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Dougie Lee Poynter (born 30 November, 1987) is bass player and backing vocalist for the British pop band McFly.


"If I met Frankie from S Club 8 I'd soil myself."
"Girls are the most important things on the planet. Men may bring in the money but women give birth."
"Britney's there cos she's hot"
"I never chat girls up - I wait for them to come to me."
"If she slags off Blink 182 at all, I don't wanna know!"
"I made a girl a spaghetti bolognese once - it was rank!"
"I've never made a girl cry, except me little sister, ha-ha!"
(Tom: I'd like them to wear nothing at all.) "YEEEAH!"
"She has nice, erm, you know!"
"I kept a hankie once that belonged to a very hot girl who had a cold. I licked the hankie to try and catch her germs."
"The band's too important for anyone to give it up for a girl!"
"A girl shouldn't have her big pants showing"
"I like the clothes you're wearing."
(On snogs with girls) "None, Ever. I snog guys!"
"I just don't understand the way girls think. but then, neither does any bloke, I reckon."
"I want a girl with brown hair, large brown eyes, preferably some boobs and not too tall, 'cos I'm only small."
"If we had girlfriends, they'd be very unhappy."
"A good kisser would be wicked."
"I need a girl who'd keep me grounded and not let me do everything I want, otherwise I'd just be ridiculous."
"Cos I don't see my mum often, I'd like a motherly girlfriend. A motherly bosom would be cool!"
"Size isn't important - it could be anyone!"


"I'll probably end up alone. I can't see it ever happening at all."
"I think I will marry someone with big brown eyes,brown hair,sort of average boobs, fun and loud"
"I am actually a romantic person, in spite the apperance. If I was ever to marry, the girl had to be the love of my life"


"Most of them are old enough to be my mum anyway."
"I could probably marry a fan."
"We have some cute fans and some of them are about my age. That's one of the coolest things about being the youngest."
"This woman came up to us and asked us for our autograph because she thought we were Busted!"


"When I was 12 I played a gig in just my boxer shorts."
"I was a loser at school."
"I once survived an earthquake - that was pretty wild!"
"I didn't do my homework, so I said I was at a funeral. I made up the person who was supposed to have died!"
"I sucked at triple jump cos it was too much to think about!"
"It was like I had crapped up all my insides."
"My best friend Will is pretty wild. He's always doing random stuff... And he fancies my mum! I don't mind though. I think it's funny."


  • "I had a dog named Maggie, she mighta had dodgy legs, I dunno."
  • Well, I find it quite hard to act. Because I can't act.
    • on the set of Just My Luck

"I'm not a lotions-and-potions man."
"I wouldn't fight Brad Pitt after seeing Troy..."
"Do I look like someone who'd be into flowers?"
"I'm not very laddy, but I like a laugh."
"On a sexiness scale, I'd give myself two. You have to rate yourself low, man."
"The older and fatter I get, the worse it'll get"
"I'm not very witty under pressure so there's no point in showing myself up."
"I dreamt I was running across a field naked with Abs. He wasn't naked, but I was! We were throwing flowers in the air together. Lovely..."
"Nooo! I would never eat nits."
"If I was canoeing in white water, my arms would probably snap! And I'd cry if I lost my paddle!"
"But if the canoe sprung a leak there's only one thing to do - I'd go down with my ship!"
"I'm going to cut my nails, they smell!"
"I've got pink hair in one of these pics - nice!"
"I'm going to start collecting trolls"
"I'd be Cathead."
"I love watermelon, man!"
"My hair is getting quite out of control. It looks like a bowl when it goes bouffy."
"I want to be reincarnated as a bra!"
"I play the bass and the throat and the lungs."
"I've got a rude magazine stash. Erm...doesn't everyone?"
"Once, when everybody was out, I walked around the whole house naked."
"I wanted to nick one of Pat Butcher's earrings, but she looks too scary so I ran away."
"I'm the best at making home movies *winks*"
"My body isn't weird, it's 100% natural sex appeal"
"In the past 12 months, I have hit puberty, travelled the world, I'm an absolutely amazing person and in the next 12 weeks I shall be king."


(on their dream video shoot) Tom:" Shot on some really nice location, it was really hot and sunny, on a beach." Dougie: " Naked women." Danny: "Where we all go to space." Dougie: "Naked Goats." Danny: "Where we all play a gig on the moon."... Tom: "Yeah, and we never get to do those ones, we get to go to the back of a warehouse in North London."

"I was on Tom's balcony smooching around and..." "Mooching - I wasn't snogging Tom!"
"Harry's harsh; he's a hater! To punish me he's steal more socks!"
"Me and Tom just giggle at everything."
(On Danny) "He broke my heart, ha-ha!"
"Yeah, Danny's got a pretty defined six-pack, but a pretty freak shaped body. It's like he's meant to be fat, but he's not!"
"We're always showing our pants."
"Beaten by Harry! The shame!"
"Me and Tom do talk about girls. I can talk slush with him."
"Tom's always singing in the shower. He spends hours in there."
"The guys took off my jeans while I was sleeping and took a picture of my willy!"
"When Danny pulls his trousers right up, his arse sticks out!"
"Little wrappers people leave in my room! Harry leaves them everywhere. I clean up after him - and that's not on!"
"Harry tries to be healthy."
"Tom would be Flump cos it's not offensive, like calling him fat."
"Danny? Danny? (Danny: Yeh?) Open the dooooor!"
"Every girl Danny has dated, we've been like, 'Dude, seriously!' Having said that, there are a few that we did like - we're not that bad!"
"We have a swearing problem."
"I'm pretty sure Harry steals my socks and boxers. He doesn't wash them after either."
(On Danny) "Yeh, he's sometimes a but stupid."
"There's a secret world that exists behind Danny's wardrobe. It's true! We go there to feed the beasts who live in it - they're half-men, half-goats."
"Mr Harry Judd, what a character. Pretty sure he's gay."


"I always need a wee while I'm on stage. I just hold it in cuz it keeps me dancing!"
"I can't believe we actually got Girls Aloud to dance to one of our songs!"


"I can't wait for Japan. After all, any country that worships a giant lizard must be cool mustn't it?"
& (On basic toilets) "They're very confusing - basically just holes in the ground where you crouch down. Euw!"
"I've got this wicked book that tells you how to date girls in Japan."


"We all saw some really life changing things and felt very humble."


"A whole week without cameras, autographs and tour managers yanking us out of bed at 4am."

His Lizard - Zukie

"When I earn my first million, I'd like to buy a private island for him. I'll call it 'Lizardtopia'."

I'll Be OK video

"Personally, in the video, I just run around like an idiot, like I always do."
"Who's the best boy?"
"I'm the best at making home videos *winks*"

Random Sayings

"69 Dude!"
"Gardening's always good."
(On V) "Maybe we'll get them back one day by flooding their apartment or something!"
"Blow out!"
"I say dude, why are you puffing those sticks?"
"Poo Head?!"
"A toilet exploded!!!"

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