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One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love.
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Drop Dead Fred is the 1991 movie about a young woman whose life is rocked when her husband leaves her, and is made worse when the imaginary friend from her childhood comes back.

Directed by Ate de Jong. Written by Elizabeth Livingstone.

Drop Dead Fred

  • Fred: Hello snotface!! Yuk! What happened to you? Look at you, you're all older, you're even uglier. Euck! I'm sorry, I'm going to have to be sick all over you immediately, lie down.
  • Fred: (looking up Mother's skirt) Look, cobwebs!


  • Young Elizabeth: Did they live happily ever after?
  • Mother: Of course, Elizabeth.
  • Young Elizabeth: How do you know?
  • Mother: Because, she was a good little girl. If she had been naughty the prince would have run away.
  • Young Elizabeth:What a pile of shit.

  • Elizabeth: Annabella, is that her name? Oh god, i didn't know that. All I know is what you did with her, on our sofa.
  • Charles: Oh Lizzie, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I've been smitten by Annabella, I've been bewitched by her. I have been pounded flat on the anvil of love like a piece of veal with a salad on top.

  • Elizabeth: Charles, this is really important to me.
  • Charles: Lizzie, lizzie, let's not go through all this goodbye, I never want to see you again stuff, because we will wanna see each other again. I mean two years, we're not going to throw away two years are we?
  • Elizabeth: It was three years, in June.

  • Elizabeth: I'm so sorry your honour, I lost my money, my car, my husband.
  • Judge: All in one lunch hour.

  • Mickey: We were all a little afraid of your mother.
  • Elizabeth: Not Fred, he always stood up for me.
  • Mickey: Well that's what friends are for, even imaginary ones.

  • Janie: I did this self actualising course this week and basically they taught us that pain is your friend, it's your humanity, pain makes you interesting.
  • Elizabeth: Janie..
  • Janie: Look at Elvis.
  • Elizabeth: Yeah, but didn't Elvis kill himself?
  • Janie: Yes, but before that he was very, very interesting.

  • Fred: Expecting Charles. Well that's important. I'd beter go then. There's just one little problem, Charles isn't coming.
  • Elizabeth: what do you mean?
  • Fred: I wrote the note. Hahahahaha, haven't got a husband, haven't got a husband!

  • Elizabeth: I have some bad news for you.
  • Janie: More?
  • Elizabeth: Well, remember your house?
  • Janie: Yeah.
  • Elizabeth: It, it sank.

  • Elizabeth: I heard you, you said Annabella.
  • Charles: If I said 'Oh, Annabella' isn't it better that I said 'Oh Annabella' and was here with you, than to say 'Oh, Lizzie' and be somewhere else with Annabella.


  • Dishes. Relationships. Wind. This guy breaks everything.


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