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Tim Moore (born May 18, 1964 in Chipping Norton) is a British travel writer and author. His books include French Revolutions (about cycling the Tour de France), Do Not Pass Go (a history of London based around the streets on the Monopoly board) and Spanish Steps (an account of his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela accompanied by a donkey).


French Revolutions (2001)

  • One of the most unfortunate things about being an unfit Englishman cycling long distances in France is the number of signs that yell 'PAIN' down every high street.
  • Lourdes is the Blackpool of Christianity.

Do Not Pass Go (2002)

  • I hate plays. I've never seen the point of paying money to watch people shout a lot and pretend to die, and now that I'm the father of three young children I don't have to.

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