Knights of the Round

Surprise Attack Over the Pacific

The Abandoned Mask

One Million Miracles

A Bride in the Red Forbidden City

When Shen Hu Wins Glory

Power of Passion

Love Attack!

The Assassin from the Past

Geass Hunt

C's World

United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One

The Taste of Dirt

The Second Decisive Battle of Tokyo


Emperor Dethroned

The Ragnarök Connection

Emperor Lelouch

Schneizel's Mask

Sky of Damocles



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