Ocean's Thirteen

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Ocean's Thirteen is a 2007 film in which Danny Ocean rounds up the boys for a third heist, after casino owner Willy Bank double-crosses one of the original eleven, Reuben Tishkoff.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Written by Brian Koppelman and David Levien.
What are the odds of getting even? 13 to one.taglines

Danny Ocean

  • You shook Sinatra's hand. You should know better, Willy.
  • [to Rusty before leaving] You should settle down. Have a couple of kids.

Rusty Ryan

  • Is that... are you watching Oprah? with wine? [sniffle] Is she really going to give them a new home?
  • [to Danny before he leaves] Next time, try keeping the weight off in between.

Linus Caldwell

  • [about his prosthetic nose] It is not a prop for prop's sake!
  • [Linus is talking to his dad on the phone] No, Dad. It will work. [Danny puts his hand out for the phone] No Dad, I won't put Danny on. [Rusty puts his hand out for the phone] Or Rusty.
  • [At the airport, homage to real life] I guess I'll see you when I see you
  • I'm so deep into Pepperage I am him.

Willie Bank

  • You know, you're half smart, Ocean.
  • Oh, I don't lose. People who bet on me to lose lose. And they lose big.
  • I don't want the labor pains, I just want the baby!
  • [To Danny Ocean] Some people I take seriously tell me you are a serious guy.


  • Saul Bloom: When they opened The Flamingo, one day it was closed, the next it was open. End of story. I know, I was there.
  • Reuben Tishkoff: We'll talk about it when I'm dead.
  • Roman Nagel: You're analog players in a digital world.
  • Roman Nagel You're like the Morecombe and Wise of the theivery world, but even they went off the boil after a while
  • Yen: Shit! Shit! Shit!
  • Saul Bloom: (Talking to Willie Bank as Kensington chub) Well, so far, this establishment is of...Aces!
  • Willie Bank:Oh, good,the Ace of Diamonds, I hope.


Reuben Tishkoff: So... where's the partner's desk gonna be?
Willie Bank: Oh, there is no partner's desk, Reuben. You're out.
Reuben Tishkoff: What? Are you gonna throw me off the roof?
Willie Bank: Well, I don't want to.

Rusty Ryan: Well, she said she liked surprises...
Danny Ocean: I don't think that is what she meant.
Rusty Ryan: You think?
Danny Ocean: So she dropped the remote...
Rusty Ryan: And I put the towel back on.
Danny Ocean: Well, those are the waters.

Rusty Ryan: Relationships can be...
Danny Ocean: Sure.
Rusty Ryan: But they're also...
Danny Ocean: That's right.

Danny Ocean: That's your idea?
Linus Caldwell: Well, we've shaken all the trees, we've looked under every rock, we've searched every... I mea... We've talked to everybody we can trust. I know it's not a great idea but it is an idea and I think as long as we have one idea we shouldn't give up.
Rusty Ryan: I was really hoping to avoid that this time.

Turk Malloy: I don't care if it gets messy.
Virgil Malloy: I'll drive you. We'll get him leaving his barber.
Livingston Dell: And I'll inject him.
Basher Tarr: And I'll find a spot to get rid of the body.
Rusty Ryan: All valid ideas. Great initiative. But...
Danny Ocean: But...

Willie Bank: This town might have changed, but not me. I know people highly invested in my survival, and they are people who really know how to hurt in ways you can't even imagine.
Danny Ocean: Well, I know all the guys that you'd hire to come after me, and they like me better than you.

Roman Nagel: You do know what a magnetron is?
Danny Ocean: [pause] Something that screws up the Grecco?

Danny Ocean: They built 'em smaller back then.
Rusty Ryan: They seemed big.
Danny Ocean: Town's changed.

Basher Tarr: [Pretending to be a stunt biker] Mr. Bank. Do you know what Chuck Berry said every night before counting one two three four?
Willie Bank: What did he say?
Basher Tarr: [Lifting a finger up for each word] Pay me my money!

Rusty Ryan: Are you alright?
Danny Ocean: Yeah, um, I just bit into a pepper.
Rusty Ryan: Is that... are you... are you watching Oprah? With a bottle of wine?

Linus Caldwell: Have you guys been talking to my dad?
Danny Ocean: Why would we do that?
Linus Caldwell: That's not a "no."
Danny Ocean: Look...
Rusty Ryan: He just wanted to know how the nose was working for you.
Linus Caldwell: Oh, I knew it, man! He just can't leave it alone! What did you tell him?
Rusty Ryan: Oh, I told him the nose plays.
Linus Caldwell: The nose does play.
Rusty Ryan: The nose plays.
Danny Ocean: It's great, it's huge.

Terry Benedict: You think this is funny?
Danny Ocean: Well, Terry, it sure as shit ain't sad.

Terry Benedict: [When Danny, Rusty, and Linus ask for his help] Number one: If any of you try to screw with me, you're dead. And I'll be looking into the whole operation. Number two: If I lend you this money, I'm your senior partner, last money in, first money out...And you will double my investment.
Danny Ocean: Double.
Terry Benedict: ...Is that a yes?
Rusty Ryan: Double.
Terry Benedict: [Nods] That monstrosity that Bank calls a hotel casts a shadow over my pool. Break him. Break him in half. The man has no taste. Yet every time he opens a hotel, he wins a Royal Review Board Five Diamond Award. Every time he wins, he celebrates by...
Danny Ocean: We know, by buying one for his wife.
Linus Caldwell: You mean five.
Rusty Ryan: One is five.
Terry Benedict: Number three: I want you to steal the diamonds.
Rusty Ryan: It can't be done.
Linus Caldwell: We don't have the manpower.
Danny Ocean: Or the time.
Rusty Ryan: Or a way in.
Danny Ocean: We get caught, we go away for life! We're not going to risk that just so you can get his diamonds!
Terry Benedict: Oh, I don't want them. I just want him to lose what matters most to him. Do what you want with them. But either you steal the diamonds, [shrugs] or you get somebody else to finance your drill.

Basher Tarr: Read this to Reuben. I've done research: positive messages get through.
Linus Caldwell: I can't say this.
Basher Tarr: No, no, I am saying it, you're just a vessel.
Linus Caldwell: Come on, Basher! Look, why don't you take a brake, I'll watch all the equipment, you go read it to him.
Basher Tarr: You know when they were digging the tunnel they had teams of guys monitoring this.
Linus Caldwell: Yeah? How many?
Basher Tarr: Teams!

Terry Benedict: Think he's gonna fall for this?
Danny Ocean: You did. You ready?
Terry Benedict: I was born ready.
Danny Ocean: [rolls his eyes]

Turk Malloy: Are you in yet?
Virgil Malloy: I hate that question.

Turk Malloy: Don't change the facial structure.
Virgil Malloy: I'm making you taller. Don't you want to be taller? You're a midget in 34 states.
Turk Malloy: Yeah, well, I'm an animal in the other 34.
Virgil Malloy: [turns and stares at Turk]
Turk Malloy: 24... 22.

Rusty Ryan: The problem is security were drawing a blank. It's a little spooky.
Linus Caldwell: [talking to Danny on the phone] The specs aren't on the gray maket, the black market or any other market and all I keep hearing is there's never been a system like this. Now I found out where they designed it but I can't even get in the building. I've blown all my buy money, my bribe money, four of my best I.D.'s and I am nowhere...well not only am I nowhere I'm pretty sure I'm being followed.
Danny Ocean: Do you have anything?
Linus Caldwell: Yeah I think I have a name but I don't even know if its right. They're calling it-
Roman Nagel: The Greco. The Greco Player Tracker.

[during this scene almost constantly someone is talking over some other's voice]

Virgil Malloy: Long past checkout time, sir.
The V.U.P.: What? I'm in no condition to checkout,( I have...)
Virgil Malloy: You've overstayed your reservation, sir. We need the room.
The V.U.P.: But, Nevada innkeeper laws make it illegal to evict a (guest who is sick, you can't do...)
Turk Malloy: Expect in case of public health and safety,( sir. Occupants have evidenced a flagrant)...
Virgil Malloy: You're obviously experiencing some sort of abrasion, sir.
Turk Malloy: ...repeated disregard for acceptable standard for personal HYGIENE.
The V.U.P.: I haven't disregarded my hygiene.
Turk Malloy: Sir, (but yes)...
Virgil Malloy: (SIR,) what I am trying to say is...
Turk Malloy: ...you have.
Virgil Malloy: ...you've gone nose deaf.
The V.U.P.: What?
Virgil Malloy: You're oblivious to your effect on other guests.
The V.U.P.: I really don't see what effect (I've had on other guests if I am not in my room, and)...
Turk Malloy: Fifteen minutes! Fif-teen minutes! Fifteen minutes!
The V.U.P.: ...up, (up here)
Turk Malloy: (Fif...) hey, fifteen minutes. Pack your things or we will pack them for you. Get the picture?
The V.U.P.: What?
Turk Malloy: Do you get the picture, sir, (do not make us)...
Virgil Malloy: Pack your things.
Turk Malloy: ...come back here, friend.
Virgil Malloy: Pack your things!
Turk Malloy: Friend.
The V.U.P.: (Hey,) okay. Okay.

Linus Caldwell: [passing Yen off as a whale] He owns all of the air south of Beijing.
Abigail Sponder: [disbelieving] The air?
Linus Caldwell: Let me put it to you this way: try building something taller than three stories in the Tiangjin province, and see if his name turns up then.

Danny Ocean: Shut it down, guys. Shut her down!
Turk Malloy: It is shut down.
Rusty Ryan: This is no time for jokes, fellas.
Turk Malloy: Does it sound like I'm laughing, sweetheart?

Abigail Sponder: [after a small earthquake] What was that?
Linus Caldwell: You felt it too?


  • What are the odds of getting even? 13 to one.
  • Revenge is a funny thing.
  • How Do Steal Half A Billion Dollars, In 3.5 Minutes?
  • When you cross one Ocean, you cross them all.


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