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Popular was a show on The WB, created by Ryan Murphy and Gina Matthews. It starred Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope as two adolescent girls that are rivals and opposites on the popular fence at their high school, but are united when their single parents meet and get married.

Mary Cherry

  • "Shut your dirty whore mouth, player-player!"
  • "What's it gonna take to get me on that squad? Everybody's got a price, even you, whore of Babylon."
  • "But Brooke, only those who have a uterus can be a cheerleader."
  • "As a Christian, I'm just not comfortable with man's hairy hands touching my spongey places propelling my buttocks heavenwards."
  • "Oh my God, ya'll, Brookie's got a bong!"
  • "Do we have to do those splits? I'm a Christian."
  • "I went to Freaknik in Hotlanta and turned the mother out!"

Nicole Julian

  • "Sure, I'll put Carmen on the squad. When hell freezes over and/or Melissa Joan Hart gets nominated for an Oscar."
  • (to Brooke) "If you actually think I'm frightened that you've decided to throw your weight around...go step on a scale."
  • "Sugar D., stop staring at Mary Cherry like she's a Hot Pocket."
  • "J. Lo has no shame. If I had an ass that big I wouldn't leave the house."

Cherry Cherry

  • "Mary Cherry, the wedding's off. Also, drop ten pounds."
  • "She may not be smart or pretty, but she's as loyal as a rottweiler!"

Sam McPherson

  • "You know what, Brooke? Cancel my subscription; I'm over your issues."
  • "April, go buy some deodorant."

Harrison John

  • "You want to be unique, sure...just like everyone else."
  • "Have you ever wizzed in the boys' bathroom? It smells like boiled chicken and urine. Those are two nostril-stinging scents I became overly familiar with during my hospital stay and I'll never voluntarily smell them again."
  • "This is no trick, doll, but if you play nice, you just might get a treat."

April Tuna

  • "Does she use five-syllable words like that in bed? BRING IT!"
  • "Greetings, constituents. I come to you with a plea."
  • "Shut up, all of you! Don't you see the end is near? Get with it!"
  • "If elected student council president, I aim not to fight alien visitation, but welcome it. I propose to convert Kennedy High's football field into a UFO welcoming station. THEY'RE COMING!!!"
  • "My temperature went up one degree! That means that either I got the fever, or I'm ovulating!"