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Transamerica is a 2005 comedy-drama film. The film tells the story of Bree, a transsexual woman (Felicity Huffman), who goes on an unintended road trip with her long-lost son Toby (Kevin Zegers).

Written and directed by Duncan Tucker

Bree Osbourne

  • I'm from the Church of the Potential Father
    • To Toby when he asks what church she's from
  • I'm a transsexual - not a transvestite.
    • After her sister picks a garish outfit for Bree to wear to a family dinner
  • Hormones are hormones. Yours and mine just happen to come in purple little pills.
    • To her mother


Toby: I'm not gonna marry you!
Bree: Glory Hallelujah.

Dr. Spikowsky: How do you feel about your penis?
Bree: It disgusts me. I don't even like looking at it.
Dr. Spikowsky: And how about your friends?
Bree: They don't like it either.

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