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Romário is Brazilian football player.


  • "Yes, after Pelé, I consider that I'm the best brazilian football player of all times."
  • "The coach should keep out of the way... He is an important figure, of course, but is more likely to lose a match than win it. Matches are won by players."
  • "Now the whole court is happy: The king, the prince and the fool" - Calling Edmundo a fool, who sarcastically called him a "prince", and refering also to Vasco's president at the time, Eurico Miranda.
  • "Why training if I enter the pitch and know what to do?"
  • "Alfonso who?" - Replying to journalists who had asked him what he thought about player Alfonso who had called him "lazy"
  • "I am not happy to play for Barcelona, but Barcelona should be happy that I play there."
  • "Pelé shut up is a poet. On the field, he was our Father; outside it, he should put a shoe in his mouth"
  • "Goalkeepers always deserves the credits. But not this time. The way I kicked the ball even my mother would save it."
  • "Who has to worry about having a good image is a TV set."
  • "I like the resort where the Brazilian national team is practicing for the World Cup, the only problem is women are not allowed in so we can't have sex."
  • "I like Miami, here the things works."
  • "When I was born, God pointed at me and said "That's the man!""
  • "If I had been an athlete I would have made much more goals!"

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