Vujadin Boškov

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Vujadin Boškov (16 May 1931) is a football coach originary of Serbia and Montenegro, which coached most of his career in Italy.


  • A great footballer sees highways where the others see just lanes.
  • Ball to us, we play; ball to them, they play.
  • Better losing 4-0 than 5-0.
    • After a league match Inter Milan-Napoli 4-0
  • Better losing one match for 6-0 than six matches for 1-0.
  • I think that, in order to score, we need to shoot.
  • In the pitch we seemed like tourists. With the sole difference that we did not pay the ticket for entering the venue.
  • (Ruud) Gullit went out from his area like stag go out from forest.
  • Penalty is when referee blows the whistle.
  • Penalty is when referee gives, not when linesman gives.
  • We cannot gave away four goals against an opponent which passed three times on our own half.

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