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  • September 2008: Frida Brioschi, volunteer representative member of WMF Board of Trustee has resigned, as elected to be the president of Wikimedia Italia. Her term as WMF Board member would have been until July 2009. WMF Board therefore now consists in seven members. No election for replacement is announced and her seat will be vacant for a while.
  • July 2008: At Wikimania 2008 in Alexandria, Egypt, the new composition of the Wikimedia Board is announced. Michael Snow is now the chair of Wikimedia Foundation. For further information, see Wikimedia:Board.
  • June 2008: Ting Chen (user:Wing) wins the Board Election 2008 and will be appoint to a board member effective on July 1, 2008. He'll serve as the board member until July 2009.


Policy being drafted

  • Quotes:Quotability: Aiming to a core of Wikiquote inclusion policy.
  • Quotes:Civility: User behavior guideline. Now discussed on its talk.
  • Quotes:Marking problematic pages is an introduction to the various tags which can be used to identify problems with pages, still in editing.
  • User:Aphaia/User page draft is a draft for user-page policy.

Policy in final stages of approval

currently nothing

Policy approved


Latest news

  • October 4: UDScott and InvisibleSun are now bureaucrats. Congrats!
  • September 22: WQ:RFA#Votes of confidence on Cato, Quillercouch (aka Poetlister) and Yehudi closed and all three of them are deflagged. In consequence of discussion all but one of their accounts are permanently blocked.
  • September 20: UDScott and InvisibleSun are nominated as bureaucrat candidates. Votes are open until October 3 at least.
  • September 20: m:Metapub/On disbanding Wikiquote is closed as rejected.  
  • September 15: WQ:RFA#Votes of confidence on Cato, Quillercouch (aka Poetlister) and Yehudi started which s:user:Cato confessed to be identical.
  • September 7: m:Metapub/On disbanding Wikiquote is suggested. Related discussions may be found at WQ:VP.
  • July 5: Jusjih, Wikimedia steward, is now requesting for local checkuser flag on this project
  • June 27: Wikiquote day: Now Year 6 begins!
  • June 26: Ting Chen (user:Wing) wins the Board Election. He'll be appointed effective on July 1, 2008 and serves for one year.
  • June 3: MalafayaBot (operator: Malafaya) is now bot-flagged. Congrats!
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