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Panic At The Disco (also known as Panic)is a rock band that originated in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Their sound incorporates elements of pop, punk, big beat, electronica, dance, and rock, along with many other genres like psychedelic, folk and jazz. Formed in 2004, the band consists of: Ryan Ross (guitar, 1st background vocals), Spencer Smith (drums), Brendon Urie (lead vocals, piano, 2nd guitar), and Jon Walker (bass, 2nd background vocals) replacement of original member Brent Wilson.


  • Brendon: My favourite onstage song is 'Mad As Rabbits', 'cause I get to play bass...

  • Spencer: We saw Nicole Richie throw a TV out a window once. That proves we are still kinda normal...

  • Brendon: He's just so attractive I can't shut my eyes. (Joking about sleeping in a bunk near Ryan)

  • Jon: Well, me and Brendon are irrelevent.

  • Brendon: I don't have any pets, so I get to walk around the house naked. I'm more free.

  • Brendon: This song is about people having sex, that is... but you have to get married!
  • Ryan: Yeah. You shouldn't have had sex until you're married
  • Jon: Right...
  • Brendon: Right. Wait 'til you're married, kids!

Full Interview Quotes

         Panic At The Disco Halloween Interview
  • Interviewer: It's almost halloween. So I don't know. You guys celebrate Halloween?
  • Jon: Yeah, we're really excited, this halloween we're gonna be on a, on like a 20, 22 hour airplane ride back to America. We probably gonna, you know. We're thinking about getting costumes just for the plane ride, but not sure that's even possible at this point.
  • Interviewer: You can go trick-or-treating, on the plane...
  • Jon: That's the thing. Is like there's some regulations on the plane. So, not sure.
  • Interviewer: When you were younger, what did you do? Did you really go trick-or-treating in America?
  • Brendon: Every year, every year.
  • Interviewer: What you dressed up as?
  • Brendon: When you know, I had 19 or 17 different costumes, so I don't know I can't remember all of them, but-
  • Jon: I was Mark Grace, first baseman of the Chicago Cubs, 1987 to 1999...
  • Interviewer: That's great. I have no idea who that is but it seems great...
  • Brendon: I was sub-zero form-

(Eric comes in)

  • Eric: I'm sorry I had no idea you were here.
  • Brendon *laughs*: That was awesome. No, you get it man. That was Eric Ronick our keyboard player. Rick Ronick, no. One year, when I was like 11 I was subzero form Mortal Kombat.


  • Interviewer: I have to explain this a bit, so you see. This is for halloween. Well you see these are little ghosts, and the pumpkings in there. And there's marzipan inside, do you like marzipan?
  • Brendon: Yeah, marzipan!
  • Jon: Yeah, it's good. I've heard of, but never... Marzipan...
  • Interviewer: You never tasted it?
  • Jon: No. I'm allergic to candy. I only went trick-or-treating once. I never got dressed for halloween...
  • Interviewer: But you just told me you got dressed as a...
  • Jon: I dressed up like Mark Grace but not for halloween...
  • Interviewer: Just like 'im for fun...?
  • Jon: Yeah...
  • Brendon: For Thanksgiving...
  • Interviewer: Any (...) dressing up?
  • Jon: Well the thing is, my girlfriend doesn't like baseball so...
  • Interviewer: What do you have to dress up for her, as a, as a nurse, or I mean...
  • Jon: I'm not, I'm not, I'm not sure yet. It's a world I'd not discovered...
  • Interviewer: And you, Brendon?
  • Brendon: What? I'm not gonna answer that question... Let's move on to the chocolate...
  • Interviewer: Yeah, I'm going to give it to you so you can go and taste it... Sorry for that one. It depends on the band, I mean some bands are really open, like we interviewed "18 Ficians", and they started grafficaly showing us what they did and stuff. That was interesting, but are you guys a bit shy like that or...?
  • Brendon: I just don't wanna tell you about my sexual life, that's kinda personal you know...
  • Jon: Marzipan, I'm gonna dressed up as a skeleton this year...
  • Interviewer: Yeah? That would be cool...
  • Brendon: Let me explain this. This is actually, uhm, we took... We went to a doctor's office and got jon's insides looked at, and then we got it printed on into shirts. So this is actually, uhm, you can... Show the liver. That's actually an abnormally sized liver. Jon is the only human being to have a large liver like that. And yeah, that's why he can drink and never get drunk. He's amazing...
  • Interviewer: When you're in Belgium, you know, it's famous for its beer, so have you tasted any beer?
  • Jon:I had a beer and it was alright...
  • Interviewer: You have to check out the other hundreds of beers that it has...
  • Jon:I don't know I have a job to do...
  • Interviewer: One last question, I don't know if you remember the interview we did at (...). There we asked you a weird question, what you would do as a serial killer, and then Ryan told us he was going to get back at us for that. Now I'm going to ask Brendon because we already know what you would do (talking about Jon), you would go with poison, and food, and stuff... So, he didn't touch that one, by the way (points the candy on Brendon's lap). But Brendon what would you do?
  • Brendon: If I was a serial killer? How I would kill somebody? I'm actually a very impulsive person, so maybe I... Have you seen that movie 'Ameriacan Psycho'? With Christian Bale? Yeah that's me. I'll just chain some people...
  • Interviewer: But, you don't have any chainsaws right? So I guess I'm cool no?
  • Brendon: Have you been in our dressing room?
  • Jon: The chainsaw's room?
  • Brendon: The dungeons, yeah. It's pretty nuts...
  • Interviewer: We'll check it out later... But I'm going to...
  • Jon: Chainsaw...
  • Interviewer: Chainsaw's room... *laughs*. Okay. Well guys, thanks very much for the interview. I know you have to go now to the screening and stuff... And good luck tonight, and enjoy yourselves here in Belgium.
  • Everybody: Bye!

         NME exclusive 60 seconds interview

  • Ryan: Hey, this is Ryan.
  • Jon: And, I'm Jon.
  • Ryan: And you're watching our 60 seconds interview.
  • NME: Which song do you most like to hear at the disco?
  • Jon: Green Day.
  • Ryan *laughs*
  • NME: Best onstage moment?
  • Ryan: Smashing a mandolin.
  • Jon: Oh! Falling...
  • NME: Worst onstage moment?
  • Ryan: When I saved Spencer's life.
  • Jon *laughs*
  • NME: Do you believe in karma?
  • Ryan: Do you believe in magic?
  • NME: What's your favourite cartoon character?
  • Ryan: Aladdin, because he's fucking awesome!
  • Jon: *laughs* Yes!
  • NME: Who do you think is 'pretty odd'?
  • Ryan: ... Criss Angel...
  • Jon *laughs*
  • NME: Have you ever boxed anyone's ears?
  • Ryan: Yeah, with my guitar songs, everyday...
  • NME: Do you like sushi?
  • Ryan: No.
  • NME: What get's you mad?
  • Jon: Everything... *laughs*
  • Ryan *laughs*

         Honda Civic Tour - Fan Q and A

  • Brendon: Hey! I'm Brendon from Panic At The Disco. And I have some questions that need to be answered, I guess. So: here we go.
  • Q: What are you most looking foward to about the music fest in Japan? - asks Kennan from San Francisco.
  • Brendon: Well Kennan,there's a lot to looking foward to about Japan. But the music festival we're playing is the Summer Sonic; and I've heard is a lot of fun. You know, we've played ther once before, and it's insane. Really, really crazy. So... Only good things I expect... Really great things...
  • Q: So I'm just gonna read it how it's said, 'cause this is fucked up, but it's funny. It says: - Where do you guys are most likely to get inspirations for lyrics and melodies?
  • Brendon: Yeah, you know, on this record, on 'Pretty. Odd.'. For lyrics and... Well, mostly for lyrics, we just, you know, we wrote about what we knew, about being in a band. A lot of them are just really honest lyrics. Some are just made up stories, fantastical, maybe about the wether. But we were spending a lot of time writting outside so... And with melodies, you know, there's a lot of bands we listen to for melody influece, that we admire. A lot of bands steal stuff, but we just like to listen to it and come up with some other different stuff. So... I hope that answers to your question.
  • Q: After the touring for the second album what are you guys planning to do afterwards?
  • Brendon: Well Sam from San Bernardino, we plan on touring some more because that's what we do, and what we love to do. After this tour, we're going to Europe, and all over the world, and coming right back to the states to do it all over again.
  • Q: What was your absolute worst highschool memory? - Mary Berth from Dallas, Texas.
  • Brendon: Well Mary Beth. I had a lot of bad highschool memories. It was not a good time for me. Some good times there's was for sure, but over all: pretty bad. And actually, yeah, this one time this guy named Denis ’ X’, he was kind of a bully, and we were all in PE. And he gave me a concussion during tac football; so there you go. Hope that ain't bring you down. But don't worry I'm okay so… It's all good… Karma, Denis 'X'.
  • Q: Here we go! Last question - Because I feel you guys aren't asking enough random questions - Honestly? - I'd like to know what super power any of you want, and why? - Sam for Charlotte, Noth Carolina (Sings 'North Carolina')
  • Brendon: Well let's see. Super power. Invisibility. And not for the reason that most poeople think, you know. So that you can't be seen. I mean the clothes can still be seen if you're invisible. I would just wanna be naked all the time. But since that's not deemed, you know, appropriated by society… It just that can't happen… Ivisibility, for sure…

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