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John Bruce "Jack" Thompson is an American attorney often cited in the media for his extreme views on the effects of obscenity and violence in popular media.

A native of Florida, he is a 1976 JD graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Law and has been practicing as a medical malpractice attorney in Florida since 1977, and was disbarred by the Florida Bar Association on September 25, 2008.


  • "Sims 2, the latest version of the Sims video game franchise...contains, according to video game news sites, full frontal nudity, including nipples, penis, labia, and hair." [1]
  • "Honestly, are all of you gamers on drugs, or what!" - Thompson to Scott Ramsoomair [2][3]
  • " 'EGM: You once compared Doug Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association, to Saddam Hussein.
    JT: If I did, I want to apologize to Saddam Hussein. Doug is a propagandist to whom the facts don't matter.' " [4]
  • "Are you, crazy? ... People are threatening to kill me. Either report what I have said, having been provided the emails, or stop bothering me." - Thompson to GameSpot.[5]
  • "You know, there are sociopaths everywhere. Some of them are in government, some of them are at TakeTwo. In fact, we got a bunch of sociopaths in Edinburgh, Scotland, sittin' around in kilts sippin' their single malt whiskey spreading racial, hurtful stereotypes in this country." [6]
  • "The Bible doesn't promote killing innocent people, Grand Theft Auto does. Islam does. Islam promotes the killing of innocent people. The Quran requires the infidel, whether Jew or Christian, to be killed. ... That's a core essence of the religion. ... Muhammad was a pirate who killed infidels and who advocated the killing of infidels. Not a nice guy. Osama bin Laden is in keeping with his fine tradition." -Sun-Sentinel [7]
  • "The 'video game community' surely seems exercised about someone who is a 'joke' and who is accomplishing nothing. You all seem rather bothered and worried about a nonentity. God is in this battle, and I am privileged to be a foot soldier. You all should be concerned, not about me, but about Him." [8]
  • "You just watch. There is going to be a Columbine-times-10 incident, and everyone will finally get it. Either that, or some video gamer is going to go Columbine at some video game exec's expense or at E3, and then the industry will begin to realize that there is no place to hide, that it has trained a nation of Manchurian Children." [9]
  • "...Or else" [10]
  • "Any letter from a video gamer like you would deepen his concern. Are you actually so confused that you think gamers have any influence on anyone? Gamers are considered by normal people to be cretins. Get used to it." [11]
  • "Video gaming is an escapist activity and you’re being exploited by these companies. It’s not healthy; I worry about someone who would play Grand Theft Auto for ten hours a day. It’s a masturbatory activity, and it would be better if people put down the controller and went outside." [12]
  • "I am a one-man violent video game wrecking crew" [13]
  • "If Dennis McCauley had the testicular fortitude to post my entire letter..." [14]
  • "I gave all this to Dennis McCauley, but apparently he was too busy freelancing a boil to report it." [15]
  • "California Civil Code Section 3495 enables and authorizes each and every law enforcement officer to walk into any video game store, without a court order, to seize and destroy each and every copy of 25 to Life." [16]
  • "One big difference between [Take Two Interactive CEO] Mr. Eibeler and me is that I'm not going to jail." ,[17]
  • "Funny how adults who are not on dope and/or immersed in games keep turning to my message, and to me, for help. It drives you little bats crazy." [18]
  • "At least I'm not a a coward like all of you nerds here, who hide behind anonymous avatars. How sad." [19]
  • "Oh, and certain regional governments in Japan have banned the sale of the Grand Theft Auto games to minors, but Japan's Sony has no problem whatsoever dumping this garbage into American kids' brains. Looks like Pearl Harbor 2 by Sony/Take-Two..." [20]
  • "What the Japanese are doing to our kids is insensitive and racist. The Japanese have for a very long time dumped pornography into this country in a fashion they would not tolerate in their own country. It is another version of Pearl Harbor." [21]
  • "GTA is a Sony/Take-Two game. It was made by Take-Two exclusively for Sony's Playstation 2. Sony has led the planet in the distribution of mainstream porn. I don't have time to document it for you. As for the offensiveness of the Pearl Harbor comment, it's accurate and it's needed. The Japanese have a contempt for our culture which is patent. There [sic] dumping of garbage into our culture is a slow motion version of Pearl Harbor." [22]
  • "I love the smell of burning gamers in the morning." [23]
  • "That's not the debate junior. That's a retail stat. You don't know the difference, huh? Gosh, I forgot. You're a gamer. You can't think for yourself. Sony and Microsoft and Take-Two have to do your cerebral stimulation for you." [24]
  • "As to the First Amendment, what the video game industry knows about that could be placed into a thimble with room left over for Doug Lowenstein's ego." [25]
  • "Do you need an IQ below room temp to be a gamer and post here?" [26]
  • "Jack Thompson keeps racking up wins and you gamers just can't handle the truth. What's the truth? It is this: Adults with common sense and common decency who respect law enforcement are still running this country. Video gamers are not, and never will..." [27]
  • "Sonny, if you have been to an evangelical church lately, then you know there is nothing 'organized' about this religion. Hooah!" [28]
  • "With enemies like you Pixelantes and like Game Daily Biz, why, I don't need any friends. You honor me with your hatred. I serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and you hate me because the world first hated Him. I follow the Creator of the Universe." [29]
  • "You all need to put down the controllers, get a life, and join the Force, thereby leaving the Dark Side behind. Hooah! Praise be to the Lord, Jesus Christ, the author of all things, even of The Florida Freaking Bar." [30]
  • ""Get behind me Satan" Thats you, junior" Thompson to Tim Kowalenko [31]
  • "Postal 2 is a game that targets people because of their minority status. Why am I not surprised that all you white bread crackers here at GamePolitics don't have a problem with that?" [32]
  • "Right, got it hun. I'll pray you have no more children" (said to gamer parent)
  • "Why don't you go buy a suicide game, practice that, and get real good at it."(said to prank caller)[33]
  • "We don’t need to play the game; it’s irrelevant to the subject." [329] (in response to an interviewer's question about the fairness of protesting a game that has not yet been released)
  • "PWNED Is Not a Word... as it is in serious need of a vowel movement. Somebody get Vanna White on the phone to buy one. Having said that, this entire site has been "pwned" by Jack Thompson today, and you pixelantes don't even know it." [34]
  • "Finally, kids, really, get a life. Put down the controllers, pop a beverage, watch the Super Bowl, and enjoy what is left of the land of the increasingly un-free and the totally depraved. Hooah! Jack Thompson"[35]
  • "These flowers were sent to harass me." [36]
  • "Listen up, Joystiq Jackasses!"[37]
  • "Ah, video gamer/pixelantes are the domestic version of radical Islamists as you continually threaten with violence those who simply disagree with you. How terribly revealing." [38]
  • "You've been pwned."[39]
  • "Video game technology is neutral as well. It is the most powerful teaching tool ever created. It can teach life or it can teach death."[40]
  • "The word is spelled "mischievous." Put down the controller and buy a dictionary."[41]
  • "Is that the best you can do, punk?"[42]
  • "You all are the new book burners. Heil PS2! Heil Halo! Heil GTA!"[43]
  • "Jack Thompson Is In Bed with Prostitutes!"[44]
  • "You obviously have tertiary syphillis, resulting in dementia, from your meanderings. How sad. How predictable."[45]
  • "I would hold you, but I'm sitting at a computer miles and miles away. Sigh."[46]
  • "Nobody gets to designate the charity except Paul Eibeler. Can you read? Are you on drugs? Have the games fried your frontal lobes so thoroughly that even a "Dead Kenny" has more grey matter than you? Jack Thompson"[47]
  • "funny how corporations, according to your stupid generation...never do anything wrong. that nonsense is what led to viet nam, junior. hooah!" [48]
  • "God is very powerful, and He's not real pleased with Rockstar right now, nor with those who defend it. Watch out. Fire and brimstone on the way."[49]
  • "You do know that anyone can correct it, right, or are your frontal lobes completely fried by Doom?" (Regarding his vandalism of Wikipedia)[50]
  • "By the way, people who believe in the First Amendment don't ban people from Internet forums. Got that?"[51]
  • Call This Jack Thompson "Fan" Before He's Arrested
(Insert phone number here)[52]
  • Dear GP Morons (Which Is a Redundancy)
The Secret Service has been provided the link to the game, so the agent, and the Secret Service can make a decision with all the information. Your own Dennis McCauley said it might violate the law, and in fact it does. Your position is that the Secret Service shouldn't even know about this. What a stupid, idiotic position that is.
I worked with the Secret Service on another matter about four months ago regarding a video gamer, and they successfully shut him down, along with what he was doing illegally.
But you all wouldn't know, and you don't care.
Welcome to the real world, kids, where adults get things done while the rest of you waste your lives with "games." Jack Thompson[53]
  • "Amen to This. You Gamers Won't Understand, However
Beyoncé 'pimp culture' blast
By Laura White, Evening Standard
21 February 2006
Dame Anita Roddick has hit out at pop icons such as Beyoncé and Britney Spears for celebrating the sex industry.
The Body Shop founder said she despairs of the "pimp and whore" culture in which pop stars simulate sex and celebrities talk proudly about visiting lap-dancing clubs.
Dame Anita told the Standard: 'A lot of people seem to think it's cool to be a pimp or a whore. It's not cool. The reality is dark and evil and appalling and unregulated.
'The reality is sexual trafficking, which is about young women being forced into rooms to have sex however many times a day so the pimp can take all the money. I don't get it.'
Dame Anita, 63, said such imagery, coupled with the multi-million-pound beauty advertising industry, made it virtually impossible for young women to grow up with high self-esteem.
She said: 'There are thousands of ads mostly focused on women and young girls that say you are not attractive, you are not sexy, you are not intelligent unless you look like this... [in] kids' magazines there is a passivity and a stupidity that is seen as the great way forward.
'And then you hear the statistics that we have the most violent young women in Europe because of binge drinking. I haven't got much hope. Something's gone very wrong.'"[54]
  • "A comedian the other day noted the effect Britney Spears has had on the attire of young girls: "I went into a Chucky Cheese the other day, and I looked around and thought I was in a whore house for midgets. Take-Two's Paul Eibeler would approve, but normal people do not."[55]
  • "Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you're a hit man or a video gamer." [56]
  • Game Politics' Dennis McCauley Is Sad
"I had this Wall Street Journal article days ago, as it came out on Saturday. It is sad, really, that Dennis McCauley is so ideologically bent that he has misrepresented the nature of the article to take yet another swipe at me.
The article is about people who are within the video game industry or apologists for it. I'm not mentioned because I don't quite fit into those descriptions, do I Dennis?
Mr. McCauley may remember that some game magazine named Take-Two's CEO Paul Eibeler and me its two "Video Game Persons of the Year," me because of my opposition to the reckless elements of the industry.
Poor Dennis, he gave up being a journalist quite sometime ago. Jack Thompson"
  • "The above leading line in this story by Dennis McCauley is the most unintentionally funny thing I've read in quite sometime! Thanks, Denny. We needed that. Jack Thompson" [57]
  • "I've been in the Wall Street Journal four times, honey, about more important things than this. Jack Thompson" [58]
  • "So, what medications are you taking these days? " (to a gamer commenting that his posts make him laugh) [59]
  • "The games are not under lock and key in... Best Buy,or Wal-Mart, for Heaven's sakes. They're being sold openly to kids as young as nine years of age, as Senator Lieberman proved in December. Stop making this nonsense up. Jack Thompson" (to someone who said games are stored in glass cases in stores) [60]
  • ""The Average Soccer Mom... Let me tell you smug little video game nitwits something. "Soccer moms," which is a pejorative term to describe loving American mothers who do everything they can to nurture and protect their kids, know more about life, more about parenting and its responsbilities, than Dennis McCauley and all of his sycophants here. "Soccer Moms" whom McCauley denigrates here, are holding this country together despite the masturbatory preoccupations of "Video Gamer Nation." How disgusting. Jack Thompson" [61]
  • "Feeble." Honey, I'm deconstructing the industry you love while you call me feeble. Dream on. Jack Thompson See below[62]
  • "Dear Jabrwock... First of all get a real name, instead of timidly hiding behind a fake avatar. Real men engage in discourse in the public square not hiding beneath a KKK-like hood. Secondly, the gamers who killed in the UK (Warren LeBlanc re Manhunt) and Devin Moore in Alabama (one of, oh, about 30 such gamers linked to GTA), the guy in Moscow who did the synagogue stabbings (Postal 2),and the knifers in Japan were identified as gamers because they were gamers, Ace, and because in many, many of the instances law enforcement officials, not yours truly, tied the crimes to the murder simulation games. Japan for years was happy to dump its violence into our kids' heads, and now the "culture war Pearl Harbor pigeons" are coming home to roost. It's about time. Hooah! Jack Thompson
PS: The world was designed to work this way by Pixelantes, not by some God who acts as if He doesn't exist. [63]
  • "Video Games = Drugs? A gamer posts the below at http://www.1up.com/do/my1Up?publicUserId=5713859. Quick somebody get him some valium" [64]
  • "Dennis McCauley's Phone Number Is (private phone number) I called him yesterday, asking him to call me back at (Jacks phone number) so that I could correct an error (yet another one) in a story here at GP about me. But guess what? Dennis won't call me back. That's because he's not a real journalist, just a freelancer who is a biased video game industry jihadist.
Please contact Dennis and ask him to return his phone calls. Thanks. Jack Thompson" [65]
  • "An office phone number is not "personal information" ace Duh" [66]
  • "Dennis McCauley just got caught, which is why he was deleting my posts. Read this thread and weep. YOur great GP leader has been shown to be a fraud." [67]
  • "In other words, Mr. McCauley has been caught calling himself a "columnist," when in fact he is not, and Mr. Thom Fladung, who is the senior editor at the paper is telling Dennis that if he continues to portray himself, falsely, as a "columnist" then they will not continue to have the option to run it.
Nice going, Dennis. I warned you months ago that you should stop misrepresenting your relationship with this paper, and you didn't take the advice. Jack Thompson" [68]
  • "So, the fact that the GP owner misrepresents his relationships with papers MONTHS after he has been warned to stop doing it matters not a bit? Fascinating. Gamers are probably the silliest, least reflective people in the world. This proves it. Jack Thompson" [69]
  • "He's not interested enough in getting the stories right but rather in running over the truth to get it out first. McCauley has repeatedly reported stories wrong that have harmed me, and he couldn't care less. The Dave Walsh fabrication is just one of them.
And here he was today deleting my posts, so as to keep a lid on his own latest screw-up.
This guy for months has been misrepresenting his relationship with the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and he finally got caught--this after falsely misreporting that I was saying David Walsh endorsed me. Never said it. Never would say it. Yet McCauley ran that story without talking with me." [70]
  • "Another St. Paul Pioneer Press Editor Has Called Me to thank me for exposing to that paper Dennis McCauley's deception. I told her I was glad to help. Her name is Ms. Raschke. Shame on you Dennis! Hooah! Jack Thompson" [71]
  • "Look, jerk. He has been misrepresenting who he is and what he does. It's not where he works that matters. What matters is that months ago he was warned to stop misrepresenting his status with a paper, and he refused to correct the misrepresentation. He's a reporter. He's supposed to care about his reputation. If you don't care, then you're reading the write video game site, goofball." [72]
  • "It's his personal office, you moron. He has repeatedly misrepresented that he is a "columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press." Two editors there have now said that is NOT the case, and one of them called me to thank me for telling the paper about his continuing misrepresentation in that regard, which has gone on for months after he was told he should knock it off. He has an office from which he runs this ridiculous site, misrepresentations, shoddy reporting, and all. Enough said, idiot." [73]
  • "See, you can't believe anything Dennis McCauley says."[74]
  • "Uh, because it's national news. duh."[75]
  • "I guess you do hate high school. It's "if you're not one" not "your not one." Contractions are something you didn't learn, I guess. If you had paid attention in English class, you would have enjoyed it more. By the way, nice pottymouth. Jack Thompson" [76]
  • "SCHOOL SHOOTER WAS DESPONDENT... UPON LEARNING THAT HE COULDN'T TRUST DENNIS MCCAULEY ANYMORE." - Thompson on the Roseburg High School shooting of Feb. 23, 2006. [77]
  • " I am actually an escaped mental patient, people of the world, im sorry, Video Games are actually the key to life"
  • Saturday, February 25, 2006 news story "This idiot illspirit apparently can't read. The lawsuit will be on behalf of the "surviving" family members. That means the victims are dead. Duh. Yet he says the victims are still alive. Of course, what do you expect from a crazed gamer? - Jack Thompson"
  • "Nobody's trying to pass a law, goof. Can't you read? Maybe you need to move to a country which bans reading, since you won't be impacted by those laws. Duh. Jack Thompson"[78]
  • "I'm now in contact with this DA's office. We shall prevail.
Secondly, please note that a lot of web site's don't allow right-click copying. One of them is the law firm of Blank Rome. You should know that, Dennis, since you're in contact with them.
Finally, blockbuster video game copycat wrongful death suit about to be filed. Hooah! Jack Thompson"[79]
  • "No, they didn't ban me. I love the fact that a bunch of First Amendment defenders want to ban someone from a news site. Absolultely precious. Jack Thompson"[80]
  • "Right, and the DA is a metaphor, too."[81]
  • "The Left Sides of Gamers' Brains Are Disabled as the Harvard, Indiana, and Michigan State University studies prove. You all ought to be more concerned about that. Duh.[82]
  • "Actually, it is working, as your post indicates you don't get it. You haven't even read the studies. Duh."[83]
  • "The reason why CBS chose not to edit Stern is that Stern's Arbitron ratings remained high and were arguably even enhanced by people tuning in to hear daily about Stern's running feud with CBS and his move to Sirius, In other words, CBS actually used Stern's discussion of his move to Sirius to make more money for CBS." [84]
  • "Jack Thompson will testify this coming Wednesday, March 15, before the Delaware legislature on behalf of a video game bill he helped draft. Game Politics knew about this days ago. Why did Dennis McCauley not report it? Surely video game enthusiasts are not censoring the news in defense of the First Amendment, now are they? Not our Dennis! " [85]
  • "1. Jack Thompson's recent successes in the baseless Bar complaints filed against him
2. The admonition from the St. Paul Pioneer Press telling him that if he didn't stop falsely portraying himself as a columnist for that paper, there would be consequences.
3. Jack Thompson's upcoming speech in Birmingham to 500 movers and shakers about video game-inspired violence.'
4. Jack Thompson's recent appearance on national television.
5. Wikipedia's pulling of the entries pertaining to Jack Thompson by gamers, pending review of their falsity.
6. Incredible victory over the Bully game, which imperils its release.
7. Etc.
Dennis McCauley won't report the truth, because he can't handle the truth, and it is this: The video game industry is on the ropes in a backlash by parents against it, and Jack Thompson has been a huge part of that success, despite the death threats, the baseless Bar complaints, and nonjournalists who run sites like this. Jack Thompson"[86]
  • "Wow, are you confused. The man who was voted Video Game Co-Person of the Year, along with Paul Eibeler, for 2005 is testifying before a state legislature on behalf of a constitutional video game bill, and that is not news at a site supposedly dedicated to covering governmental efforts against the video game industry? What illegal substance are you on, bucko?" [87]
  • "News Censored Here at GP... The game Bully, Ace, was supposed to be released in October 2005. I stopped that with the Hot Coffee fall-out and my lawsuit. Secondly, the following is about to be passed by three school boards, more to follow. McCauley had this news days ago and spiked the story"[88]
  • "Dennis McCauley has been the leading censor in America with his misuse of LiveJournal to ban from this site anyone who has the truth to report about his antics, including his problems with the Pioneer Press and his misrepresentations about his nonexistent "columnist"relationship with it."[89]
  • "Dennis McCauley has not deleted the above use of obscenity. Shame on him. If Dennis dares--dares--ban me from posting at this site again, then he'll be in more trouble than he already is. Jack Thompson
PS: I'm not a troll. I actually use my real name, unlike you cowards, and I am affecting, by your own admission here, the video game vs. kids debate. Get used to it. It's called the real First Amendment. Jack Thompson"[90]
  • "All web sites are "privately owned," except for government sites, junior. Dennis McCauley cannot run a site that posts false, defamatory, and actionable statements about me, including his own, and then prohibit me from responding to them, unless he wants to be sued. Got that?"[91]
  • "Let's see how long it takes Dennis McCauley to... ban me again, thereby setting his own trap for--himself. Jack Thompson"[92]
  • "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You're next, Mr. McCauley"[93]
  • "Because most gamers are like you, unable to see beyond their faux self-righteousness and your obsession with your fun, regardless of the consequences to others. Gamers are involved in a wholly masturbatory activity to the exclusion of all other concerns. Why do I have contempt foryou? Because you are contemptible." [94]
  • "The goal is to make it such a negative thing that the retailers won't carry it, This thing hasn't really reached critical mass as a [95]
  • "I just did an interview on WCCO-AM... You were contacted, unbeknownst to me, to be part of what I told was just going to be an interview of me. You told WCCO that you would not come on with me, in part, because of my alleged Florida Bar problems..."[96]
  • "...you continue to front for Best Buy, even to the point of telling WCCO that I am not credible because Best Buy's lawyering whores have filed a Bar complaint against me so that knuckleheads like you can try to discredit me, falsely... You and Kaplan are hypocrites, with a capital 'H.' ...Either cut off your blood money funding, or get out of the public square on this issue."[97]
  • "The problem is, they've had 15 years to do it, and they haven't done it, "This isn't even speech, This is software that enables a machine to allow a player to play a game." [98]
  • "Sure, I can draw the line even if you cannot... and the court in Alabama agreed with me: Adult games marketed to kids are not protected by the First Amendment. You don't passively watch a game, you play it. It is a device. Duh. Jack Thompson "[99]
  • " Dennis McCauley is committing a tort here by leaving up the post that "maybe I should be[100]
  • "And you're allowed to say anything with that face? Wow. Jack Thompson"[101]
  • "Actually, I am correct, of course, as video games are actually devices, simulators. A lawn mower is not speech because it makes noise.You really need to get to a law library and see what is actually protected by the First Amendment. I won the hearing on this issue in Alabama, and you did not. Hooah! Jack Thompson "[102]
  • " Here's how to attend a hearing in Indiana: Call a meeting for all mentally healthy violent video gamers and hold that hearing in a four-person booth at the nearest Denny's. The booth will be empty. Glad to help. Jack Thompson "[103]
  • " Of course I'm right!I've been on national tv now about 100 times. Obviously the First Amendment protects me. It does not protect the marketing of adult-rated murder simulators to kiddies like you. "[104]
  • " No, you are not art. You are... a public nuisance. We're about to ban you. Hooah. "[105]
  • " It's called democracy, junior Get used to it, and get used to having adult games sold to kids taken away from you, as in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and any other civilized country in which Rockstar is nailed. "[106]
  • "That's Che Guevera, honey, and he's dead, as dead as Rockstar."[107]
  • "Actually, nitwit, the Republican majority on the Committee loved my being there and told me so. You need to get out more often. See the below posting as to our court ruling in Alabama. Games aren't speech, anymore than you are a sentient being."[108]
  • " Yes, you are quite wrong, and here's why I argued on November 3 in our Alabama case featured on 60 Minutes and in Reader's Digest that games are not speech. I won the hearing, and we are proceeding toward trial. You won't read that here, because Dennis McCauley is a coward who censors the news. You all need to get out more and read real news, not the garbage that Dennis McCauley feeds your from the Flat Earth Society. Jack Thompson "[109]
  • "Unfortunately, the "games aren't speech" comments attributed to me at the Delaware House Judiciary Committee hearing were not fully reported. I went on to note that the controller's use as a data input device as well as the means by which the Dual Shock controller gives biofeedback renders the entire mechanism a device, which of course it is.
It is this argument that carried the day at our November 3 hearing in Alabama on the First Amendment, which I alone argued, against the mighty and unethical Blank Rome, and we won the hearing on my argument. So, kids, you can fuss and fume all you want, and the guy who showed up in a T-shirt at the hearing can be as upset as he wants, but nobody but an extremist ideologue thinks that mature-rated games whose "M" label is an admission of the harm to minors of the games thinks that a video game is "political speech" under any sane reading of the First Amendment.
If you all don't know what "political speech" is, then you need to review some court cases on the subject. As to whether games are speech of any kind, please note that "speech" doesn't cause hand injuries which are warned of on the Dual Shock Controller.
A video game isn't any more "speech" than a gun is. Both are devices.
And for all of you who think that the First Amendment protects everything, tell Dennis McCauley to stop acting like a child and preventing me from posting here through Live Journal. You all have missed a ton of bad news for the video game industry simply because Dennis McCauley can't, as a journalist wannabe, handle the truth.
Jack Thompson "[110]
  • " A computer is not speech, Kiddie. It's a device. Wake up and get a life. "[111]
  • " Of course I'm right Games are data manipulation devices, and they are biofeedback devices, when used with the Dual Shock controller. Your obvious problem is that the Dual Shock has been implanted into your prefrontal cortex. Hooah. "[112]
  • "Memo to Donaldson Next time, James, have the courage to come up and introduce yourself. You believe in the First Amendment? I would have asked that you testify. Jack Thompson "[113]
  • "I caught another kid last Friday who called and threatened me. How dumb does a kid have to be made by video games to call me, with caller ID out there, and with news reportage that the last knucklehead who did this to me got thrown into jail in Houston? Apparently he has to be as out of touch as most of the folks posting at this site. Hooah! Jack Thompson, The kid is from Boston, a gamer, and his mother is furious, despite the recent St. Patrick's Day festivities. I love the smell of burning gamers' moms in the evening! "[114]
  • "I would extend my condolences to you on your loss of consciousness, but you're a gamer, and gamer, by definition, lost all sentient being status upon the purchase of GTA. Hooah! "[115]
  • "We're working on a bill to melt down all PS2's in your state and we have your address and your platform's serial number. I'll be over in one hour, but don't take it personally. "[116]
  • "Don't worry, you are so inert that a hurricane couldn't possibly blow you away. Relax. "[117]
  • "Actually, games that contain sexual material inappropriate for minors is called "sexual material harmful to minors." It is banned in 43 states, which is why GTA: San Andreas was pulled off the market, remember? Do you all ever read the newspapers here? Jack Thompson "[118]
  • "You can't even regulate your own thought. Senator Lieberman proved in January that roughly 40% of the time IDs are not checked. How bizarre that you would think your single, isolated experience is dispositive on the issue. Do you also assume that because you exist everyone in the world looks like you, too? Jack Thompson"[119]
  • "So Sorry that you can't handle the First Amendment like an adult"[120]
  • "Major Bad Scientific News for Video Game Industry. Hooah! http://videogames.aol.com/canvases/articles?id=20060224122509990001 Jack Thompson is delighted to help spread the bad news! [121]
  • "I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! I am delighted to alert all of you defenders of freedom of expression here (cough) that I am assisting the good folks of Flint, Michigan on this. See, there would be no suit but for my prep of Senator Clinton for her blockbuster news conference on "Hot Coffee" in July 2005. Also, as an aside, I am now working with the legislators in Louisiana on their video game bill to make it constitutionally bullet-proof. Hooah! I may be addressing the Take-Two Board of Directors face-to-face shortly, as its past Audit Chair has asserted fraud by senior Take-Two management in lying to the Board! Double hooahs! Finally, if Dennis McCauley dares--dares--take down this post with this news in it, it will be the dumbest thing he has EVER done. Your humble, active, and exceedingly successful dismantler of all things Rockstar, Jack Thompson"[122]
  • "Racist comments? Identifying the racism of the Japanese and the religious bigotry of some Muslims is racism? My are you confused or doped up!"[123]
  • "Too Late. Dennis McCauley is about to kiss this site bye-bye Just watch. Jack Thompson"[124]
  • "Dear LiveJournal (Sent to its parent company, Six Apart, in SF,CA):
For weeks, I have repeatedly asked the person in your San Francisco office to have a lawyer representing your company regarding the above to contact me. He refuses to help. He has repeatedly said the Abuse Department will contact me. It has all been a falsehood by this employee of yours.
Please be advised that I presently intend to proceed against your company not only for its direct role in the publishing of false and defamatory material about me at www.gamepolitics.com but also for your company's willing and knowing participation in this ongoing tortious activity.
Not only are you doing this, but your company is also assisting GamePolitics from letting me correct the actionable lies at its site by assisting GamePolitics in blocking my posts through LiveJournal.
I have had enough. Either have your lawyers contact me immediately, or I shall proceed.
Jack Thompson
PS: Dennis McCauley, you were warned, sweetie"[125]
  • "Better results? What in the world are you talking about? You on drugs in addition to games?"[126]
  • "GP Can Keep Banning Me and Dig Its Own Grave Deeper in Doing So Dennis McCauley keeps banning me from this site, simply because he doesn't trust you gamers with the truth, such as the below cover story in this week's Time magazine that addresses the dangers of electronic entertainment immersion of your generation. Hooah! http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1174696-1,00.html"[127]
  • "Nope. Wrong. The danger here is interactive violence. If you hadn't noticed, all the studies, including the one below that has just come out today, show a direct link between pop culture and sociopathic behaviors. Like, how dumb are you not to know that? :Apparently REALLY dumb:
Children exposed to sex in TV programmes, films, magazines and music are more likely to engage in sexual activity than those who are not, according to research out today.
There is a direct relationship between the amount of sexual content a child sees and their level of sexual activity or their intentions to have sex in the future, the study found.
Such media also has at least an equal influence on sexual behaviour as religion or a child's relationship with their parents and peers, the study said. "[128]
  • "Here's the truth, junior Actually, I got banned in large part because I revealed Dennis McCauley was told by the St. Paul Pioneer Press to stop lying about his affiliation with that paper. They told him to stop. Dennis didn't want you to know that. This is the guy who falsely reported that I was saying Dave Walsh supported me! Yet Dennis didn't want you to know he was falsely palming himself off as a Pioneer Press columnist. Total hypocrisy by Dennis McCauley."[129]
  • "Nice blasphemy."[130]
  • "I'm not preaching the truth to you. It's called casting pearls before swine. But people with real brains actually go here, and they are appalled by the lies. I am pointing them out for them, not for you. You are hopeless. Your post proves it. Duh."[131]
  • "Nope, doesn't work that way... So where'd you get your law degree, from North Korea Polytechnic? Figures. Jack Thompson PS: None of you has an explanation for how we won the case in the Alabama Supreme Court. Adjust your meds."[132]
  • "I've Forgotten More about the First Amendment than you'll ever know, obviously Dear Goofball: I won the hearing and you did not. Blank Rome cited all of their little video game cases, and lost. Can you read, or have the games completely fried your frontal lobes? Apparently they have. We're winning, and Rockstar is not. Bye-bye Rockstar. Jack Thompson"[133]
  • "I have made a choice, and it is a choice for Jesus Jesus said: "If any of you should cause any of these little ones to stumble, then it would be better for you that a millstone be tied around your neck and that you be cast into the sea." Rockstar is marketing adult murder simulators to kids. You are an apologist for that molestation. You're the one who needs to square his actions with the Bible, not I. I'm the one winning cases in the Bible Belt, not you. Please go to Hell more quietly. Thanks. Jack Thompson"[134]
  • "I've been a little busy utterly destroying Rockstar (see Alabama Supreme Court ruling yesterday, which your Dennis McCauley here won't report). Seems that Dennis knows what a huge body blow this is to the industry and he won't report it for that reason. I'll get around to my website when I don't have more important things to do, like getting Paul Eibeler arrested. Stay tuned for that one. Jack Thompson PS: HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"[135]
  • "JACK THOMPSON WINS DESPITE THE TALIBAN PIXELANTES! Your hypocritical censor here, Dennis McCauley, has blocked me again (I can work around his Taliban tactics), because he doesn't want you all to know about our huge triumph in Alabama yesterday against Rockstar. Please be also advised that my client, Steve Strickland, will be testifying at 2pm Eastern on CSPAN, and also via CSPAN's web cast, at this hearing on the mental molestation of minors by Take-Two, etc. Dennis McCauley is not able to censor CSPAN, but he wants to. Jack Thompson"[136]
  • "Oh, we positively can't wait. Say, were you on the witness list in the Senate yesterday? My client was, and he thanked me, before the entire Committee. Didn't hear him mention you. You need to watch fewers movies and do something with your life, Hilary. Jack Thompson"[137]
  • "It's spelled "brilliant." Jack Thompson"[138]
  • "Jack Thompson: God Is In Control and You Are Not. Hooah! What Dennis McCauley does not want you Taliban pixelantes to know is that Alabama's Steve Strickland hit it out of the park yesterday at the Senate hearing, identifying Grand Theft Auto's role in the death of three men, including his brother, in the cop-killing case featured on 60 Minutes. Didn't see any of you on that piece nor at the Senate hearing. But I did hear and see Steve Strickland thank me, twice, in his testimony, for my role in identifying the now proven role of the game in these deaths.
Oh, and here's another story Dennis McCauley doesn't want you to see, which appears in a Wisconsin paper this morning: (he then posted half of this article: [330])"
  • "No, I Have Lots of Time, Because I Don't Waste It Playing Video Games By the way, Hal Halpin did NOT testify before this Subcommittee. That is a total fabrication by Dennis McCauley. Hal Halpin was not on the witness list, and McCauley knows it. So this site not only censors the news, it makes it up."[140]
  • "I see that McCauley is not reporting what Steve Strickland's testimony was. Hooah!"[141]
  • "Actually, the people who have cashed in on the deaths is Rockstar. That's why God and I are going to destroy them. Thanks for writing."[142]
  • "Here's the Senate Testimony GP Doesn't Want You to See This is straight from the Subcommittee's site. Note that Hal Halpin never testified. But Steve Strickland did, and he notes my role in this on behalf of his family and the other bereaved families. We are going to destroy Rockstar in Alabama, and the rest of the entertainment industry is going to learn a lesson that will change how adult-rated entertainment is marketed and sold. All of you who get upset about this will please go to Hell more quietly. Thanks. Jack Thompson:" For rest of quote, see here: [143]
  • "Is this a great country or what? Steve Strickland gets to testify and pixelante thugs who can't read the Constitution don't get to. I love it."[144]
  • "This is Terrible News for Video Game Industry In December 2005, US Senator Joseph Lieberman proved, with his own reverse stings, that roughly 40% of the time major retailers were selling Mature-rated games to kids under 17. This new FTC finding corroborates that disturbing figure. Only video game shills, like the owner of this site, would say this is "good news." If government-sponsored reverse stings were to find that roughly 35% of underage kids were able to walk into major retailers and buy six packs of beer, then heads would roll and they should roll. Given these statistics (now pay attention you gamers who don't do your math homework because you have prostitutes to kill in GTA), if an underage kid goes into 3 retailers, he has a 60% chance of buying an M-rated game. If he goes on the Internet, he has a 100% chance. Go to BestBuy.com. No age verification whatsoever, and it is illegal to use a credit card as an age verifier. Folks, this FTC finding is proof positive that I have to cut this industry down to size in Alabama, and I shall. Hooah! The Alabama Supreme Court has given us the green light to do just that this week. Jack Thompson"[145]
  • "I am counsel for all of the plaintiffs, they are still my clients, I was the one who won the First Amendment argument in the hearing on November 3, 2005, which trial record was what was appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court, and I fully expect to be in the courtroom trying the case when it is tried."[146]
  • "As a public service, here are some news items you won't read at GP, because they are actually true:
1. The "rave party" killer of ten in Seattle, Kyle Huff, appears to have been a hardcore violent game consumer. More on that as it develops further.
2. The reason "Office Massacre" was yanked was because I and others like me are out here, not because of any sense within the industry.
3. We're about to file a huge lawsuit in another state arising out of murders by a hardcore GTA: Vice City player. Our success last week in Alabama before the Supreme Court gives us tremendous momentum going into this new case.
4. This GP site serves as a constant reminder of the damage to young brains caused by video games. Here, the posters make it clear that reality, found in hard cold facts about the harm done by video games are of no interest whatsoever. Dennis McCauley's bizarre story here asking "How long will it be until the "influence of violent games" argument is finally put to rest?" is a perfect proof of this mental flight from reality.
How long, Dennis? As long as the brain scan studies at Harvard and the massive findings by the American Psychological Association are sitting there as an irrefutable proof, scientifically, of what the video game industry can't rebut: That what you dump into your brain has behavioral consequences. This has been known for only, oh, 3000 years.
5. Finally, Jack Thompson is slowly and surely destroying all of the SLAPP Bar complaint efforts against him. Dennis McCauley has been provided the information, but he doesn't want you to know, as he is still seething, like a little child, from my success in having the St. Paul Pioneer Press warn him to stop misleading everyone about his "columnist" status with that paper. He was not and is not, and they made him knock it off. Jack Thompson
PS: The good guys always win, which is why I'm winning this fight. Hooah!"[147]
  • "No, I'm not being ignored... I was the guy whose success in the Alabama Supreme Court was in a national Associated Press story last week. I was quoted in it, and frankly I did not see you quoted. Who is being ignored? You and your pixelante thugs are, that's who. Jack Thompson PS: Hooah!"[148]
  • "Weaver Is Woefully Behind the Virtual Reality Curve "Virtual Columbine" is already here. It's called BULLY, Mr. Weaver, and you've obviously missed the school boards (Miami-Dade and two others), the county commissions (Lincoln, New Mexico), and others who actually have degrees in useful disciplines (psychiatry, psychology, education) who understand that Bully is in fact a Columbine simulator. Maybe Mr. Weaver needs to read the newspapers more rather than pro-game trade journals. Maybe he needs to ponder where the Duke sex scandal came from--from a pop culture dumbed down to the video gamers' scum level. Jack Thompson"[149]
  • "gta is Exhibit A as to the harmful effects of video games thanks for proving my point. you can't express yourself with anything other than a profane nonpoint. Jack Thompson"[150]
  • "I'm a little too busy to care about pissant t-shirts right now. Please note the below:"[151]
  • "No, the bad guys won this one. Sorry you're confused... But read my post below. Even you might get it. Jack Thompson"[152]
  • "Enjoy it while it lasts, as your industry that mentally molests minors... for money is on life support. Trust me. I know what you don't know. Jack Thompson PS: Hooah!"[153]
  • "Jack Thompson Here: With the Last Word on This Ruling
Of course this law was held unconstitutional. You know why? Because it is. I said that months and months ago.
We have some knuckleheads in legislatures drafting and passing laws that are not in conformity with the First Amendment. Our bill in Delaware is terrific, as is the one in North Carolina that I helped draft. They're not constitutional because I drafted them. They're constitutional because I've actually read the court rulings. All future laws will have plenty of testimony at the legislative hearings on the scientific basis for the proven harm.
The goofs in Michigan didn't do their homework. I have. Kiss the sale of mature games to kids bye-bye. Should take about another year. Thanks for your abiding interest. And kids, put down the controllers. Get off the drugs. And get a life. Jack Thompson"[154]
  • "So, Should We Indict Patricia Vance Now or Wait?
Patricia Vance and the ESRB have been knowingly involved in marketing and selling harmful material to minors for years. The ESRB is owned and operated by the video game industry, for Heaven's sakes.
The ESRB knew for weeks and weeks that GTA: San Andreas contained the Hot Coffee material and yet they did absolutely nothing about it until Hillary, armed with the information I gave her, broke the log jam.
Of course the ESRB ratings are a sham. They were designed to be a sham. Patricia Vance, get an honest job. Or better yet, go on a city-to-city tour with Doug Lowenstein and the two of you can explain that the Holocaust never happened. Jack Thompson"[155]
  • "This finding at Harvard by Kimberly Thompson... enhances even more our case in Alabama. This shows the broad deception by the industry in marketing and selling harmful video games to kids. Note also that Vice City, which is the game the killer in Alabama played, is one of the games studied at Harvard. Hooah! Life is good. My future is so bright I've got to wear shades. Jack Thompson PS: I understand the First Amendment, and you don't."[156]
  • "Actually, "destroy" means destroy. My methods of choice have been numerous television exposes of the Grand Theft Auto games, in the US (60 Minutes, Today Show), in the UK (BBC, etc/), Canada, and elsewhere; preparing Hillary Clinton for her severe hit on Rockstar in July 2005 re Hot Coffee; and litigation. As to the latter, the Alabama Supreme Court said this past week that GTA is not First Amendment speech. I am working with the various law firms suing Take-Two on behalf of shareholders over the Hot Coffee matter.
I am also working with the LA District Attorney. All of these efforts have resulted in a diminution in the value of Take-Two's stock and a real possibility that government and private action will drain the company of all its assets.
Only a bunch of gamers would think that the only way to destroy a company is with an explosive device.
Grow up and wake up. I'm on the verge, with God's help, of destroying the most out of control video game company on the planet, which even Warren Spector recognizes. Jack Thompson "[157]
  • "Oh, and what was the previous image? Do I have to get a subpoena issued to find out?"[158]
  • "Here's the scientific evidence you jerks say doesn't exist! This just came out today, out of Harvard no less. How idiotic are you people to have denied this for years? Look at what they say about GTA: Vice City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He then linked to [159][160]
  • "No, you are totally wrong... 40% of kids presenting at a major retailer can buy an M-rated game, no questions asked. Plus, the rate on-line is 100%. The Federal Trade Commission confirms this. Get your facts straight. Jack Thompson"[161]
As you delightful pixelante thugs know, I prepped Senatory Hillary Clinton for her July 2005 news conference on "Hot Coffee." Prepped Best Buy's lapdog, Dr. David Walsh, who stood at her side, for it, too.
At that news conference, which I made possible, Senator Clinton stated "the video game ratings system is broken."
She was correct, and here is the latest proof how thoroughly it is broken, coming out of liberal beehive Harvard, no less.
The ESA's and the ESRB's self-policing house of cards has rested upon the demonstrably false assumption that the game ratings are a) accurate, and b) that mature-rated games will not be sold to kids with no parents in sight.
Now we know that both a) and b) are totally false, as the Federal Trade Commission study last week found that roughly 40% of the time retailers of video games will sell mature-rated games to kids under the age of 17. You can't warn a parent as to content when the parent is not there, and now we know, thanks to Harvard, that even if they were there the descriptors on the back are phony. What a freaking surprise! People have been saying this for years, including Leeland Yee.
In fact, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas ought to be AO-rated, not M. Yee has been saying that, and I have been saying that, and now Harvard proves we are right. Vice City was one of the games Harvard studied in coming to this obvious conclusion.
What Dennis McCauley here will not report is an even more damning study that came out of Harvard yesterday! It finds that the Grand Theft Auto games do in fact cause harm to adult males, between the ages of 18 and 21, who play them.
All of you know-nothing obscurantists here whose frontal lobes have been immobilized by obsessive game play (you don't know who you are, obviously, because your powers of self-reflection are gone as well) need to deal with the FACT that yet another peer-reviewed medical journal states, as of yesterday, that these violent games cause HARM.
You will continue to bleat like little sheep that the proof is not out there. It is out there, at Harvard no less.
You all can't handle the truth. You can't handle the fact that God is in control of this debate, not bought clowns like Doug Lowenstein who is paid to say whatever the industry wants him to say.
The evidence is in. The Grand Theft Auto games cause harm. This is the core of our case in Alabama. We could not have paid $500,000 and gotten a better medical study showing the harmful effects of GTA on teens. But now Harvard, wholly independent of our case in Alabama, has found as a scientific fact that GTA harms those who play it.
This finding is a gift from God that has fallen into our laps in the Alabama case, one week after the Alabama Supreme Court agrees with me that these games are not First Amendment protected speech for minors.
Hooah indeed! Jack Thompson, Your Video Game Industry's Worst Nightmare"[162]
  • "No, sorry to inform you... That you are not the entire universe of gamers. Duh. The American Psychological Association found in August 2005 that among those who play the violent games, there is a demonstrable increase in aggression and violence. Harvard has now found the same thing. Your argument is aking to saying that because you smoke and don't have lung cancer that smoking doesn't cause lung cancer. The idiocy of your argument proves the harm that the games have done to you. You can't even think straight anymore. Pathetic. Jack Thompson"[163]
  • "My attitude is why I am going to Heaven and you, apparently, are going to Hell. Please go to Hell more quietly. Thank you. Jack Thompson
PS: Write me again, "Warren," and I'll do something about it. "(reply to gamers email)[164]
  • "No, I want game companies to stop marketing and selling adult games to kids. Pretty simple really, which is why you don't get it. Jack Thompson"[165]
Jack Thompson, and have a nice day ;)"[166]
  • "JACK THOMPSON = BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO GAMEPOLITICS It's simply amazing. The only news stories that garner any interest, any substantial number of posted comments, are the ones either about Jack Thompson or ones at which I post and then you pixelante nazi thugs Pavlov-style. Happy to make Dennis McCauley money. Moving on to Patricia Vance, however. I am today asking Elliot Spitzer, the Attorney General in New York who is presently running for Governor, to act upon Harvard's unasailable findings that the ESRB ratings are a sham. Spitzer, most of you don't know because you don't read the news other than GameInformer magazine, specializes in criminal actions against the entertainment industry. I think the intentionally coquette-ish Pat Vance, her head alluringly and unprofessionally tilted to side to make her appear comely, would look delightful in an orange Rikers jumpsuit, don't you? She should be in one, since she and her ESRB having knowingly participated in (conspired) to adult entertainment into the hands of kids in violation of prohibitions against fraud. Patricia, get a good lawyer. You're going to need one. That excludes Blank Rome. Best, Jack Thompson"[167]
  • "Hey, how about a video game depicting the killing of the people who run Joystiq? Bet they'd be real interested in doing something about a certain game then. Maybe then they'd feel how cops and women feel about GTA. Oh, but that would require some actual thought, and I forgot: You're all gamers!"[168]
  • "Jack Thompson Responds This is very funny, actually. Nice job. I count 3 million dead kittens. Meow! Jack Thompson" (in response to a post saying evrytime you reply to Jack, God kills a kitten) [169]
The goal I set for myself was to destroy Rockstar Games and Take-Two, to make an example of them. That is why I prepped even Hillary Clinton (and Dave Walsh, see below) for their "Hot Coffee" news conference in July 2005. I would prep Satan himself for such a thing. Hillary is cuter.
Well, well, well. Take a look at the latest shoe to drop in the fall-out from the Hot Coffee scandal that Dennis McCauley brought to our attention and that I ran with. It amazes me that you pixelante idiot thugs are perpetually crazed about me for wanting to punish a game company for embedding explicit sex in a game being marketed and sold to kids, when in fact it was Dennis McCauley and his freelance GamePolitics that actually created the Hot Coffee fiasco. Nobody would have known about it without Dennis. Proves an Internet nonjournalist can do the right thing once in awhile--kind of like a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Anyway, I am working with the lawyers on the below extravaganza. Don't expect Take-Two to survive, because it will not. I got Bono not to buy it, and I will soon make sure, with the incredible successes in our Alabama case (read the papers, kids),that Take-Two will collapse from its legal liabilities.
Paul Eibeler is head to jail, also. Is this a great country, or what?
Jack Thompson"[170]
Actually, I don't think the "M" is big enough. I would favor two giant "M" labels that would be affixed to and thus obliterate the entire front and back of each "Mature" game.
And, if you buy such a game, labeled in that fashion, especially if you buy it at Best Buy, you get, free of charge, a giant "M" tatooed on your forehead right there at the point-of-sale device.
That particular "M" will stand for "MORON," which is presently a synonym for "gamer." David Walsh disagrees, but Best Buy wants him to disagree.
Oh, and here's the latest body blow to the video game industry engineered by Jack Thompson. Enjoy!
Jack Thompson"[171]
  • "Uh, yes Yet another major metro daily nails Rockstar. If you don't get why that hurts Rockstar, then please check into the nearest pyschiatric facility. Thank you. Jack Thompson"[172]
  • "Jack Thompson: DEAR M, FOR MORON The retailers are selling M-rated games to kids with no parents in sight. Did you miss the last 10 years of the debate on this issue, or what? Jack Thompson"[173]
  • "Dear Andrew: Actually, if you bothered acting like a real journalist--not surprised that you don't, since you're affiliated with Dennis McCauly--you would have called the Miami-Dade School Board Member, Mr. Bolanos, who sponsored the Resolution. He would have told you that he was furious that the Herald read that headline, since the Resolution was actually even stronger than what I drafted.
You also could have contacted the school board or gone to their site, and you would have seen that the Resolution was not watered down at all.
It surprises me, Andrew, that you are so ignorant as to the biases of the media that you don't understand that headlines and articles misrepresent the news.
How sad. How pathetic. How watered down your life is. Jack Thompson"[174]
  • "As Usual Dennis McCauley Has Told a Fib... Get out your own copy of GTA: San Andreas, as I did. Measure three inches up from the bottom. You'll find that a 3-inch square does not cover nearly as much of the cover as McCauley depicts. How typical. Hey, Dennis, you could get a job marketing porn to children for Rockstar. You've got the right mindset. Jack Thompson "[175]
  • "First, it's not a game... and secondly, I knew about it before you did. Jack Thompson"[176]
  • "Sure I like it. The M is better looking than my face. As if I didn't know. Duh."[177]
  • "Actually, if she hasn't divorced me by now, it isn't going to happen. Don't get your hopes up.
Oh, and the M really is for moron. That's why you folks buy and play these games. Jack"[178]
  • "Hey, Jack Thompson Has News! Watching TV causes bullying! Can you imagine what video games do? OH, yeah, Harvard reported this week that GTA causes increased aggression. Any of you kids able to read the news? http://paktribune.com/news/index.php?id=139804"[179]
  • "Actually, nobody trained to kill by eating a... Big Mac"[180]
  • "By All Means, Please Contact Judge Moore!
His name is James Moore, Fayette County Circuit Court Judge.
I still represent all of the families in the matter, and I am wonderfully involved in the case. I was in Birmingham last week meeting with the far more important Judge Moore, Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He came to hear my speech there. Of course, you wouldn't know, because you weren't there. Probably in drug rehab.
Anyway, Judge Moore's fax number is CENSORED if you want to express to him an y concerns about me and to ask him if these families are still my clients. He might find the inquiry amusing. Judge Moore has his own ethics problems, and you might want to ask him about that. Just be nice to him! Hooah! Jack Thompson " Reply to a gamers comment, reposted here: [181]
  • "Kids took guns to school for 200 years in this country without turning them on one another. President Clinton understood that if we want to do something about gun violence, we need also to look at the stimuli to use those guns. 3000 gun laws on the books. Not a single law on the books to stop the sale of murder simulators to kids. Idiotic. "[182]
  • "Hal, Nice of you to take your time to answer some gamers' questions. I have a few questions of my own and some comments. Feel free to respond, or not, as you like.
1. First a comment. Thank you for your kind comments about me a few months ago regarding my "commitment," I think you called it, to stay the course in my efforts, as you called upon those on the other side of this culture war divide to show the same resolve I show. That was very nice of you.

2. As to our Alabama lawsuit, about which no one who reads this site seems to know anything, I wonder if you would care to share your thoughts on the fact that the Alabama Supreme Court has rejected the defendants' First Amendment arguments and we are headed to trial where we will put the entire video game industry under the microscope. Are you looking forward to that?
3. Would you mind giving us your opinion of Take-Two's labeling me a bisexual pedophile at its official site and the fact that that will be part of the proof to the jury that the video game industry seeks to suppress information about its practices by going after whistleblowers.
4. Hal, I wonder if you could explain how a parent is warned by the ratings on a game before the purchase if a 15-year-old shows up at the cash register at Target, for example, and there is no parent around? Relatedly, why is it that the FTC is still finding roughly 40% of the time the cashier will sell it to that kid? If Wal-Mart were selling six packs of beer to minors 40% of the time somebody in the Walton family would be in jail. Now, it seems really simple to most parents out here, Hal, and I'd like you to explain to us why it isn't this simple: If your IEMA members really wanted to stop selling these games to kids they would stop selling them to kids, wouldn't they? There would not be a 40% failure rate, would there, Hal?
5. I am wondering, Hal, why you have never taken me up on my offer to bring together folks on my side of the issue with folks on your side of the issue for a summit about what to do about the marketing and sale of mature games to kids? Long term, this puts your retailers at risk. If they stopped selling adult games to kids, there would be no more lawsuits like the one in Alabama, which contrary to what the pixelantes here think, is going to trial. The Alabama Supreme Court said so. What happens in America these days is that both sides just get with people on their side and rah-rah with one another, and the two sides never get to any understanding. What goes on in that regard at this web site is typical. Why have you not taken me up on that offer? If your answer is what the kids here say, that I am a nobody, etc., then I guess I would point out that you are the one who identified me as leading the effort against the violent games. Why can't we have that summit?
6. Bully. Why in the world are not more people in the industry saying to Rockstar, Are you out of your freaking minds?
7. How is your brother Spence's Moral Kombat movie coming? I really enjoyed meeting him for it. He is a great fellow. When is it going to be released, if you know?
8. Why hasn't your organization isolated Take-Two and identified them to be the scoundrels that they are? I think if you did that, you would convince a lot of people on our side that your organization actually has scruples.
11. Why are your member companies selling M-rated games to kids on the Internet with no age verification effort whatsoever? You know that that flies in the face of what IEMA's stated positions are on selling M games to kids, right? As you know, which people at this site don't want to know, age verification software is available to all your members, and also a credit card cannot legally be used to verify age, as kids have cards.
All the best. Hope to see you and meet you at the summit you said you were considering."[183]
  • "How sad you couldn't bring yourself to respond to my questions, Hal."[184]
  • "You Pixelante Knuckleheads (Sorry to Be Redundant) Missed Spike's Point The point Spike is making in the movie and with his comments about the movie's scene with the violent game is that the games are too violent, and they are emblematic of the irresponsibility of the video game industry. I am not at all surprised that gamers wouldn't get it; in fact, Spike Lee knows you wouldn't get it, as indicated by his belief that someone will copy the game scene, which is a criticism of the industry. Which, of course, makes his point exquisitely. It is fascinating, is it not, that the people in this country who have deserved reputations are real artists, real professionals, all decry the recklessness of the entertainment industry and the divorce between art and sanity that prevails in some quarters. Here at GP is one of them. God bless Spike Lee. He gets it. You at GP don't. Hooah. Jack Thompson"[185]
  • "Gee, Hal, What Do You Think About This Development? Maybe IEMA can spread some money around and try to influence the Alabama Attorney General, too!"[186]
  • "Jack Thompson thinks it's great...
That pixelantes are so self-deluded that they think a term that points out their practice of targeting those with whom they disagree for death threats, obscene e-mails, and the like is somehow a badge of honors.
Kind of like Nazis and Talibanis saying "Hey, look at me. I've got my Adolf Hitler underwear on!" Or "Hey, I've got my Talibani jockstrap on in this Afghan rape room."
So, party on Wayne. Party on Garths. You're so stupid that you don't even know what the terrorist epithet means. Duh.
Oh, and proof that the Thug in Chief is GP's Dennis McCauley: He allows posts here defaming me, and yet, in wonderful defense of freedom of expression, he just "banned" jack12345678 from posting this response to the above idiotic question. Wow, what a First Amendment hypocrite Dennis McCauley is.
Hey, Dennis, tell these Pixelante Thugs about the threatening letter you sent me saying I can't post at this site? Gee, looks like I can, Dennis, despite your efforts.
Oh, and Dennis, tell us all about how the St. Paul Pioneer Press ordered you to stop lying about your status as a "columnist" there. That's the real reason you've ineffectually tried to "ban" me here. You don't want the gaming community to know you are a disingenuous fraud. Jack Thompson
Hooah! Jack Thompson"[187]
  • "Pay Attention For the same reason that Jesus excoriated, with his tongue, the Pharisees. You obviously don't read the Bible. You think Christians are supposed to be doormats for lying thugs like you pixelantes. Wrong. Read the Bible. Read what David did and said. Grow up. Jack Thompson"[188]
  • "Yep, enemies. Grow up."[189]
  • "Actually, I'm succeeding and you're not. We're moving toward the trial in Alabama, and Rockstar is on the ropes. You and Xenu can go to Hell."[190]
  • "When I married the love of my life, I got in that blessed transaction more than I bargained for. I got another family—my wife’s parents and siblings—in addition to my blood relatives, and I have grown to love them beyond words. They love me back more than I deserve.
My biggest “fan” in all that I have done against the entertainment industry, and against their lawyers, is my wife’s younger sister, Pamela Claire. She lives in the Midwest with her loving husband and their two children. Pam often sends me news of the entertainment industry’s latest assault upon her children’s world. One Christmas holiday, Pam’s son returned from a neighbor’s house, at the age of 12, saying “Mom, Jimmy and I had sex with a prostitute and then killed her to get our money back!” My sister-in-law’s “mistake” was to let her son go to a neighbor’s house. Take Two, the maker of the Grand Theft Auto game which he played with his friend, couldn’t care less about its reckless assault upon children, stealing their innocence behind their parents’ backs, behind Pam’s back. She was angry. She asked me to act on her anger. I have.
Pam wants me, for all the parents out there who are being ambushed by Rockstar’s child molesting games, to stop Take-Two. With Pam’s encouragement and by God’s grace, we are well on our way to do just that. This is why for 18 years I have done what I do. There are all sorts of “Pams” out there. They often write and thank me. Pam always thanks me.
Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. She beat it. Until now. It is back, I learned this morning, and it is in her chest cavity. She has started the chemo—again. We don’t know what will happen, but with Pam’s blessing I am writing you, my enemies, to tell you all something.
Pam wants me to let you all know—all of the scoundrels who seek to harm me and what I do—video game companies, vigilante video gamers who celebrate their “pixelante” status by threatening to kill or otherwise harm me with Bar complaints and other childish abuse, including now the sale of “Jack Thompson Toilet Paper” at a video game site, ethically-challenged, self-righteous entertainment industry lawyers, politically-motivated judges who forgot why they took their oaths of office in Alabama and elsewhere, Constitution-shredding Bars, the whole lot of you, that she wants me to win all my battles against all of you and thus against the porn and the violence distributed to children that you facilitate. Pam knows why I do what I do, and she knows the price I have paid. She prays for me, and she prays against you. That is a frightening prospect. This woman makes Lance Armstrong look like a wimp. The prayers of a righteous woman availeth much.
The price I have paid for what I do is not even close to the price Pam has paid to try to keep on living, so that she can raise and protect her children as best she can. The price she has paid does not match , however, to the price our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ paid for all of us on a Cross. She knows that. When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she cried out “Lord why me?” Quicker than I would have, Pam got to the point of literally saying to God, “Lord, why not me?”
I love my sister in law. She loves me. She has always encouraged me to fight on, against all of you. She is my hero. She is my role model. I will not let her down.
I now dedicate this fight, this “culture war” in which I am privileged to serve as a foot solder—to her, to Pamela Claire, my sister in law who has never given up.
If some of you have been dismayed and/or amused by my persistence and by my willingness to “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe” to win the war I am in, then please know that “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”
You will not be pleased by what I am now willing to do, that is legal and proper, to win this fight. This has never, ever been about me, although all of you have always tried to make it about me. But suddenly this is even bigger than it was. The reality of death, of the preciousness of life, of what some women are willing to do to protect their young, has always inspired me, but it inspires me far more this day.
It was the women who never left the side of Jesus, when the men fled. The women in my life, including Pam, have never ceased to encourage me, despite the sinner that I am.
Thus, what I do henceforth in all of this is now, more than ever, I do for Pam.
Most sincerely, Jack Thompson
Jesus said: "If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.”
Joseph said to his brothers: “What you intended for harm, God has used for my good.”"[191]
  • "Sorry to Interrupt with Some Real Video Game Industry News By the way, don't you love my new username, in light of the Harvard University medical study last week that found that video game users are far more likely to consume drugs? Anyway, at the risk of sharing real news with people who may, according to Harvard, be in such a drug-induced haze that they can't comprehend it, and also at the risk of crowding out really, really earth-shattering news that the ESRB's new web site is heavily yellow (slow news day, Dennis?) let me share with you all some real news about the video game industry's #1 nemesis, according to just about everybody:"[192]
  • "Jack Thompson Loves This! The bigger they are the harder they fall! Does this also mean that Hal Halpin has to get a haircut this decade? Jack Thompson"[193]
  • "Is Dennis McCauley OK?
Uh, Dennis, in this news story you announce that both organizations are going to merge into one. That means, according to you, that there will no longer be one organization but two. So why would you write the following:
"We're eager to hear the new name and wish BOTH organizations well in their combined endeavor."
Dennis, you haven't fallen prey to Harvard's assessment that gamers are more likely to ingest drugs, have you? Jack Thompson "[194]
  • "Jack Thompson Gets It Right Yet Again
The defense of the video game industry by libertarians within the GOP, like this knucklehead, was identified and explained in great detail in my book, Out of Harms's Way.
Dennis McCauley missed it, and so did all of you, since my book is not officially listed as a "cheat code book."
The real conservatives in the GOP are not libertarians. They actually have values and understand that civicvirtue is an indispensable element in preserving freedom. Duh. Jack Thompson"[195]
  • "Jack Thompson Has News for You Pixelante Children
1. Is Australia a great country, or what?
2. GamePolitics is not reporting the big news out of South Florida regarding your relentlessly successful video game nemesis, Jack Thompson. Wonder why?
3. We are winning the most important video game lawsuit in history, in Alabama, as the state's Supreme Court has cleared the way for the trial.
4. Just watched G4. Is this a cable channel for total morons? Apparently.
5. Dennis McCauley has just been indicted by the anti-hypocrite prosecutors, for banning a video game critic from GP, in the name of freedom of expression. Duh.
PS: Jack Thompson is making a difference, and you aren't."[196]
  • "I enjoy doing what I do and I think I've got a First Amendment right to annoy people and participate in the public square in the cultural war,"[197]
  • "I'm 100 percent certain that it will effect change, otherwise I would not have filed it,"[198]
  • "There Is Absolutely NOTHING Perplexing About This Story
Real defenders of the First Amendment, such as Leland Yee and myself, understand that what constitutionalists call "political speech" is fully protected by the Constitution. What is not protected is the marketing of adult-rated porn and violence to kids. To the extent that the latter is tolerated, the real First Amendment is cheapened.
What is hypocritical here is not the stance of Yee and me, but rather the knuckleheads who exult in their "pixelante" status--which is defined as someone who tries to shut up video game critics--and then, in the name of freedom of expression, threaten me, my wife, and my right to speak out on the issues of the day.
The only censors, the only opponents of the First Amendment, are gamers who will not tolerate any dissent on their masturbatory game of choice.
Jack Thompson"[199]
  • "Jack Thompson with a Heads-Up
Just to let you all know:
Dennis McCauley, as this story indicates, feels he has some sort of constitutional "right" to post stories that incite harassment of me while at the same time trying to "ban" me from this site to try to counteract them and correct them.
I'll let those among you not impaired mentally by the games and game-induced drug-using (see recent medical study linking game play and illicit drug use)figure out the hypocrisy of that McCauleyapproach.
Be that as it may, the harassing emails I am now getting, which this pro-game site has encouraged, happen to violate a new federal law that prohibits and punishes the sending of anonymous, harassing emails.
What I envision having to do is sue GamePolitics, issue subpoenas, and thereby find the precise identities and locations of those emailing me. The court's have upheld that approach, and I may have to use it.
You didn't think of that did you, Dennis? As to the rest of you, you don't think period. Jack Thompson"[200]
  • "Jack Thompson Here
"Another culture's take on the effects of games on children"? Is Dennis McCauley kidding. "Culture has nothing to do with the "take." :Science is science. All of the science coming out of Harvard and elsewhere shows the demonstrable harm done to underdeveloped, young brains by these games. There is no debate left.
2+2=4 in Japan, too, Dennis. Wow, talk about me being ethnically confused. Oh, and here's a heads-up for you all" (He then reposted the above comment) [201]
  • "Yes, and thank you You all can't engage in a debate on the harm done to kids by adult-rated violent games without targeting me for criminal abuse. How in the world do you live with your hypocritical selves. Jaketheelf gets it. thank you. Jack Thompson"[202]
  • "Excellent points Everytime the thugs here, led by the lead thug McCauley, post a story the purpose of which is to incite harassment of me, he shows what a "freedom of expression" hypocrite he is. Maybe if you all sent sex aid products to him and his wife (if he has one)he'd get the point, but I doubt it."[203]
  • "Oh, I get it. If I shut up, you all will stop breaking the federal law on sending harassing emails? Gee, giving into terrorists is a great idea. Jack Thiompson PS: Get help for your above-depicted mental condition, please."[204]
  • "He obviously hasn't banned me successfully, junior. So he can't ban whomever he wants. Waaaah!"[205]
  • "Dennis McCauley published here a letter they wrote for David Walsh. Duh."[206]
  • "No, I don't respond directly to anonymous emails anymore. I turn them over to the feds. Read the new federal law on that, junior. And be very afraid."[207]
  • "Dennis McCauley Is Correct!
"It's all very confusing to GamePolitics." Dennis McCauley is absolutely correct. He IS confused.
My Modest Proposal was a lampooning of the targeting of police officers and women by the violent video game industry. Not surprised that a mere freelance writer, not a columnist as he claims, for the Philadelphia Inquirer wouldn't get it. The St. Paul Pioneer Press ordered McCauley to stop falsely presenting himself as a "columnist" for that paper, so we know the man is a fake.
Secondly, there is a huge difference between lampooning people who target others and assisting others in targeting others, which is precisely what GamePolitics has now done, again.
The fact that Newgrounds took down the game, upon my protest, is an admission that it should not have been done in the first place. It was not taken down, or "blammed" because of a low rating. The game rating of it was high. They got scared, and they should be scared.
Dennis McCauley is not scared because he is dumb. "Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom." Let's see, that would make Dennis McCauley the most unwise boy on the block today.
What you folks here are going to learn is that Dennis McCauley is not quite as clever as he thinks he is. Stay tuned. Jack Thompson"[208]
  • "Clean up the profanity, here, Dennis, or are the posting rules not for gamers?"[209]
  • ""My thoughts," for you is an oxymoron. Hooah! Jack Thompson"[210]
  • "Get a haircut, dweeb."[211]
  • "Learn how to spell, please And get off the games, so that your frontal lobes can heal so that you can spell."[212]
  • "Jack Thompson Is On Top of This Ad With idiotic moves like this from the video game industry, we destroyers of Rockstar and Eidos don't need any friends. Thank you, Eidos. You're as dumb as you look. Hooah! Jack Thompson"[213]
  • "Only Dennis McCauley... would even ask if this game is misogynist. Are you kidding, Dennis? Of course it's misogynist. What's your next question? "Is Dennis McCauley a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, or just a freelance writer?""[214]
  • "'m winning the war against Rockstar, and you're caught in a comic book. nice going, ace."[215]
  • "Got any comment on the Supreme Court case, or are you so impaired by game-induced drug consumption that you don't know what the US Suprme Court is?"[216]
  • "Jack Thompson to Gamer Pixelante Thugs: Pay Attention
Dear Children, Listen Up:
1. A "troll" is an anonymous coward to lurks in chat rooms and who has nothing better to do than hassle people with silly posts. I post with my real name, unlike the cowards here, and I have plenty to do. Just got home from a charity golf tournament my partner and I helped out, and before I left I was working with the authorities in Kansas.
2. As to cease and desist letters, Dennis McCauley, in defense of freeodm of expression, I guess, told me to stop posting here. Well, when he stops using this site to attack me, I will. Until then, it's called the Internet, and it's available to everyone. Duh.
3. As to correlation versus causation, you lose. Harvard, Indiana University, Michigan State, the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, the American Pediatric Association, the FBI, and the Secret Service all establish a causal link between violent game play and the types of incidents we had over the last two days in Kansas. You all who keep repeating "correlation" as if it were a mantra really need to put down the controllers and read the actual studies, including the recent US Supreme Court case of Roper v. Simmons. Double duh.
4. Finally, only gamers don't think that these games are a problem. It's kind of like dopers not thinking marijuana consumption is a problem. Oh, gee, now a medical study says that gamers are more likely to do illegal drugs, so it's all starting to make sense now.
Oh, one more thing: When someone you care about gets killed by an obsessive gamer, you'll care about the problem. I care about the problem, because I've sat with the victims in Paducah, in Alabama, in Medina, Ohio, in Fairfax, Virginia.
You all couldn't care less. Dennis McCauley couldn't care less. He's making money off the mayhem. Wait until it happens to someone he cares about. Triple duh.
Jack Thompson"[217]
  • "It breaks my heart to realize that the culture has basically transformed the church rather than the church confronting the culture and trying to transform it," "You've got a generation of boys in this country who are spending sometimes dozens of hours a week blowing away people, Now they're going to have the opportunity to do it in a Christian setting and, you know, where does it stop?" [218]
  • "Go see a shrink."[331] (Thompsons reply to a gamers email, here)
  • ""It Simply Drives GP Crazy"
Well, then, that was a short drive to Crazyland for the folks who run GP.
Obama is correct in his criticism of youth culture, because it explains, largely, why American students are falling behind the rest of the world.
American kids spend, according to the Kaiser Foundation, on the average 6.5 hours per day consuming electronic entertainment, made possibly by multi-tasking consumption.
This is time that should be spent doing homework, reading books, getting exercise etc.
Only a "crazy" bunch of gamers, to use Dennis McCauley's own descriptive and accurate word, would think that video games, which constitute a colossal waste of time and talent, are not affecting how kids act, think, and develop.
Indeed, the influence of the games can be shown by the total inability of the gamer pixelantes who post here to grasp this obvious truth. How sad. How predictable. How typical of lazy American gamer nitwits.
Jack Thompson"[219]
  • "Michael Moore Is a Big Windbag
Of course Michael Moore doesn't think video games have anything to do with the massacres at Columbine, Red Lake, Cold Spring, Paducah, Jonesboro, etc., etc., because the whole purpose of Bowling for Columbine was to indict the gun industry, even though Klebold and Harris broke the gun laws to get their hands on the guns.
Moore is distrustful of all major concentrations of power, unless they're concentrations in the leftwing media, then they don't exist.
Michael Moore is not a filmmaker. He's simply a very technically proficient propagandist in the Joseph Goebbels tradition. Jack Thompson"[220]
  • "Gamers Celebrating Being Thugs It is fascinating that young men celebrate being the modern-day equivalent of Nazi bookburners who threaten and harass someone who disagrees with them. "Self-deluded" to put it mildly."[221]
  • "Reading Is Something You Gamers Might Want to Try Sometime
The FBI and Secret Service both found that immersion of the perps in violent entertainment, particularly video games, led to a number of the school killings. It was the one common denominator. Those were government findings, not findings of some anti-gun nut who doesn't seem to get the point that all the gun laws in the country didn't keep the guns out of the hands of the perps.
Sorry you can't grasp the point. Every other adult did. Jack Thompson"[222]
  • "No, you have an unhealthy involvement in Nazi-like propaganda campaigns
By your logic, identifying a book burner makes one part of a book-burning jihad. The fact is this: Avid video gamers are the most intolerant and most hypocritical people on the public scene today. In the same of "free speech" they terrorize and threaten anyone with whom they disagree.
You all are so utterly wasted mentally that you celebrate being "Pixelantes," when that term refers to your vigilante tactics. Nobody in his or her right mind thinks that being a vigilante is a good thing. Thus, you gamers--and your chronic antics prove it--are clearly not in your right minds.
Thanks for proving the point yet again. Jack Thompson"[223]
  • "The FTC found adult games are sold to minors 40% of the time. Hal Halpin is a liar."[224]
  • "First of All, Hal, It's Doctor, Not Mister, Yee... FTC's findings is you. The FTC found that close to 40% of the time retailers are still selling mature-rated games to minors. If Seven-11 had that failure rate on tobacco and alcohol, the CEO of that retailer would be in jail. What you need to do, Hal, is stop lying about federal government findings. It catches up with you. You've been hanging around Doug Lowenstein too much. Jack Thompson"[225]
  • "And the FTC found also that some stores sell mature games to kids...
over 65% of the time. You call this success, Hal? It's pathetic.
Jack Thompson
PS: What are you doing about Internet sales of mature games to minors, Hal, hmmmm? You happen to know that there is NO ID-ing of kids in those sales. None."[226]
  • "Game Politics Is Utterly Wrong About This Bill
Dennis McCauley either can't read or doesn't want to read. The bill, as proposed, has TWO separate parts. The sexual material harmful to minors part (the porn part), simply brings video games into the definition of sexual material harmful to minors, by virtue of sexual content, that all other products distributed to minors in Oklahoma must adhere to.
The other portion deals with violent material that is harmful to minors, which can include video games. There is absolutely NO equating in the bill of violence with porn. Just the opposite is the case. Sexual material that is harmful to minors is one category (40+ states have such laws on the books), and then the violent section of the bill deals with mature games that are clearly inappropriate and thus harmful to minors by virtue of the violence, not the porn.
Dennis, get a lawyer. You need one to read bills, apparently.
Jack Thompson"[227]
  • "Jack Thompson on Kansas Television This Evening
Pixelantes and Hal Halpin, Who Is Just a Highly Paid Pixelante Lobbyist:
I am on Kansas television tonight and your're not. I'll be explaining to folks in Senator Brownback's homestate that some of the perps involved in the "Kansas Columbine" incited were found to be gamers by virtue of my close work with the law enforcement community there.
On the other side of the ledger, you have Hal Halpin, who spends days and nights doing whatever he can to make sure other parents' kids have access to violent video games that are mature-rated. If Hal Halpin really wanted to stop the sale of mature-rated games to kids he would stop agitating against legislation that requires a parent to make the purchasing choice.
See, Hal Halpin can't have it both ways, and maintain to the public that he is an honest individual. If the industry acknowledges that the mature-rated games are inappropriate for minors, then you can't also be for a scheme, as is Hal Halpin, that allows the sale of a mature-rated game to a kid with no parent in sight.
Either prohibit the sale of these games to kids, or stop pretending to want to stop the sales. The Federal Trade Commission repeatedly states that 35% or more of the kids who got to major retailers are able to buy these mature games. A kid who goes to two retailers has a better than 50% chance of getting the game. Hal opposes doing anything to stop the totally unregulated sale of mature games to kids of any age via the Internet.
Hal Halpin assists, daily, the video game industry's mental molestation of minors for money. Hal, get an honest job, please. Jack Thompson"[228]
  • "I have an honest job. I serve God, and Hal serves mammon. Look it up,dimwit."[229]
  • "Apparently not. Jack Thompson"[230]
  • "I have proven here that Hal Halpin doesn't want you to know the truth about his failed game ratings system. See below.
I have also proven here that Dennis McCauley was forced by the St. Paul Pioneer Press to stop lying about being a "columnist" for them. He had to remove that lie from this site.
Now, you can claim you are defenders of "freedom of expression" all you want, but when an Internet "news" site continues to post story after story about me, lying about me, promoting games that depict killing me, etc., then I am going to respond.
You all are total hypocrites here. You think it is off the wall simply to say that adult, mature-rated games should not be sold to minors, because you are big First Amendment defenders, yet when someone like me comes along and shows your hypocrisy and the dangers of that hypocrisy, and of the willingness of prevaricating lobbyists like Hal Halpin to hide what the industry does and how it does it, then you all want to "ban" me from my rejoinders.
Make up your freaking minds! Are you for freedom of expression or not? Your real problem is that you can't handle the truth, you can't handle the fact that God orders the world, not Sony, and you can't handle the fact that in a free country you have to put up with people like me. Deal with it, kids. Jack Thompson"[231]
  • "Hot Coffee was not "out in the open" because if it had been, then GTA: SA would have received an AO rating and no retailers would have sold it. That is proven by the fact the game was pulled when it was found.
Honestly, do you have to certify to a retailer that your IQ has been suppressed 30 points by video game play in order to get these games? Maybe we need an IQ test for mature-rated games rather than age ID?
Jack Thompson"[232]
  • "Actually, clean up your obscene mouth, junior
Everytime you gamer cretins use profanity you prove my point. Jack Thompson"[233]
  • "Hundreds of thousands of minors have credit cards. Are you crazy? Jack Thompson"[234]
  • "Hal Halpin states that the FTC found that as to his retail members,"only" 35% of the time are kids able to buy mature-rated video games.
What Mr. Halpin didn't tell you is that the figure for all retailers is 42%. Note the following found in the Reuters story reporting the entire truth:
"The FTC said that 42 percent of its undercover shoppers -- who were children between the ages of 13 and 16 -- were able to buy an M-rated game last year." This is at [235]
In addition, and this is what Hal Halpin doesn't want you to know, the Federal Trade Commission has most recently found that only in 50% of the instances did the cashier ask for the age ID of the buyer!
See [236]
I know what! Let's put Hal Halpin in charge of airport security in Boston and let's see if the passengers there are happy with 42% of the fliers not being checked for explosives and other weapons and not asking 50% of the fliers for identification!
How long would Hal Halpin hold that job, hmmm?
You see folks, Hal Halpin is paid by the retail industry to put a happy face on a failed system that allows millions of kids to buy millions of mature-rated games, and Hal Halpin couldn't care less because he's never met, as I have, year after year, families of those slain by video gamers. Hal Halpin has blood on his hands, the hands that hold his filthy lobbyist money. Jack Thompson"[237]
  • "GamePolitics Is So Busy Reporting Non-News ...
as to what Hal Halpin is thinking about, that it missed a real video game story:
Dad shoots at computer, saying son spends too much time playing games
By Joseph Langenderfer
Dunedin, Florida - A Dunedin dad probably made his point about his son spending too much time on the computer. Pinellas Sheriff's deputies say he shot at the monitor as his son sat near-by. Forty-four-year-old Joseph Langenderfer was arrested Monday afternoon at his home on Frances Street.
His 22-year-old son Tim called 911, saying he and his dad were arguing and his dad had just shot at him.
The older Langenderfer reportedly told deputies he was mad that his son had not done the laundry and was spending all his time playing games on their computer. He told deputies that although he told his son he was going to shoot the computer, the gun accidentally fired.
The bullet hit the wall about three feet from where the son was sitting.
Langenderfer is in the Pinellas County jail charged with one count of attempted murder, (accused of trying to kill his son, not the computer.)
[A family friend, serving as spokesperson for Langenderfer, said he heard the disembodied voice of Miami attorney Jack Thompson encouraging him to threaten his son, according to a video game site at www.gamepolitics.com]"[238]
  • "If Hal Halpin really wanted kids not to buy mature-rated games, here is what he would do:
He would do his secret stings on his retail lobbyist organization's members, similar to those done by Dr. Walsh's NIMF and by the Federal Trade Commission.
Upon tabulating the results, his organization would fine members that did not score at least a 90% compliance with the ESRB rating system in the first wave of stings.
Upon a second failure of any retail chain not to comply, the results of the failure would be made public.
Upon a third failure to meet the 90% compliance rate, the retailer would be kicked out of the organization.
Will Halpin do anything like this? Of course not! He gets paid by the retailers to make a 42% retailer failure rate look like "success." Hal Halpin does not want kids not to get these games. He wants them to get them, and the proof is that nothing--NOTHING--is done by his organization to punish the scofflaws who thumb their noses at all the parents who don't want their kids to be able to walk into these stores and buy these mature games.
Hal Halpin is a phony, and anyone dimwitted enough not to know it is probably a gamer. Fondly, Jack Thompson"[239]
And here's additional proof. ABC News yesterday reported that violence in school is now up, not down. All statements by others to the contrary are lies.
Secondly, there have been ten Columbine-like events that have been intercepted in the last month. Do your research, Dennis. Jack Thompson"[241]
  • "There’s direct link between violent video games and the kind of incident we almost had in Riverton, Kansas,""They took that affidavit and went to the homes of some of the suspects and found some of the games I suggested they would find,""These games are murder simulators used by the military to teach new recruits how to kill,"[242]
  • "Let's Arrest Patricia Vance for... conspiring to distribute material harmful to minors.
Patty, pay attention: Your organization puts phony ratings and descriptors, according to Harvard, on the games. That's fraud.
Secondly, you recite, like a mantra, the usefulness of the ESRB ratings in "helping parents make educated pruchase decisions." This is the biggest crock of all. Your organization fights the passage of laws that require A PARENT TO BE THERE AT THE POINT OF SALE, PATTY!
There is no parent involved in the sale when a 15-year-old, and in some instances a 9-year-old, as Lieberman has proven, presents to a cash register at Target and is able to buy GTA: SA, with no parent in site.
The ESRB does not want parents making these decision. The ESRB, and the ESA, want the retail industry to sell mature games to kids with no parents in sight, as proven by their efforts in courts to knock down laws that simply say: A parent must be there.
Patricia Vance is a liar. Hal Halpin is a liar. Doug Lowenstein is a liar. The entire video game industry is involved in a sham use of ESRB ratings to distribute sexual and violent material harmful to minors.
Yee is right. Clinton is right. David Walsh is right. All of you are wrong.
Repent of your sin, kiddies. Patricia Vance, I've given up on you.
Jack Thompson "[243]
  • "Correction
I appreciate the tone of this email, but let me correct your error.
I NEVER mocked the person who committed suicide. I pointed out that the type of game he was playing has figured in other suicides. :What I mocked was the faux "concern" for this unfortunate suicide victims by those who can never bring themselves to look at nihilistic bent of most games.
The assertion that I mocked his death is grotesque. I tried to make sense of it, and the rest of you tried to cover up why it happened. That is why you were in a rage, and you simply fabricated the "mocking" part. Ridiculous.

"I haven't seen any sympathy for the families of the dead police personnel in Alabama slain by the GTA player, now have I?

"That said, the "members of this community" abandoned "the moral high ground" a very, very long time ago. The obscene, threatening, disgusting, idiotic hate emails I get proves that. Jack Thompson"[244]

  • "Jack Thompson Here with Your Rockstar Demise Update
I'm delighted to be able to assist this defense counsel. Of course GTA helped cause the death. A Dallas youth was acquitted of a similar offence four years ago, having utilized a video game defense.
I really think a prosecutor needs to indict Paul Eibeler as an accessory to all of these crimes. He's putting a dangerous instrumentality into the hands of kids. He might as well be pulling the trigger.
Jack Thompson"[245]
  • "HUH?
Did I say "more"? Re-read my e-mail, Einstein. I said the game "helped cause the death." Where is the word "MORE" in my email? Can you gamers read carefully, or not?
The game was part of the causal mix. You guys never think anything bad could possibly come from a game. That is a bizarre blindspot in all of your thinking.
They were playing a game that makes that type of gunplay appear fun and consequence-free. If you can't figure out the causal relationship, then there's the proof your frontal lobes are fried by the games. Jack Thompson"[246]
  • ""Piece of Shit Bill"? Nice potty mouth. Typical gamer. Jack Thompson"[247]
  • "Truth Detector Here
Listen up, children. A law that prohibits the sale of an adult game to a kid does not "stifle creativity." It stifles child molestation. Big freaking difference.
There goes VGVN lying again. They say they want parents involved in this process, yet they want the "right" to sell a mature game to a kid with no parent in sight.
Jack Thompson"[248]
Our Alabama video game murder case is set for trial in June 2007.
See you all there!
Maybe Dennis McCauley can get some real press credentials to cover the trial!
Jack Thompson"[249]
  • "The Oklahoma Bill... ...is the best one passed so far, but its close on constitutionality. I like the one we're working on in three other states better. Stay tuned. If Dennis McCauley weren't such a dissembling goofball, I'd tell him what three states, but you can't trust someone who lies about whether he's a columnist for a paper--the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Jack Thompson"[250]
  • "I've Gone After Hollywood, Junior... You need to read my bio more carefully. Just be thankful I don't go after ignorant gamers. Jack Thompson"[251]
  • "Please, go right ahead. Senator Clinton herself said "The game ratings system is broken." Good luck convincing her otherwise."[252]
  • "Actually, Goebbels was not quite effective enough. He committed suicide right outside Hitler's bunker as the troops moved in. His propaganda, like that of the ESRB, cost the loss of innocent lives, and eventually it was seen to be the house of cards that it was. Nice try. Read your history in your seventh grade class a little more carefully. Jack Thompson"[253]
  • "Actually, 666 is the phone exchange I live in. Everyone in this city is a demon right? You've been playing too much Dungeons & Dragons, kiddo."[254]
  • "Actually, not so. I met with Lieberman chief of staff recently. Why don't you call her and ask her. She emails me routinely. Duh. Jack Thompson"[255]
  • "No, actually, they tell me that the emails they get are so obviously from drugged-out gamers that the communications prove my point and deepen their resolve.
Go to the Voters Network site. It's really a comedy site. Any relation to reality is purely unintentional."[256]
  • "No four, actually. By the way, if Dennis McCauley has banned me, how come I can stil post here? Duh. Jack Thompson"[257]
  • "REally, why would that be?"[258]
  • "Well, since you asked, it's because the video game tools--Halpin, Lowenstein, and Vance--are all masters of the "Big Lie," first perfected by the Third Reich and its mouthpieces.
Their technique, borrowed directly from Goebbels, is to repeat an absurd lie so often that the sheeplike masses believe it. The sheep would be you gamers. But you're sheep, after all, and you can't quite realize it.

Jack Thompson[259]
  • "WRONG
That is exactly what the Harvard study stays. It says the descriptors are way off and that the T rated games contain M levels of violence. I've even spoken with Harvard's Kimberly Thompson about the "ratings creep." No, that's not Patricia Vance. It's the fake nature of the game ratings. Grow up and learn how to read. Jack Thompson"[260]
  • "Mr. Spitzer Nails It!
Consider this great news one of my many culture war gifts to Doug Lowenstein, Hal Halpin, Patricia Vance, Paul Eibeler, and all the other entertainment industry knuckleheads who are totally out of touch with what is going on in America.
I've been providing information to Spitzer's office for several months now, particularly on the Hot Coffee matter and the class action lawsuits by shareholders. Spitzer has seen where the politics on this are headed, and he knows it is not going in the direction that the panicked Video Game Voters Network wants it to go.
Spitzer actually listens to voters, not entertainment industry shills. Spitzer has built a career deconstruction the scams of Hollywood. He knows how the industry puts money ahead of people, and the people know he's on their side.
Spitzer's decision to move on this issue proves what trouble the video game industry's marketing and sale of mature games to kids is in. Spitzer, if he's anything, is an adroit politician who can count the votes and see the trends as well as anyone. He knows that the vast majority of voters are not sheeplike drones of the Pixelante Thug Nation but rather parents who care about school safety and who have had it up to here with the entertainment industry's assault upon our kids and upon public morals.
This is great news for God's side in the culture war. God bless Mr. Spitzer. May Rockstar Games rest in peace. The Fat Lady is warming up to sing the final song for the ESA, the ESRB, and the VGVN. Hooah!
Jack Thompson"[261]
  • "Sure, all the GTA games. They've been advertised on Sports Center on ESPN at 2, 3, 4, 5pm in the afternoon. Dad's at work then, Einstein.
Secondly, all the gamer magazines have featured ads for those and similar games. I guess you missed the Federal Trade Commission report of the federal government on just that issue. You can keep asking questions, but if you don't listen and don't care for the answer, then you're the functional equivalent of a moron. Is that clear enough for you?"[262]
  • "No, he did listen to me. I would know. You wouldn't. Duh. Check out the April 5 letter in this thread."[263]
  • "Well, I can go to sleep each night knowing I'm not a coward who is afraid, as you and your other thugs are, to post my real name and phone number. Let's see you do that, PeeWee."[264]
  • "It's not harassment to post on a public site with one's real name, Chief Justice Cynic. What 3d world law school did you not graduate from?"[265]
  • "Hey, Genius. You able to read this line in the study? See below
"Nonetheless, the Commission finds that all three industries CONTINUE to advertise violent R-rated movies, explicit-content labeled recordings, and M-rated games in media with large teen audiences.""[266]
  • "Great. Now if everyone here will show your courage, you'll have a site in which people actually think before they post. Way to go!"[267]
  • "But I'm sick and tired of your being sick and tired... about our tearing apart your "hobby." So, what's your hobby? Selling mature-rated games to children?
This is what it's about. Open up your eyes and read the story.
This is not about taking adult games away from adults. It's about taking adult games away from kids.
If you don't understand that, then you simply have not been paying attention.
The ESA and the ESRB have been saying kids shouldn't buy these games. Fine. Spitzer is going to hold them to that, and they're squealing like stuck pigs because they never meant it. They lied.
If your "hobby" is to engage in commercial fraud, then you're right: Spitzer is out to take your hobby away. If your hobby is playing these games, and you're over 17 then relax, will you? You're acting paranoid.
Jack Thompson "[268]
  • "No, I didn't email him. I faxed him my letters. And I spoke to his crackerjack staff. Thanks for asking. Jack Thompson"[269]
  • "that's why the ESRB exists. so the PARENTS can DO THEIR JOB

Tell the self-regulation spiel to the MPAA. you're getting a bit pompous to assume that you are going to be elected as governor. Children never have been, are not, and most likely never will be "mere prey in a race to the lowest common denominator" as they are the future people. I know that sounded corny and such, but it's true.


it's already being done, oh wait, I forgot how censored an environment the USA is! seriously. there is no big conspiracy. perhaps i parents did their jobs then the kids wouldn't be playing so many videogames!


and for good reason. because at the same time, the world is getting more graphic too. if you want your children to grow up all protected and their naivety remaining untouched, fine. but when they get screwed over, I'm blaming you.


" guess what? the enforcement of those laws? not happened. if it's IGNORED, that's the PARENT'S FAULT! and there is currently something that prevents a 14-year-old from getting an AO game, that being that most places don't carry AO games. show me a place that sells AO games and I'll show you a porn shop.


"'Safe Games' legislation should also require retailers to post signs explaining the video game rating system to customers. Democrats and Republicans both have bills that would address these problems, but they have gone nowhere. It is time to make this a priority." okay, the entire thing requiring signs? that's just stupid. the ESRB DOES have a website. if parents want ot see the ratings, they can spend 5 minutes to see them at www.esrb.com


it's obvious that if spitzer has to say all that vile spew, then I'm glad to not live there, and parents DO have a job to do. it's called PARENTING>

  • "A Pixelante by Definition, Since You Asked... is a hypocritical thug who harasses people who disagree with him. The root word is "vigilante." Go look that up. Anybody who wants to be identified as a vigilante is beyond help. Jack Thompson"[271]
  • "A Pixelante Is Vigilante... He is the functional equivalent of a Skinhead, with a controller. Glad you asked."[272]
Attempted Carjacking Caught on Surveillance Video
Hacienda Heights, April 27, 2006 - An attempted carjacking is caught on surveillance video and now police are looking for the suspect.
A woman was pumping gas last night at a Chevron station on 7th Street in Hacienda Heights when a man confronted her. The video shows the woman trying to get away when the suspect tackles her to the ground.
The woman managed to fight him off and he eventually got up and ran away.
The young woman appeared to be okay as she described the attack to investigators. "[273]
  • "Hey, you got the quotation correct. Congrats! I'm in Wikipedia and you're not. Maybe when you make a difference in the world by not wasting your time playing games, you'll get in there, too. Until you get a life, you won't be helping anyone else's life. The advice is free. You're welcome. Jack Thompson"[274]
  • "You Really Need a Brain Scan...
I never said I wanted to talk to you. I actually have a life, and I have intelligent people I can call.
What I noted is that people who post here should have the courage to identify themselves fully, as I do.
Otherwise, posting anonymously is an act of cowardice. Try and pay attention next time. Jack Thompson"[275]
  • "Actually, I'm having the last laugh right now...
Because, as just about everybody admits, including Doug Goebbels Lowenstein, it was the Hot Coffe scandal that lit the fuse on this anti-video game push, and I'm the guy who prepped Hillary for her homerun last July on the issue.
I'm laughing my head off right now. I set out to destroy Rockstar, and I'm well on the way. And the entire ESRB/ESA sham rating system is coming down with them.
You're going to have the last laugh? About what? About how you have the last Grand Theft Auto game marketed and sold to kids? Jack Thompson"[276]
  • "Why don't you call the police ?"[277]
  • "It would be "Being Silly" Put down the controller... and grow a brain, frontal lobes, actually."[278]
  • "Awesome! Hey, now we're not only vigilantes, we're also thug carjackers! Boy, we Pixelantes are really cool. Dennis McCauley"[279]
  • "This is all I have been saying for three years... "Laws protecting underage kids from harmful products are nothing new – laws preventing kids from buying cigarettes serve as just one example. But currently, nothing under New York State law prohibits a fourteen-year old from walking into a video store and buying a game labeled 'Adult Only' - a game like 'Grand Theft Auto,' which rewards a player for stealing cars and beating people up. Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute and then killing her.""[281]
  • "No, it's a joke. I thought gamers liked jokes... Oh, I get it. Not when the joke's on you. Your bad. Jack Thompson"[283]
  • "Yes, I guess I did. But "fraud" requires selling something.
Dennis McCauley
Like myself as a "columnist" for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, when I'm not, which is why that paper told me to stop. Thank for reminding me. Dennis"[284]
Read the below and weep. How sad that months ago I pointed out the inescable link of pixelated reality to numerous suicides, yet in doing so I was the bad guy. You all are the ones who should be ashamed that you have fled reality, and the below is proof of the danger. You want no restrictions on the access of kids to garbage. You all couldn't care less about the deaths and their link to how you fill your idle, nihilistic lives.
By the way, Dennis McCauley, look at the number of posts on this thread. It is largely because of the hatefest that my postings spawn. You stories about which I don't comment, and, relatively speaking, nobody cares. You get increased revenue from advertisers based upon the number of hits on your site. Dennis, you're welcome. Jack Thompson"[332] Click link to see the article from The Vancouver Province he posted.
  • "Do Any of You Know What a Subpoena Looks Like
Notice to All Vigilante/Pixelante/GP Posters:
I have been receiving anonymous emails from posters here, which are extremely annoying and intended to be so.
Please note that each such email violates a new federal law which prohibits the sending of such emails, anonymously.
I'm saving the emails for an attachment to a subpoena. I am able by the subpoena to find out who each of you is. Boy, will your parents be annoyed.
You all try and figure out what the nature of the lawsuit may be.
Secondly, please note that not a single one of the terms listed by LiveJournal has been violated by me. Not one. If you can read, read the Terms of Agreement.
Proof of my compliance is that LiveJournal has NEVER contacted me advising me of any terms violation. Never.
Dennis McCauley, on the other hand, hypocrite that he is, keeps TRYING to ban me from GamePolitics because he doesn't like my blowing the whistle on his being caught by a newspaper misrepresenting his relationship with it, and he doesn't like the fact that I have had way more success in harming the video game industry than he has had in defending it. See Eliot Spitzer's recent announcement, which turns on the Hot Coffee incident. Hillary is the greatest anti-gamer babe, don't you think?
Mr. McCauley's view is that freedom of experessionis for the video game industry but not for anyone else. Journalists know otherwise.
Mr. McCauley, who keeps posting stories here attacking me, even promoting a kill-jack-thompson game,really needs to grow up and learn that freedom of expression is even for people with whom he doesn't agree. Poor, Dennis. He may wake up one day with a subpoena on his lap.
Regards, Jack Thompson"[287]
  • "Typical Pixelante Yep, looks like a typical gamer vigilante to me, which is why the term is Pixelante. Thanks for further visual confirmation of my point and the wisdom of coining the term. Hooah! Jack Thompson"[288]
  • "No, I just people by what they do and... This thumb up his controller bought a Vigilante t-shirt. Says a lot about him. Rather sad, really. Jack"[289]
  • "No, just assessing his sad appearance. He needs to put down the controller and study third-grade arithmentic, I believe his teacher said."[290]
  • "Actually... "normal person" and "average gamer" are mutually exclusive terms, but you wouldn't know. Jack Thompson (game-free since a trip to Betty Ford Clinic)."[291]
  • "Really, where's the ambualance. The cops and dispatcher in Alabama were dead long before I got there, but you don't care about them, do you? Just your little mental masturbatory pixelated fantasy world."[292]
  • "Hmmmm, Paula Zahn, when I met her in studio in Manhattan... said just the opposite. I think I would take a total babe's assessment over yours, especially since you probably think Truman Capote was a hunk. Jack"[293]
  • "Actually... "GP reader" is an oxymoron, Dennis, as I haven't found that a single person who posts here reads anything other than cheat code books. No newspapers, no Bible, no Constitution, none of the West's classics, just cheat code books. Very, very sad. Criminal, really. Jack"[294]
  • "Doug Lowenstein Is Lying Again
Actually, Doug, a universal rating system does NOT require the "support of many other industries." All it requires is 50% + 1 of the legislators in the New York Assembly and Senate, respectively. Duh.
Further, Doug, and I know it is hard for you to pay attention, with your traveling make-up artist asking you to close your eyes intermittently, but here you go. Maybe she can read this to you as you're being powdered: The laws that have been struck down have not used the proper approach. The courts have identified the problems. Those of us out here crafting better laws can actually read. We haven't had our frontal lobes fried by games, you know. You're about to see the proper approach in Delaware, Louisiana, and North Carolina.
For Bo, short for Boring, please note: We are all very aware of what your lying retailer organizations are doing. You're covering up the fact that the Federal Trade Commission has recently found that 42% of the time, kids of any age can buy Mature-rated games. That means, any underage kid who goes to two stores has a 63% chance of buying a Mature-rated game. Thus, the rating system is utterly flawed and ineffectual.
What we are out to do, with Governor Spitzer's help, is stop the video game industry from marketing and selling Mature-rated games to minors. Pretty simple stuff, really, and the industry is in a total panic realizing that that day is approaching. Glad to help explain it all to you guys.
Oh, and Doug, why don't you go threaten CBS again.
Jack Thompson"[295]
  • "Careful, norumu (nice fake name)... My wife might get jealous..."[296]
  • "Actually, you DO have a constitution in Britain. Now, you have five minutes to tell me what documents it consists of...tick...tick...tick..."[297]
  • "Oh? And of what are the games other than self-centered mental masturbation?"[298]
47 USC 223(h)(1), subsection 113 is a new federal law which makes it a crime, punishable by two years in prison, to send anyone an e-mail, anonymously, the effect of which is to annoy,e tc. Here is the text:
"Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet... without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person...who receives the communications...shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."
Any individual who posts here anonymously is thereby sending me an email via LiveJournal to my Yahoo mail address. If the effect of the email is to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass, then you've violated this federal law. Conservatively, there have been more than 1,000 criminal violations of this statute.
Now, you pixelante thugs have two choices. You can either fully disclose your real name, address, and phone number when you post in response to my posts, thereby sending me an email with your true identities, or you can refrain from posting. Your choice, but it is a choice you had better make, because here is what is going to happpen:
If any of you knuckleheads continues to send me the kind of emails you are sending me by posting at LiveJournal, then I am coming after GamePolitics and you personally. Got that? And oh my, how some of your parents will be upset. All I have to do is serve a subpoena on GP or LiveJournal. Really simple.
Dennis McCauley is the one who has chosen to use a bizarre system that sends emails to the posters. That was his choice. It was a very, very foolish mistake. Dennis thinks he can play lawyer, but a real lawyer can read a federal statute. That is the bind that Dennis McCauley has put you all in, and I already have hundreds of your emails, all of which violate the federal law.
You post anonymously at this site at your own great peril.
You've been warned. Now we're going to see how smart you really are. We know how dumb Dennis McCauley is. He put you in this bind when he went to LiveJournal. Really, really dumb.
Jack Thompson"[299]
  • "Actually I can, now pay attention...
My boxers aren't in a knot. Your legal briefs are. Everytime you post here, you send an email to my email account. Dennis McCauley, oh so foolishly, set it up that way. The receipt of that email constitutes a criminal violation of the aforementioned statute, which you have now violated. Nice going, ace.
Don't blame me, blame Dennis McCauley. Jack Thompson
PS: You can avoid prosecution by posting here your full name, address, and phone number. Your choice."[300]
  • "Pay Attention You can either stop posting to my comments, or you can publish your full identity. Your choice. Choose wisely."[301]
  • "Then stop harassing me, ace."[302]
  • "No, I suggest you read the federal statute
The statute makes it clear that I don't even have to receive an email. Mere posting in a chat room, like this, anonymously, the effect of which is to annoy, constitutes a federal criminal violation. You really need a pair of reading glasses and a law degree. Jack Thompson
PS: You were warned, and now you're on the list."[303]
  • "Oh, of course Hal and Patty have done something wrong... They, along with Doug, have knowingly facilitated the distribution of mature and violent games to kids. They should be incarcerated."[304]
  • "Lets say you make a kid feel angry; he is going to act out what he has spent hundreds of hours doing. He has spent hundreds of hours hurting people in virtual reality. And the thing that is doubly troubling now is the graphics are so crisp and so virtually real that the brain can literally not differentiate between real violence and virtual violence, I'm a lawyer who for 20 years did medically related work. As a citizen, I entered the violent video game arena with the Paducah, Ky., shootings,"
" I had represented abused women and children, and that album ("As Nasty as They Wanna Be") was totally inappropriate for minors, "
"Killing is such an incredibly dramatic thing to do. But I quickly became disabused of that skepticism. Now it's a whole body of thought that is very, very troubling. And we are seeing these instances with incredible frequency. Here we had one in Kansas and a day later in Alaska, Playing the games desensitizes the person to the act of killing, because there is no guilt. It's a game. You are winning the game, and it's a pleasurable thing. You can get a gamer's high killing people. And there's no need to feel guilty about it -- that's how you win the game. In the Civil War, for example, soldiers were found dead on the battle field with loaded muskets. It wasn't because the guns were malfunctioning. The soldiers were young men who had been trained by their parents to go hunting with guns -- not use them to kill others. And they couldn't do it, even in the face of hostile fire. So time and again these men would load their guns, raise them and pretend to fire. Those soldiers had not been trained to overcome their inhibition to kill, If somebody else's kid plays a video game and puts my kid in harm's way in school or someplace else, I have a legitimate interest in that, The Grand Theft Auto games immerse you in a lonely world of violence, cheap sex, and pixelated nihilism, Most experts say it takes more than 100 hours to complete all of GTA: San Andreas just once."
"It shows you how to -- by bullying -- take over your school. You punch people; you hit them with sling shots; you dunk their heads in dirty toilets. There's white-on-black crime in the game. You bludgeon teachers and classmates with bats. It's absolutely nuts. This is the most knuckle-headed thing I think any entertainment entity in the history of American entertainment has ever done. The word 'Columbine' means something. Everybody viscerally understands that you don't want to teach kids to bully one another. Suspects in the Kansas and Alaska incidents have bullying components just as Columbine's Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did. Then you give them a simulator on how to exact their revenge and settle scores? It's crazy." [305]
  • "His parents let him sit in his bedroom 12 or 13 hours a day on weekends, He had a bucket between his legs to urinate in. He had food and beverages on either side of the television screen. He did that because he couldn't pull himself away from the game."
"He's in his room. We don't hear anything and he not in the streets, But that's lazy parenting. Companies are making a product they know is problematic, but parents bear a responsibility."[306]
  • "Two predictions:
1. E3 will once again turn down my offer to appear on any stage and debate anyone about the harmfulness of violent games, and
2. There will be discussion of the following story that appears today in South Florida:"[307]
  • " By the way, I was just watching G4 with my son. Who in the world watches this garbage? People with no lives, obviously. Pathetic."[308]
  • "There's a lot of parental angst over the fact that these games are coming at out kids, and there must be some way to keep them away from our kids," "there's more evidence of that than there is that smoking causes cancer." "leave it up to a jury to find that the material is harmful to minors because of sex or violence. Don't have a statute defining what is harmful."[309]
  • “It’s a murder simulator,”
“It is not a game,” Thompson told lawmakers. “It is to teach you to kill, to enjoy killing.”[310]
  • "We're going to push this game at Christian kids to let them know there's a cool shooter game out there," "Because of the Christian context, somehow it's OK? It's not OK. The context is irrelevant. It's a mass-killing game."[311]
  • "The video game industry gave him a cranial menu that popped up in the blink of an eye in that police station," "And that menu offered him the split-second decision to kill the officers, shoot them in the head, flee in a police car, just as the game itself trained them to do."[312]
  • "Jack Thompson here. Sorry you're distressed about the right of US citizens to travel freely within the country to engage in First Amendment speech before state legislatures.
Maybe you should read the constitution sometime. Maybe you should have gotten off your rear end and testified at the hearing yourself instead of whining about my doing so and getting a unanimous vote in the House.
Jack Thompson
PS: If Dennis McCauley had not illegally censored me from his little terrorist site, you would have had more information about this before it occurred."[313]
  • "It's a murder simulator, it's not a game." "The U.S. military literally uses modified versions of these games, as well as their own video games, to do one thing: to break down the inhibition to kill among new recruits,"[314]
  • Jack Thompson on Free Talk Live debating his viewpoints. Thompson becomes so angry he hangs up on the hosts Ian and Mark. There are plenty of good quotes here.


  • "Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you're a hit man or a video gamer." [315]
  • "Wow, the level of comments here indicates why it is a good thing that gamers' standards are not the community's standards for discourse and entertainment.
Looks like the profanity in GTA has filtered into the pixelante subculture.
Anyway, we got the law passed unanimously in Louisiana and Video Game Nation got nothing passed, so is this a great country or what?!
I'm working with the Louisiana AG's office, and we expect to have the law held constitutional as it is not like the other laws that have been passed. But you all here wouldn't know, because you haven't read the federal court rulings, I have, and then I drafted the law, which deals with the rulings.
God bless Louisiana! Hooah!
Jack Thompson"[316]
  • "The corrupted and corrupting video game industry will, of course, challenge this law once it is signed by Governor Blanco. The reason is that this industry, through the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), its developers' lobbyist, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), and the retailers' lobbyist, IEMA (Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association) are involved in ongoing fraudulent conduct in marketing video games that contain adult material to children."[317]
  • "This would be a great idea if only the ESRB had the sense to hire an outfit whose principals had real talent.
Additionally, not real smart to hire a crew that has put out a t-shirt featuring a Jesus Christ who says "Don't be a dick."
That shows how totally out of touch the coquettish Patricia Vance is with mainstream America.
I love it. Boy, am I going to have fun with the "Dick" t-shirt.
Jack Thompson"[318]
  • "Radical, fascist Islamists recruit to their cause partly with the cry that American pop culture is raw sewage flowing to the rest of the world from a corrupted West. Take-Two helps cut the legs off the rebuttal to that argument. That is precisely why your corporate legs must be cut off"[319]
  • "We are going to have a hearing here in Florida to stop release of the game to minors. But you all wouldn't know that at Joystiq, because all you apparently can read is cheat code books. Duh."[320]
  • “Take-Two has just had sex with the Lady holding the scales of Justice.”

“You, Ms. Vance, now have a really, really, really serious problem… you’re pwned.” “You’re broken, Ms. Vance, and we’re going to fix you.” “Fraud has been committed, and the price therefore is going to be exacted, not upon me but upon you and Take-Two, your constant ratings scandal companion.” “I would suggest that you stop primping for photo ops and do your job, while you still have it. You have until Wednesday, Ms. Vance, then all Hell is going to break loose.”[321]

  • "You want to play hardball…? You want to try to throw me in jail? You have no idea what you are unleashing in doing this. You’re at the brink…”

“If this court in any fashion proceeds toward issuing a show cause order, given its utter baselessness and the bad faith goo in which it slithers, then Thompson will add whatever judge should do so as a defendant in the aforementioned federal civil rights action…”[322]

  • "Bully contains homosexual activities between Jimmy Hopkins and other male students. Is this a great country or what?"[323]
  • "I've got more Bar complaints than Judge Friedman has reversed opinions."[324]
  • "Are y’all threatening CBS and ABC and Rolling Stone and every gaming site and magazine in the universe, or just my college debate booking agent because you and your bullying company think they can get away with it?

… I am going to have an absolute ball pointing out to the world that Take-Two, the self-righteous, great defenders of “freedom of expression,” simply CANNOT abide Jack Thompson’s agent using allegedly protected trademarks of Take-Two. Freedom of expression my butt."[325]

  • "Take-Two is also stating that the sun does not rise in the east because Take-Two makes no money from its rising in the east."[326]
  • "Actually, He is coming back to judge and to destroy. Learn your Bible, goofball" (in response to an email stating that Jesus does not promote destruction of one's enemies)
  • "This is not rocket science. When a kid who has never killed anyone in his life goes on a rampage and looks like the Terminator, he's a video gamer."[327]
  • ...Don't lecture me about how I'm somehow akin to Hitler. Gamers are akin to the Hitler Youth. Pixelantes are vigilantes. You put threats ahead of arguments, extortion ahead of enlightenment.
    You all are the new book burners. Heil PS2! Heil Halo! Heil GTA!
    Put down the controllers and get a life, you lost souls. Jack Thompson.
    • "I have just instructed all of my... experts in the Alabama wrongful death case, all of whom have testified before Congress about the need for your kind of law, to have NOTHING whatsoever to do with your litigation in Louisiana unless I approve it... Lives are at stake, while your Mr. Foti does press conferences on Hurricane Katrina... "
    • (http://gamepolitics.livejournal.com/349747.html#cutid1)
  • "Crackpot is one word, like gameridiot."


  • "Jack actually just called and screamed at me for a couple minutes. He said if I email him again I will 'regret it'. What a violent man." - Mike Krahulik
  • "I once E-mailed Jack, about a school project mind you, trying to be serious and get a solid opinion, I metioned I was a gamer, which was relevant to the subject, but when he replied, he said that he was surprised I could be in school since my IQ was so low. Hmm, too bad I have an IQ of 163." -David Prah
  • "I mailed the "lawyer" A letter, asking what progress was he making in being such a hypocritical person to judge people by what they do. He simply told me to 'Go to hell more quietly', and after giving him another long rebuttal on that letter, he threatened me with lawsuit action. Needless to say, He obviously doesn't know the 1st amendment." - Griffin Lancer
  • "Jack Thompson doesn't cross things out. It's like admitting you were wrong." -Anthony Burch
  • "The mark of an educated man is that they can entertain an argument though not necessarily agree with it. This is proof that Jack Thompson is uneducated."
  • "I just E-mailed him to see how he would react, and I mentioned I'm a gamer at the end. I asked him about the ESRB, The Sims 2, and Grand Theft Auto. He responded, and I quote:

'No, I like it when I hear people like you get thrown in jail, though, and upon receipt of this email, I will now work on that." - Adam Hill


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