Rosa Blasi

Rosa Blasi (born December 19, 1972) is an American actress. Rosa Blasi started acting at the age of eight. She appeared in over 40 professional theater productions before making her move to Los Angeles, where she worked as a nanny and a waitress. It was quite a struggle until her debut on TV as a guest star on the soap opera 'The Bold And The Beautiful'. Rosa is thankful for what is referred to as the 'Latin Invasion': "Finally, being named Rosa and the way I look paid off to advantage in Hollywood, when, you know, six years ago when I first moved out they were like: What about changing your name to Renee? That sounds like Rosa!"

On the verge of her breakthrough, Rosa Blasi has learned it takes more. She is the kind of actress who without a doubt leaves many in tears - whether it is from laughing or crying. In her outstanding and award winning performances, she captures the exact emotion that reaches the public and touches their hearts. The only thing missing... is a given opportunity.


"I grew up believing that if you wanted to be a movie star, you did that!"

"Look, if the producers are looking for a blonde, and I'm sitting there with four real blondes, and I have my hair dyed, the real blonde is probably going to get it. So you are who you are."

"If you’re just waiting for the moment when the other person shuts up so you can say something funny, it’s not going to work."

"Anybody can make a fart joke and get a giggle, but it’s a lot harder and funnier to have smart humor."

"I question those guys who get their daily dose of SportsCenter. I think that’s weirder than guys watching Lifetime. We have hot girls on Lifetime. If men like women, they’re going to like Lifetime."

"I always joke that if you want a guy to hear something, you have to say it three times. If you want him to listen, you have to say it four."

Stuff Magazine

"I was a good kid, but if someone says I couldn't do something, I was going to do it!"

"What if I played a serial killer and someone made me mad?" (referring to how she's starting to think she's a doctor)

"I like guys, it only took me 29 years to figure out I enjoy being treated like a queen!"

(People Magazine)

"When I'm not listening to rap I like Broadway. Does that make me bipolar?"

"I love stubble! I have a problem. I even notice it on homeless men."

"No shiny shirts. Ever. Under any circumstances. Ick! I can smell the Drakkar!"

"I like rumpled, tousled hair - nothing that screams, 'I tried too hard!' or 'Look at me I'm a game show host waiting to happen.'"

"my personal style" (magazine unknown)


"We deliver a lot of babies, and we cover them in cream cheese and jelly (...) and the hardest part is not dropping them!"

(Wayne Brady)

Rosa: "I-- 'Miss Chicago' at the time, which was fun..." Craig: (interrupts) "What does that mean?" Rosa: "It means nothing, really!"

Craig: "I thought Oprah was Miss Chicago." Rosa: "I don't think so, I think she OWNS Chicago, but I don't think she's MISS Chicago!"

Craig: "I can picture you answering a question from a guy and just saying something outrageous!" Rosa: "Oh god I was the wor-- Initially, I was the worst in an interview, like they'd be like: 'Rosa Blasi, who is Colin Powell?' And was like 19, I'm like: Um... (puts her hair behind her ears) 'I don't know, but if you tell me when I leave the room I won't forget!'"

(Late Night Show with Craig Kilborn)

Lisa: "I read that you're even beginning to think that you are a doctor?" Rosa: "Yeah..." (laughs) "You can ask my friends, boyfriend, family, they're like: 'It's a SHOW, okay?'"

Rosa: "I would walk into a room and there'd be four blondes, and me, and I'd be like: 'Okay... I'm the other way!'"

(The View)

Rosa: "I said it in my mind! Does that count?"

(in category 'Things You Can Shake') Rosa: "A rattle... your booty!"

(describing the word 'fight' for Jim) Rosa: "We do this a lot." Jim: "Fight!" (laughter) Donny: "You got that fight one really fast. I'm really worried about you guys, you got the fight just right off the bat." Rosa: "We're a passionate couple." Jim: (points at Rosa) "Spanish and Italian."


Rosa: "If she went to the Rosa Blasi school of honesty she'd be like 'Hey... wanna check out my back?' "

Rosa: "I thought his reaction was so dramatic, I thought he was kidding! At first I was like, 'This guy's awesome, he's hilarious!', but he wasn't joking!"

(Rendez View)

Rosa: "Right, women steal lipstick and men don't pay child support, so.."

(Politically Incorrect)

Presenter: "So is it more appropriate for me to ask you about your future relationship with dr. Andy Campbell, or your future with fullback Jim Finn?" Rosa: "Well, my future with Jim is a lot more clear, it's a lot more stable than the future with dr. Andy Campbell!"

Rosa: "I live in LA, worst place to date guys.."

Rosa: (talking about Jim) "I wasn't aware of who he was, I knew he played football.. I mean, he's like the size, you know, his shoulders stand the size of a wall, you'd be like.. pretend like, 'Ohh, I thought he was a banker!'"

(ESPN Radio)


Lu: "I'm not losing my breasts for a maybe.."

Lu: "What do you want?" Nick: "Follow the break, settle for some Chinese. Hungry?" Lu: "Hungry... and I hungry... ohh... let me see. Am I hungry after I saw a woman cut open, so some lunatic could steal her baby right out of her? Am I hungry after I think maybe I let this woman die, instead of doing something I could to save her life? Am I hungry after I saw my friend come in here to get treated by me after she has been raped by some animal, who shows up in our ER to get treated for the injury she gave him, while he was busy ruining her life? Am I hungry after dr. Jackson's wife gets the bomb lowered on her that her MS is getting worse, and Lana has to watch her blind date coat out, and I get hit in the face and just plain hit on, by my kid's dad who picks tonight, of all the nights, to dump him here, and the phone won't stop ringing and do you wanna know if I'm hungry? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'M HUNGRY! AND IF YOU'RE GONNA ORDER SOME EGG ROLLS YOU BETTER ORDER THEM RIGHT NOW, OR SOMEBODY MIGHT BE SICK OR HURT OR DEAD! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" (episode 1-21)

Peter: "Lu, that's crazy..." Lu: "Peter, if I want your opinion I'll give it to you." (episode 2-22)

Lu: "The more we know, the more we know how much we don't know." (episode 3-10)

Lu: "Roses are red, violets are blue, two days 'till Christmas and I'm totally screwed!"

(Strong Medicine)

Isabel: "I'm an internet star - someone put my head on Gwyneth Paltrow's body!"

Isabel: "Me and my 'bra full of the breasts' are gonna hit the road..."

(guest role on The Drew Carey Show)

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