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A woman who could always love would never grow old; and the love of mother and wife would often give or preserve many charms if it were not too often combined with parental and conjugal anger. There remains in the face of women who are naturally serene and peaceful, and of those rendered so by religion, an after-spring, and later an after-summer, the reflex of their most beautiful bloom.
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Stirling Dale Silliphant (16 January 1918 - 26 April 1996) was a prolific American screenwriter and producer. He is best known for his Academy-award winning screenplay for In the Heat of the Night. Other acclaimed features as screenwriter include The Towering Inferno and The Poseidon Adventure.


  • If you did not suffer from emotions, from feelings, you could be as powerful as we are.
    • David Zellaby (Martin Stephens), Village of the Damned, (speaking to his father) (1960)
  • You have to be taught to leave us alone. Leave us alone.
    • David Zellaby (Martin Stephens), Village of the Damned (speaking to his uncle about himself and the other alien children) (1960).

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