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High School Musical 2 is a 2007 Disney Channel film; it is the sequel to High School Musical. High School Musical 2 was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the coastal border, though it was sceduled to film in Orlando, Florida.

Sharpay Evans

  • My life is over. I've been a good girl... I've never lied... Except when necessary. I've always bought my parents expensive gifts... using their credit cards, of course!
  • You're a good guy, Troy. And actually, right now, I think I like you better than I like myself. Did I just say that?


Ms. Darbus: You must remember, young thespians, learning is never seasonal, so do allow the shimmering lights of summer to refresh and illuminate your fertile young minds!
Chad Danforth: [Whispers] What is she talking about?
Ms. Darbus: The future greets you with its magic mirror, reflecting each golden moment, each emboldened choice.
Troy Bolton: Dude! Ms. Darbus has snapped her cap!
Chad Danforth: Dude, you're actually listening?

Martha Cox: Hey Kelsi, what are you planning on doing this summer?
Kelsi: Grow... write music... grow.

Sharpay Evans: At our country club, our rehearsal pianist is evidently moving.
Kelsi Nielson: [whispering] Or hiding!
Sharpay Evans: Pardon?
Kelsi Nielson: Sounds great.

Sharpay Evans: I want them out!
Mr.Fulton: But your mother specifically said —
Sharpay Evans: Oh, don't you mention that backstabbing yoginni to me! If you can't fire them, make them want to quit!

Troy: Hey, I'm still me.
Gabriella: Blowing off your friends? Missing dates? If that's you, it's good to know!
Troy: No, no, no, no, no. I was only doing that because I'm working on the scholarship thing. You know that.
Gabriella: [sighs] But if along the way you act like someone you're not, pretty soon that's who you become.
Troy: I meant what I said about movies, and summer, and just being together!
Gabriella: I'm sure you did, at the time. But I also meant what I said, that I want to remember this summer. But not like this, Troy.

[After discovering that his friends were not allowed to perform in the show, Troy confronts Sharpay.]
Sharpay: [screams] What do you mean you're not doing the show?
Troy: Exactly that.
Sharpay: We're singing a duet, Troy! A duet means two people! Well, mostly me in this case, but whatever! DUET!

Troy: How's your show going?
Sharpay: How's it going? My show makes the captain of the Titanic look like he won the lottery.

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