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If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools.
Katherine Mansfield
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Kinsey (2004) Written and directed by Bill Condon; a film based on the life of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey.

Wikipedia article on Dr. Alfred Kinsey

  • Clyde Martin: Sex is a risky game, because if you're not careful, it will cut you wide open.

  • Alfred Kinsey: Love is the answer, isn't it? But, sex raises a lot of very interesting questions...

  • Alfred Kinsey: What's your most common position?
  • Couple being interviewed: [bewildered and inquisitive looks] There's more than one?!

  • Clyde Martin: When did you first begin masturbating?
  • Old Woman: I INVENTED masturbation.

  • Alfred Kinsey: [Kinsey is teaching his first class] Who can tell me which part of the human body can enlarge a hundred times. You, miss?
  • Female Student: [indignantly] I'm sure I don't know. And you've no right to ask me such a question in a mixed class.
  • Alfred Kinsey: [amused] I was referring to the pupil in your eye, young lady.
  • [class laughs]
  • Alfred Kinsey: And I think I should tell you, you're in for a terrible disappointment.

  • Wardell Pomeroy: How old were you when you first engaged in sexual activity with a partner?
  • Research Subject: 14.
  • Wardell Pomeroy: How?
  • Research Subject: With horse.
  • Wardell Pomeroy: [pause] How often were you having intercourse with animals at age 14?
  • Research Subject: [stunned] It's true. I fucked a pony. You are genius, how did you know?
  • Wardell Pomeroy: You just said you had
  • [pause]
  • Wardell Pomeroy: Sex with horse.
  • Research Subject: Nooo...Whores, not horse, WHORES.

  • [at dinner]
  • It's advisable to stick to what's normal. You don't want to shake people up.
  • Alfred Kinsey: Of course not.

  • [Clyde Martin to Alfred Kinsey]
    You just told me your entire history, but there hasn't been a single mention of love.

  • [at the doctor, after their unsucessful wedding night]
  • Doctor: How large is your penis?
  • Kinsey: Excuse me?
  • Doctor: When erect, how large is it? How long from the strodent? [pointing at measuring stick] Here? Here? [points to the very end of the scale] Here?
  • [Clara points off the scale]
  • Doctor: I'm surprised you didn't pass out.


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