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Kenn Gividen (born February 10th, 1953) is the president of Columbus Marketing Group, Inc., in Columbus, Indiana. He is a business owner, author and libertarian activist.


Quotes by Kenn Gividen Copyright 2004,2005,2006

As thoughts come to mind I write them in a journal. Below are those thoughts...


Prohibition begets proliferation. — Kenn Gividen

No war is civil — Kenn Gividen [In response to reports that civil war is imminent in Iraq]

Is punishment a deterent?

The 20-point punishment for "doing meth" is:

a. Teeth rot out b. Dangerously high blood pressure c. Open facial sores and subsequent scars for life d. Paranoia and hallucinations e. Destruction of family f. Dangerously extreme weight loss g. Brain damage h. Memory loss i. Convulsions j. Potential death k. Blurred vision l. Dizziness m. Hot flashes n. Dry mouth o. Sweating p. Headaches q. Deformation of fetuses r. Asocial children s. Children with respiratory problems t. Children with severe mental problems

If that 20-point punishment is no deterent, why do we think a five year prison term and $25,000 fine will be a deterent?

— Kenn Gividen

One hundred years from today, who will historians say did the most damage to America? Osama bin Ladin or Franklin Delano Roosevelt? — Kenn Gividen

Blacks would be offended — and rightly so — if the term "ebonomics" were used in place of "welfare". Blacks should also be offended that "ebonics" is used in place of bad English. — Kenn Gividen

Imagine a teachers' union so powerful that instructors could not be held accountable for failure. Would teacher performance be enhanced or inhibitied? Unfortunately, there is such a union. — Kenn Gividen ]

The graft, vice, murder, etc. that accompanied the sale of alcohol ended — not by giving government more authority — but by giving Americans more liberty. [In response to the sneak-a-peek provision of the Patriot Act.] — Kenn Gividen

It is not wrong to defend the right to be wrong. — Kenn Gividen

I avoid the issues of flat tax vs graduated tax and property tax vs sales tax. The critical issue is not how we are taxed but how much we are taxed. — Kenn Gividen

Libertarians are different from libertines. Libertarians believe you have a right to be stupid. Libertines believe you should actually be stupid. — Kenn Gividen

I'm 1/16 Native American. If Native Americans are paid reparations, will I put in a dollar and get back .0625 cents? — Kenn Gividen

"Caught red-handed." Has it occurred to anyone that that phrase is patently racist? It implies that red-skinned people are thieves.* — Kenn Gividen

  • Note the word "implies" before sending emails regarding Scottish origin. ☺

The right to say it doesn't make it right to say it. — Kenn Gividen

Welfare has become a career option rather than a last resort and an ensnaring web rather than a safety net. — Kenn Gividen

To regain the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we must be willing to fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. — Kenn Gividen

Limited regulation breeds respect for the law. Excessive regulation breeds contempt. — Kenn Gividen

Government is no longer for the people because government is no longer by the people. — Kenn Gividen

Democrats will continue wasting taxpayers' money as long as taxpayers continue wasting votes on Democrats. — Kenn Gividen

The problem with the Republican Party is that it keeps splitting the Libertarian Party vote. — Kenn Gividen

We vote for bad Republicans to prevent worse Democrats from winning, then wonder why our best elected officials are bad.

— Kenn Gividen

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats. [From a letter to the editor, October 8, 2006]. — Kenn Gividen

Democrats believe government can solve problems by throwing money at them.

Republicans believe government can solve problems by throwing money at them.

Libertarians believe that Democrats and Republicans waste money to create laws and create laws to waste money. And that’s the problem. — Kenn Gividen

The difference between Republicans and Democrats can be summarized in three words: Dumb and dumber. — Kenn Gividen

Al Capone was notorious for manipulating people by giving them stolen money. Democrats are notorious for manipulating people by giving them “entitlements”.

All are thieves. Would it not have been better if they simply hadn’t stolen the money? — Kenn Gividen

"Good government reflects god," her e-mail said.

"Be mindful to captitalize the 'g' when referring to our national diety," I replied. "It should 'Government,' not 'government.'" — Kenn Gividen

There are three legitimate entitlements: The right to life, the right to liberty and the right to pursue happiness. — Kenn Gividen

The price of liberty is the absence of security and the price of security is the absence of liberty. For where there is security, liberty is wanting. Where there is liberty, security is wanting. — Kenn Gividen

When by virtue of its character society forbids itself from doing harm to others, the laws prohibiting that harm are rendered useless. It is character, then, that is the foundation of liberty. — Kenn Gividen

Six million Jews minus six million guns equal one Hitler. — Kenn Gividen

When liberty is exchanged for security both are lost. — Kenn Gividen

Liberty is the right to be stupid, the privilege to be responsible and the freedom to make the choice. — Kenn Gividen

The waitress asked, "Would like decaf or regular coffee?" I replied, "I'd like a diet Coke." She smiled. "You didn't answer my question." In debate, an accurate answer may require not answering the actual question. — Kenn Gividen

They say the cure for cancer will be found in a rain forest. And I believe them. First, they'll bulldoze the forest. Then they’ll build a research center. And there the cure for cancer will be discovered. — Kenn Gividen

Most are familiar with the phrase from the Declaration of Independence that reads, "that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." But few are familiar with the phrase that follows: "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted..." Government exists to secure our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing more; nothing less! — Kenn Gividen

What communism promised, capitalism delivered. — Kenn Gividen

Keynesian economics: Build sidewalks where no one wants to walk. Ignore obvious failures while pointing to occasional users as evidence of success.

Free Market economics: Look for well travelled paths worn in the grass and build sidewalks to accommodate the traffic. — Kenn Gividen

If it’s an inalienable right, why do you need a license? — Kenn Gividen

Ultimately, every economy is labor based. When no one works, nothing is produced. When nothing is produced, nothing can be bought or sold. — Kenn Gividen

What good is universal health care insurance if there is no universal health care? — Kenn Gividen

In Canada, the availability of health care is decreased in direct proportion to the increase in free health care insurance. Ultimately, the Canadians will become like the Cubans. In Cuba everyone has free health care insurance but no one has health care. — Kenn Gividen

Welfare does not stagnate an otherwise healthy economy; it reverses it. — Kenn Gividen

To empower government to take away your beer can is to empower government to take away my Bible. And to empower government to take away my Bible is to empower government to take away your beer can. — Kenn Gividen

We already have a Patriot Act. It’s called The Bill of Rights. — Kenn Gividen

Has it never occurred to the advocates of zero population growth that the industrial, information and technology explosions coincided with the population explosion? — Kenn Gividen

It is a futile act for the government to move people from the slums to housing projects. They simply turn the housing projects into slums. Why? Because there is no change in their personal character. For this same reason it is a futile act for the government to move drug abusers from their lairs to the prisons. They simply turn the prisons into drug houses. — Kenn Gividen

Are you a tax protestor? If the government were to take 35 percent of your income, would your protest? What about 70 percent of your income? 90 percent? 100 percent?

Ultimately, everyone is a tax protestor. — Kenn Gividen

Some day there will be no drug dealers, no purse-snatchers and no armed robbers. Fraud will be impossible, as will tax evasion. Cash will be gone. Bartering will be cumbersome, inconvenient and, thanks to satellite surveillance, impossible in quantity. Electronic currency will transmit from a convenient chip in your hand and an id chip in your forehead. Your chip will contain your medical history, work history and credit history. It will be your charge card and debit card. Missing children will be a thing of the past, for the laws that now require children to be vaccinated and to posses a social security number will then require them to be implanted with a chip. Terrorists will have nowhere to hide, armies will not move without detection, and payment to illegal aliens workers will be impossible. Liberty will have been wholly replaced by security. I do not wish to live in that society. — Kenn Gividen

For trade to be free, trade must be fair. — Kenn Gividen

Slaves are those who work for another against their will. When I hire workers for $10 per hour, I am forced to send $3.50 of their pay to their slave master. Against their will, the employees are forced to give 35% of their work to the federal government. The Chinese government charges less for their slave labor. Consequently, American corporations are using Chinese slave labor rather than American slave labor. — Kenn Gividen

Cuba has a one-man, one-vote democracy. Fidel Castro is the one man who gets the one vote. — Kenn Gividen

An animal rights activist decides to protest by throwing red paint on a person wearing animal skin clothing. He spies two people. One is a thin, middle-aged woman wearing a fur coat. The other is a burly Hell’s Angel wearing a leather jacket. Who will the activist choose? — Kenn Gividen

Libertarians actively fight to conserve the Bill of Rights. Are they not, then, the true conservatives? — Kenn Gividen

Oddly, some appeal to government for moral solutions. It will never happen. You can never go right by turning left. — Kenn Gividen

Government may be called upon to be a referee. It must never be the coach. It must never be a player. — Kenn Gividen

Libertarians believe that everyone should have the right to be stupid. Authoritarians wish to reserve that right for themselves then force it upon the rest of us. — Kenn Gividen

To deny one the choice to do wrong is to deny one the choice to do right. — Kenn Gividen

Look at any one of the countless thousands of photographs of black American slaves. Apparent is their poverty, their sorrow and their lack of weapons. — Kenn Gividen

Mothers entrust their young children to the care of a government preschools. They must then go to work to earn wages to pay taxes to subsidize government childcare. Would it not be wiser for mothers to simply keep their tax dollars? — Kenn Gividen

If someone shoots you dead, it matters greatly to the government if the act was intentional or accidental. To you, it matters not. Dead is dead. If our nation’s demise is due to intentional conspiracy or to natural drift away from the founder’s ideals, it matters not. Dead is dead. — Kenn Gividen

"You can't put that in the landfill," he said. “Why not?” I asked.

“It’s plastic,” he explained. “It’s not biodegradable.”

“But plastic is made of petroleum,” I protested. “And that comes from the ground. I’m just putting it back.” — Kenn Gividen

284 years lapsed from the discovery of America in 1492 until the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 228 years have lapsed between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and today. Though often viewed as the beginning point of the American phenomenon, the American Revolution was, to date, a mid-point in our nation’s lifespan. — Kenn Gividen

There is an often overlook difference between the founders of America and the likes of Hitler and Stalin. While the dictators openly boasted that their governments were strong enough to last for centuries, the founders of America frequently warned that our liberty was fragile and, if not protected with all diligence, would quickly and easily be lost. — Kenn Gividen

Justice, alone, is an inadequate reason for government to punish evildoers. Primarily, government should punish those who hurt others as a dire warning to those who would follow their examples. — Kenn Gividen

Civil government has two functions: The first is to punish bad guys as a warning and the second is to reward good guys with liberty. — Kenn Gividen

Socialism promises hope and delivers poverty. Capitalism promises nothing and delivers opportunity. — Kenn Gividen

Bill Clinton advises us to all pay our fair share of taxes. I ignored his advice and sent the IRS a check anyway. — Kenn Gividen

It is quintessential liberal hypocrisy. If they truly believe higher taxes will benefit society, why do they not simply donate additional funds to the government? — Kenn Gividen

"Investing" is a term politicians use for wasting tax dollars. — Kenn Gividen

If all were to heed the advice of Bill Clinton, “Pay your fair share to the IRS,” the government would be broke. — Kenn Gividen

The Bible advises me to pray for those in authority. And I do. But no matter how hard I pray, they keep getting reelected. — Kenn Gividen

Though a monopoly, the United States Postal Service is one government agency that could remotely be considered libertarian in that it is funded by user fees rather than taxes. — Kenn Gividen

> It is not the role of government to compel you to do what you would not. Nor should government compel you not to do what you would. Only when you infringe on the rights, person or property of others should government intervene. — Kenn Gividen

Having invested only $200,000 in Social Security, she retired a pauper, Had her money been privately invested, she would have retired a millionaire. Social Security makes paupers of millionaires. — Kenn Gividen

We will be a nation of private individuals or we will be a nation of government slaves. — Kenn Gividen

Every new law enacted takes space once occupied by liberty. — Kenn Gividen

We call them "lawmakers" not "lawtakers." — Kenn Gividen

If you can't be trusted to govern yourself, then others can't be trusted to govern themselves. Can others, then, be trusted to govern you? — Kenn Gividen

If all plant seed in the garden, there will be plenty. If all take seed from the garden, there will be nothing. Free enterprise puts seed in the garden. Taxation takes it out. — Kenn Gividen

Buy American, sell American. Better yet, buy in Indiana, sell in Indiana. Why not buy only in my neighborhood, sell only in my neighborhood. Protectionism can be counter-productive. — Kenn Gividen

Some wars are just. No wars are good. — Kenn Gividen

The Bill of Rights was designed to be a chain by which Americans bind government. It was never intended to be a chain by which government binds Americans. — Kenn Gividen

The Bill of Rights was designed to keep Americans free by restricting government. It was never intended that government be free to restrict Americans. — Kenn Gividen

The framers of the Bill of Rights got it right the first time. — Kenn Gividen

The best way to insure poverty is to subsidize it with tax dollars. — Kenn Gividen

That religious expression constitutes an endorsement and an endorsement constitutes a religious establishment is faulty logic. — Kenn Gividen

Want to witness the spirit of small business? Visit eBay. — Kenn Gividen

China will never invade America, lest we shut down their Walmarts. America will never invade China lest Walmart lose its best supplier. — Kenn Gividen

The road to peace is not paved so much with good ideals as with good deals. — Kenn Gividen

The cardinal rule of world peace: Never invade your best customer and never bomb your supplier. — Kenn Gividen

More Americans fear the IRS than fear al Qaeda. — Kenn Gividen

Want to avoid racial discrimination? Invest in securities. The stock doesn’t even know you own it. — Kenn Gividen

If Hillary Clinton is the architect, the Republicans are the builders. They have done what Bill Clinton could never do. They have turned America into Hillary's Village. — Kenn Gividen

Question: When George W. Bush and his "compassionate conservative" congress dramatically increased the size of government, did they make you angry? Answer: No, they made me a Libertarian. — Kenn Gividen

The contest between Republicans and Democrats is driven by this ideal: Whose buddies will get the lucrative government contracts? — Kenn Gividen

Patriots were those whose love for their country was made evident by their hatred for excessive government. — Kenn Gividen

Government education is nothing more than a very expensive entitlement program. — Kenn Gividen

When government regulates the price a manufacturer can charge for medicine, the manufacturer will stop making the medicine. — Kenn Gividen

What do you call a business that operates like the federal government? Organized crime. — Kenn Gividen

There’s really nothing wrong with government. It’s the idiots that run it. — Kenn Gividen

If the majority were always right, Democrats would never win elections. — Kenn Gividen

Depression, dysfunction and dejection in adults are frequently lifetime scars formed by forced socialization in government schools. — Kenn Gividen

As parents have the right to choose medical professionals for their children, they should also have the right to choose educational professionals for their children. — Kenn Gividen

If the Libertarian Party won’t take a stand for restoring the Bill of Rights, who will? — Kenn Gividen

To discriminate in favor of a particular class of people is to discriminate against those not included. To require that some must be included is to require that others must not be included. — Kenn Gividen

What if they held an election and no one showed up? — Kenn Gividen

Gridlock, they say, prevents government from working. And that’s bad? — Kenn Gividen

Ask not what your country can do for you, lest you create a welfare state. Nor ask what you can do for your country, lest you create a slave state. Ask what you can do for yourself. And that will create a free state. — Kenn Gividen

When government is free to act upon its own will, you will not. When you are free to act upon your own will, the government will not. — Kenn Gividen

Communism is a simple plan: Everything is owned by the government for the supposed benefit of society. Government education is a simple plan: Everything is owned by the government for the supposed benefit of society. — Kenn Gividen

Legalizing medical marijuana could result in graft and abuse. The same is true of Prozac. — Kenn Gividen

The right to happiness mandates government entitlements. The right to pursue happiness mandates the absence of government entitlements. — Kenn Gividen

Liberals believe you have the right to happiness. Libertarians believe you have the right to pursue happiness. — Kenn Gividen

Someday there will be one, universal currency. It will require a central bank. There will be a chairman of that bank. And that person will control the world. — Kenn Gividen

Do I believe in a flat income tax? Absolutely. And zero is a nice flat number. — Kenn Gividen

In the 1950s health care was available to nearly all, health insurance was dirt cheap and physicians routinely made house calls. Then government stepped in and fixed it. — Kenn Gividen

Though civilization has been around for, perhaps, ten thousand years, it wasn't until 1776 that we finally got it right. And now we've blown it. — Kenn Gividen

The electronic check I sent on the internet today replaced a paper check that replaced cash that replaced the gold standard that doesn't exist. — Kenn Gividen

I no longer pay bills with paper dollars or checks, but with electronic currents. Imagine the forward thinking person who first called it "currency!" — Kenn Gividen

Help me with my grammar. Shall I write, "The United States is singular" or shall I write, "The United States are plural"? [Paraphrased from another source.] — Kenn Gividen

I call it the cynical congressional cycle.

Congressmen get elected so they can bring home the bacon. They bring home the bacon so they can get re-elected. They wan to get re-elected so they can bring home the bacon. They bring home the bacon so they can get re-elected. It never ends. — Kenn Gividen

When asked in debate what I would do for hispanic immigrants, my answer was straightforward. "I will give you the same opportunity afforded my immigrant ancestors: Get government out of your way." — Kenn Gividen

I don't look upon them as immigrants. I see them as my ancestors. To despise hard-working immigrants is to despise one's own heritage. — Kenn Gividen

The immigration problem can be easily resolved: End welfare and entitlements. Then, the only immigrants who will come to America will be those who wish to contribute their labor to our economy. — Kenn Gividen

Politicians who refuse to enforce immigration laws are no better than illegal aliens who ignore immigration laws: Both should be sent home. — Kenn Gividen


Most libertarians can be lumped into one of three broad categories: Christian libertarians who are intolerant of agnositic libertarians, agnostic libertarians who are intolerant of Christian libertarians, and libertarians who are intolerant of none but intolerance itself. I belong in the third category. — Kenn Gividen

When government takes our rights, it is taking that which was endowed by the Creator. It is rendering to Caesar that which is God's. It is a violation of separation of church and state. — Kenn Gividen

“I have no religious belief” is a religious belief. — Kenn Gividen

Attempting to purge religious thought from politics is an invitation to tyranny. Attempting to purge non-religious thought from politics is an invitation to tyranny. — Kenn Gividen

Inclusion, not exclusion, is the solution to tyranny. — Kenn Gividen

Secularists who take comfort in the sanity of Ayn Rand should also consider the insanity of Joseph Stalin. There has never been a secularist state that was anything other than authoritarian. — Kenn Gividen

Robespierre, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Pol Pot were all secularists. They had this one thing in common with Islamic terrorsts — not to mention Protestants and Catholics who took to burning each other at the stake: They were all exclusionists. — Kenn Gividen

While attending the 2004 Southern Baptist Convention, I noted each overweight male who passed by. I also noted each who was not overweight. The score? Of the hundred that I counted, 80% were obviously overweight; 20% were not. If homosexuality were as prevalent in the SBC as gluttony, it would be considered a liberal denomination. — Kenn Gividen

Christian conservatives confuse regulation with righteousness. Righteousness — not regulation — exalts a nation. — Kenn Gividen

American currency reads, "In God We Trust." We trust government for welfare, education and social security. Government is the god in which we trust. — Kenn Gividen

Righteousness comes from the heart; it a matter of one's free will. Regulated behavior, then, cannot be righteous behavior. — Kenn Gividen

The Egyptians believed Pharaoh was a god. The Greeks believed Alexander the Great was a god. The Romans worshipped Caesar as a god. Americans depend on government as their god. — Kenn Gividen

I never met a member of the Moral Majority who was moral by government mandate. — Kenn Gividen

There is economic welfare. Government attempts to provide economic solutions to problems rooted in personal character. It always fails. There is moral welfare. Government attempts to provide moral solutions to a problems rooted in personal character. It always fails. — Kenn Gividen

Banning religious expression and calling it "religious liberty" is like murdering women and calling it "feminism." — Kenn Gividen


The Declaration of Independence guarantees the right to life and the right liberty. To be consistent, we must defend both. — Kenn Gividen

An abortion is a procedure in which a pregnancy is aborted. In a c-section procedure, the pregnancy is aborted for the purpose of saving the baby’s life. Should we, then, cease calling procedures that end the baby’s life “abortions” and properly call them “baby killings”? — Kenn Gividen

The Libertarian Party is the only national party that categorically denounces tax-funded abortions. — Kenn Gividen

"Destroy the rainforest," they say, "and you may unwittingly destroy the unknown herb that contains the mysterious secret that cures cancer."

"Destroy children in abortion clinics," I would add, "and you may unwittingly destroy the scientist who unlocks the mystery." — Kenn Gividen

I recently saw a car that sported a bumper sticker reading, "I Vote Pro-Life." The car also donned a sticker touting a Republican candidate. Considering the GOP supports tax-funded abortions, I concluded the driver to be either ignorant or hypocritical. — Kenn Gividen


Is is. — Kenn Gividen

Sense is seldom common. — Kenn Gividen

The greatest fools are those who believe they cannot be fooled. — Kenn Gividen

When life pitches fast hard balls, don't duck. Swing. — Kenn Gividen

Kindness is contingent upon context. — Kenn Gividen

Form follows function: Watching where people walk, then constructing the sidewalks. — Kenn Gividen

When to you their wisdom is that of fools, to them your wisdom is that of fools. — Kenn Gividen

Hear vs Heed: Hear everyone. Heed only the wise and prudent. — Kenn Gividen

Can a cynic be cynical of cynicism? Or a skeptic skeptical of skepticism? — Kenn Gividen

The right thing to do is to do the right thing. — Kenn Gividen

My brain has a mind of its own. — Kenn Gividen

Always think for yourself, but not always of yourself. — Kenn Gividen

Be a friend to all; a fool of none. — Kenn Gividen

We often say we are saving time or taking time. But time can't be saved and it can't be taken. No one can save an hour today and spend it tomorrow. It takes itself at the rate of sixty seconds per minute; sixty minutes per hour. We use it or we lose it. — Kenn Gividen

It may be true that only five percent of the things we worry about ever occur. But it's that five percent that I worry about. — Kenn Gividen

Gossip is good when your words are positive. — Kenn Gividen

Past, present and future: • Today is five years ago from five years from today. • If tomorrow is today's future, then today is tomorrow's past. You can change the past by changing the present. — Kenn Gividen

Some ask questions to get answers. Some ask to get arguments. Answer the former and ignore the latter. — Kenn Gividen

I don't know what's more disturbing; the ruckus caused as grandchildren invade our home or the silence after they leave. — Kenn Gividen

Don't open your mouth if it makes your brain disappear. — Kenn Gividen

I've often wondered why feminists prefer "person" rather than "man." "Person" is simply a contaction of "per" and "son" and means "for every son." It is as utterly masculine as the word "man." It is the antithesis of the proposed word, "perdaughter." — Kenn Gividen

If intolerance is wrong, must one tolerate intolerance? — Kenn Gividen

Pragmatism usually lies somewhere between idealism and realism. To wholly embrace idealism is to fail to function in the real world. To wholly deny idealism is to fail the opportunity to improve upon reality. — Kenn Gividen

The Bill Cosby Show, Leave it To Beaver and other sitcoms all share this common denominator: These television families never watch television. Vicariously, they live our lives as we watch. — Kenn Gividen

It’s common sense to believe that for common good we must meet on common ground. — Kenn Gividen

Zora Neale Hurston once noted that "nothing is destructible; things merely change forms." If that be true, then the material matter that comprises your body is eternal. It has always existed. It always will exist. — Kenn Gividen

We are composed of eternal matter that, for a whisper of time, is so arranged as to yield life. — Kenn Gividen

You are 14 billion years old. You body is composed of a complex arrangement of atoms that were formed 14 billion years ago. That they are so arranged as to allow you life for a brief moment in time between the creation event and eternity is cause to wonder. Matter is never destroyed, it simply changes form. — Kenn Gividen

I never could understand why anyone would want to hurt anyone. — Kenn Gividen

It is an inigma that humans, called the highest form of animals, are the only creatures that inflict pain for the explicit purpose of pleasure. — Kenn Gividen

The pyramid on the dollar, they say, is the secret symbol of the Illuminati. I've often wondered why they would place their symbol on the widest circulated piece of paper on earth if they wanted it to be a secret. — Kenn Gividen

One may believe the world is flat or the world is round. One may believe there is a God or there are no gods. Believing the world is round does not make it so, nor does believing make it flat. Believing in God does not necessitate his existence, nor does believing negate his reality. Is is what is is, regardless of what we believe. — Kenn Gividen

Every silver lining has a cloud. — Kenn Gividen

Be slow to rebuke young people for their lack of wisdom. Their naivete breeds spunk. If most of us knew then what we know now, we would have known better than to try in the first place. — Kenn Gividen

The greater the darkness, the brighter the star. — Kenn Gividen

Could it be that the annoying obnoxiousness of adolescents is nature's means to encourage parents to kick them out of the house? — Kenn Gividen

We name places to remind future generations who change the names to remind future generations. — Kenn Gividen


Occasionally, someone will ask about my religion. My response is, “I’m an Isist.” Is is not what I think, believe it to be or even could be. Is just is. — Kenn Gividen

We credit to gods what we cannot know or understand. — Kenn Gividen

It's not a matter of mental religious programming. It's a question of the right program. — Kenn Gividen

Religious mental programming provides an explanation for religious traditions. Persons from India, for example, will be Hindus, not by virtue of rational evaluation, but because of programming. Persons born in Indiana will not be Hindus, but Christians, if exposed to Christian programming. — Kenn Gividen

"Giving away money," the televangelist said, "will release God's financial blessings upon those who face financial difficulties." He closed his program by citing his ministry's financial straits. But rather than giving away money to release God's financial blessings, he asked for contributions. — Kenn Gividen

"A proud look" is listed as the thing God's hates the most. It's ironic that God would hate so many clergymen. — Kenn Gividen

I find it peculiar that Christians call themsevles "believers" as if to presume that non-Christians have no faith. In fact, everyone is a believer. It's simply a question of what one believes. — Kenn Gividen

If find it peculiar that atheists call themselves "free thinkers" as if to presume that non-atheists have no freedom of thought. In fact, everyone is free to think. It's simply a matter of how their thoughts are directed. — Kenn Gividen

I have a little insight of what it was like for Christians to be ripped apart by lions: I've been to church. — Kenn Gividen


What can be more silly than a bunch of Christians trying to prove true that which is not? A bunch of atheists trying to disprove that which is not. — Kenn Gividen

The difference between atheists and religionists is simple: Religionists walk by faith, not by sight. Atheists walk by sight, not by faith. — Kenn Gividen

Atheists walk by faith in sight; religionists walk by faith instead of sight. — Kenn Gividen

Is it sensible to believe in that which is insensible? — Kenn Gividen

Some of the best Christians I know are atheists. — Kenn Gividen

Thoughts on abnegation:

At the core of every theist is a denial of faith, revealed by the theist’s behavior. And at the core of every atheist is an obsession to deny that which is professed to be non-existent. — Kenn Gividen

“For more than three thousand years men have quarreled concerning the formulas of their faith. The earth has been drenched with blood shed in this cause, the face of day darkened with the blackness of the crimes perpetrated in its name." Felix Adler, founding address of New York Society for Ethical Culture, May 15, 1876

One hundred years later communists governments had proven humanity's inhumanity to be even more sever under atheism. — Kenn Gividen

My study of atheism reveals it to be one of a thousand philosophical disciplines oblivious to its own nescience, embracing intolerance of variant views and steeped in arrogance. In short, atheism embraces all the narcisstic stigma that typifies religion. — Kenn Gividen

The term "agnostic" simply means "I don't know." And that causes me to wonder: Who is the greatest agnostic? The one who knows he doesn't know? Or the one who doesn't know he doesn't know? — Kenn Gividen

Atheists frequently cite the inhumanity of religions but seldom acknowledge religious benevolence. — Kenn Gividen

Christian organizations are known for their charity. Atheist organizations are known for their opposition to Christians. — Kenn Gividen

The lack of charitable endeavors among atheists does not disprove their disbelief in theism. It merely proves their disbelief in charity. — Kenn Gividen

I see nothing in the arrogrant behavior of atheists that would compel me to become an atheist. I see it in the arrogant behavior of theists. — Kenn Gividen

Never confuse humanism with humanitarianism. — Kenn Gividen

Imagine a man who locks himself in a cage and there lives out his years. He considers himself to be free because his confinement is that of his own will. Imagine those who lock themselves in a defined and unwavering mindset. They proudly adopt the moniker, "free thinkers," because their mental bondage is that of choice. — Kenn Gividen

Faith without evidence is presumption. — Kenn Gividen


Either creationism is religion masquerading as science, or evolution is atheism masquerading as science. — Kenn Gividen

Did God create humans to concoct the theory of evolution? Or did evolution produce humans to concoct the theory of God? — Kenn Gividen

Those who possess older textbooks still “know” that Neandertal is our ancestor. Those with text books published after 1997 will “know” that DNA testing proved conclusively that Neandertal is unrelated to homo sapiens. It seems the only things evolving are the textbooks themselves. — Kenn Gividen


Before you sign it, they call it an "simple agreement." After you sign it it's a "binding contract." — Kenn Gividen

The greatest risk is to risk nothing. — Kenn Gividen

A business that has no debt cannot fail. At it’s worse it will break even. — Kenn Gividen

John earns ten dollars per hour. Bob earns ten dollars per hour. John bought ten gizmos imported from China for one dollar each. Bob bought one gizmo made in America for ten dollars.

John earns ten times more than Bob. — Kenn Gividen

I recently met a pre-teenage girl who is a financial genius. In 2002 she earned $68 billion more than Enron and all she did was baby sit part time. — Kenn Gividen

Some worry that they are not smart enough to succeed in business. My answer? "You just need to be smart enough to hire people who are smart enough." — Kenn Gividen

To be opposed to business monopolies is to be pro-business. To be opposed to union monopolies is to be pro-union. — Kenn Gividen

Want a high yeild on a small investment? Say something kind about someone behind their back without their knowledge. The word will spread and the return is phenomenal. — Kenn Gividen

There's more to invest than money. — Kenn Gividen

"Professional jealousy" is a misnomer. If it's jealousy, it's not professional. — Kenn Gividen

If you invest one third of your life in bed, it makes sense to invest in a good bed. If you invest one half of your life wearing shoes, it makes sense to invest in good shoes. — Kenn Gividen

I bought a brand-new mini-van for $25,000 and drove it for 150,000 miles. A "smart" friend bought an identical but used mini-van for $12,500 and drove it for 75,000 miles. Who got the better deal? — Kenn Gividen

A penny saved is a penny that earns. — Kenn Gividen

Money is an unfaithful friend. It will leave you when you need it the most. — Kenn Gividen

So what if your new car loses 20 percent of its value when you drive it off the dealer's lot?! The resell value of a newly purchased vehicle is not relative — unless you plan to sell it immediately. What does matter is the car's value after several years and many miles. My advice? Price compare by cost per mile rather than sticker price. Example: A new $30,000 car driven for 100,000 miles will cost 30 cents per mile. A used $15,000 car driven for 50,000 miles will also cost 30 cents per mile... but will be out of warranty! (And you haven't saved a dime!)

New car advantages:

• higher resell value of single owner vehicle • same cost per mile as used car (or slightly more) • full warranty • keep same vehicle twice as long • fewer maintenance problems

New car disadvantages:

• higher taxes • higher insurance cost — Kenn Gividen

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