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Gavin & Stacey, Anglo-Welsh sitcom (2007, 2008) by the BBC.

Series 1, Episode 2

Stacey: I need your advice, I do.
Nessa: Go for it.
Stacey: Should I tell Gav about the other engagements? Or should I just leave it? Thing is, things are going so lush and if I tell him I might just wreck everything. And it's not that big a deal is it?
Nessa: That depends. This reminds me of a very similar situation I was in with my second husband, Clive. I was faced with a dilemma, whether to lie, or not to lie. And I chose to tell the truth.
Stacey: And what happened?
Nessa: He died. Firing squad. Terrible way to go Stace and I wouldn't like to see it happen to you. Smugglers we were. If it weren't for my relationship with John Prescott I'd still be in that jail right now. So yeah, in answer to your question, I'd say no, don't tell him.

Series 1, Episode 5

Nessa: Ow, Stace. Don't get me wrong, but to be honest, at the end of the day, when all said and done...d'you know what I mean?
Everyone: Yeah
Nessa: Simple as

Series 2, Episode 3

Pam: Have you had your breakfast then?
Stacey: Well, sort of. I had a brunch I did. Oh I got up so late cos i set the alarm for ten but I didn't get up till gone eleven and I thought well I'm too early for lunch and I'm too late for breakfast, so I just had a banana. But if anything that made me more hungry. So I ended up having a sandwich, some cereal and a yogurt, which is brunch innit? So I rang my mum and I said I've just had my first ever brunch.
Pam: I'm not being funny Stacey, but you wanna get a life. What you said just now was really boring.

Nessa (seeing boys playing on slot machines): Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! What does that sign say? (points to Welsh-only sign) Peidiwch â chyffwrdd a'r peiriannau; now sling your hooks or I'll break your face.

Smithy: I've been thinking about ending it all to be honest, suicide...bigtime. How many Nurofen would I need to finish me off?
Gavin: You? You'd need hundreds.
Smithy: Can't afford that can I? Not if I'm gonna have an holiday this year.

Doris (to Gavin): Hey stop it you, you're a married man now! Although (quieter and deadly serious), if you are interested in that sort of thing, you know, I'm very open minded and discreet, OK?