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Stephen Sondheim (born March 22, 1930) is an American stage musical and film composer and lyricist, one of the few people to win an Academy Award, multiple Tony Awards (seven, more than any other composer), multiple Grammy Awards, and a Pulitzer Prize.


  • I'm a lazy writer. My idea of heaven is not writing. On the other hand, I'm obviously compulsive about it.
    • Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies (2001 ed): Art. Stephen Sondheim p.408
  • She was smart, tart, dry as a Martini,
    Ah, but underneath,
    She was all... heart, something by Puccini,
    Ah, but underneath,
    In the depths... of... her interior
    Were fears... she... was inferior
    And some... thing... even eerier --
    But no one dared to query her superior exterior!
    • "Underneath", from Follies (1971)
  • I dim the lights... and think about you
    Spend sleepless nights... to think about you
    You said you loved me... or were you just being kind?
    Or am I losing my mind?
    • "Losing my Mind", from Follies (1971)

About Sondheim

  • Without question, Steve is the best Broadway lyricist, past or present.
    • Arthur Laurents; in Halliwell, op. cit.

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