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Note: This page is experimental and rules may be altered. You are encouraged to propose for rule revisions at the talk page.

English Wikiquote has 16,310 entries. You may know some good entries and would like to share them. Please submit your recommendations to this page.

To avoid self-advertisements, we invite only experienced editors. Please note that:

  • You may not nominate an article that is about you (or an organization you are part of) or that was created by you.
  • You are invited to participate if:
    1. You are a registered user
    2. You have made a number of edits outside of the article being discussed
    3. Your account was not created to vote here
  • Discussions of articles of obviously poor quality will be closed immediately

If you do not have an account, please consider creating one today.

Currently there is no poll to determine whether an entry should be listed. You are invited to make a comment if you think a certain entry should be removed by listing that entry in the #Review section. As with deletion votes, these reviews are open open for community discussion for at least a week.

Good entries of English Wikiquote

You may list your recommendation as following:

*[[Example]] --~~~~