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Félix Rubén García Sarmiento (January 18, 1867February 6, 1916) was a Nicaraguan poet who wrote under the pseudonym of Rubén Darío.


  • I seek a form that my style cannot discover,
    a bud of thought that wants to be a rose.
    • Prosas Profanas y Otros Poemas (Profane Hymns and Other Poems). I Seek a Form (1896)
  • The America of Moctezuma and Atahualpa,
    the aromatic America of Columbus,
    Catholic America, Spanish America,
    the America where noble Cuauhtémoc said:
    "I am not on a bed of roses" —our America,
    trembling with hurricanes, trembling with Love:
    O men with Saxon eyes and barbarous souls,
    our America lives. And dreams. And loves.
    And it is the daughter of the Sun. Be careful.
    • Cantos de Vida y Esperanza (Songs of Life and Hope). A Roosevelt (To Roosevelt) (1905)

Los Cisnes y Otros Poemas (The Swans and Other Poems) (1905)

  • The tree is happy because it is scarcely sentient;
    the hard rock is happier still, it feels nothing:
    there is no pain as great as being alive,
    no burden heavier than that of conscious life.
    • Fatalidad (Fatality)
  • Pity for him who one day looks upon
    his inward sphinx and questions it. He is lost.
    • Pity for Him Who One Day


  • My pick is working deep in the soil of this unknown America, turning out gold and opals and precious stones, an altar, a broken statue. And the Muse divines the meaning of the hieroglyphics. The strange life of a vanished people emerges from the mist of time.
  • Si pequeña es la patria, uno grande la sueña.
    • Translation: If the nation is small, one dreams it tall.

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