The Million Dollar Hotel

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Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one.
Alain Chartier
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[Those are the words spoken by Tom Tom in the last scene of the film Million Dollar Hotel. Eloise walks into his bedroom, touches his things so to remember him. So to never forget him. She read book and sit in the window as he used to. In the background of Tom Toms' words is w:Bono singing song w:The Ground Beneath Her Feet with it's lyrics written by w:Salman Rushdie ]

Tom Tom


It's funny the way stuff finally hits you.

Take love, for example...

All that love that led me to Eloise...

is the same love that led me to kill my best friend.

Exact same love, different results.

Maybe in the future they'll have all this figured out.

You missed the show.

I saw it on TV.

It's not the same.

You know, I always liked Skinner.

Maybe because I knew he was really one of us.

Even if he tried so hard to forget.

I felt kind of bad that he couldn't figure out it was me.

And by the way, I think it WAS my ego that made me do it.

I didn't even know I had one until I met Eloise.

She came...

just like I always imagined it.

I wish I was still there.

Yeah, like I was saying,

after I jumped, it occurred to me:

Life is perfect, life is the best.

It's full of magic and beauty and surprises.

You just don't see all that clearly when you're still there.

All I ever wanted was just to reach Eloise.

Just to reach her.

I did. And I ended up turning the world upside down along the way,

even if just for a moment. Wow!


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