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Dan Owsen was an employee of Nintendo of America who is probably most for his prolific work in the translation and localization of many of Nintendo video games, including playing a large role in the translation of The Legend of Zelda series. He is also remembered for his "Ask Dan" column that used to appear on Nintendo's official website.


Ask Dan

  • Question: I'm asking If Nintendo is discussing another Zelda game for the N64.
    Answer: No. Nintendo should not make another Zelda game for N64. Not unless they get someone else to write the screen text! But what you really want to know is, WILL Nintendo make another Zelda game for N64. Sure. Why not? It would sell a lot of copies, and Nintendo’s purpose, like most businesses, is to make gobs of money. You can’t argue with that kind of logic, and I dare you to try!
  • Question: Is Nintendo making a Metroid 64 game?
    Answer: Nope. At the last CGDC, I think Mr. Miyamoto told some of the more annoying members of the gaming press that someone at Nintendo Japan was working on a new Metroid game so they would quit pestering him with this question. Wait, would it make a lot of money? Well then, I guess we might be.
  • Question: Does Nintendo plan on making an N64 or Game Boy Color about Dragon Ball Z? I must know! Y'see, DBZ is the best anime on earth, and would make a kick butt game.
    Answer: If I get one more letter about Dragon Ball Z, I think I’m going to puke!
  • Question: Will they be coming out with Neon Genesis Evangelion For America?
    Answer: I hope so, that is a cool cartoon. Wait, is that an anime?

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