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Wallace and Gromit are the main characters in a series of three short films by Nick Park.

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A Grand Day Out (1989)

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  • "Eeeeeeeeee, these bank holidays, it's a problem to decide..."
  • "Gromit, that's it! Cheese! We'll go somewhere where there's cheese!"
  • "I don't know... it's like no cheese I've ever tasted..."
  • "No crackers, Gromit! We've forgotten the crackers!"
  • "No cheese, Gromit. Not a bit in the house."
  • "The fuse Gromit! The fuse! We forgot to light the fuse!"
  • "Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese..."

The Wrong Trousers (1993)

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  • "No more lodgers - more trouble than they're worth. Well all's well ends well that's what I say."
  • "It's the wrong trousers, Gromit, and they've gone wrong!"
  • "They're techno trousers, ex-NASA, fantastic for walkies!"
  • "Good grief! It's YOU!"
  • "I do like a bit of gorgonzola."
  • "Cracking toast, Gromit!"
  • "There goes my knotted pine"

A Close Shave (1995)

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  • "Come over here lad - no need to feel sheepish."
  • "We've tested this on Gromit - haven't we lad?"
  • "Do something, Gromit!"
  • "Smashing this. A bit tight here and there ..."
  • "The bounce has gone from his bungie."
  • "Windows are our speciality."
  • "Oh yes, I'm inventing mostly."
  • "Brilliant teamwork lads!"
  • "I suppose you'll have to skip the country now. A fugitive, eh. You'll be hunted down like... well, a dog."
  • "You're not going to turn me into dog meat."
  • "Steady on - single file. Single file I said!"
  • "Get yourselves organised down there!"
  • "Where did you get that from? That's my machine! I've got patent pending on that."
  • Wendolene: "Duck!!", Wallace: "Where?"
  • "By 'eck, I thought we were all for the can then."
  • "Not even Wensleydale?"
  • "Get off me cheese! GET OFF!"
  • Wendolene: "He's malfunctioning!" Wallace: "Mal-what!?"
  • "Eh, you think we should call the pest control?"
  • "Have you been peckish during the night?"

Cracking Contraptions (2002)

  • "Oh, now that's just not cricket, Gromit! Anyone for tennis, perchance?"
  • "Well I think we got away with that, eh pooch!"
  • "Gromit, we have a problem!"

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

  • "It's just a bit of...harmless brain alteration, that's all."
  • "Full suction!"
  • "Oh, very cheeky!"
  • "What's up, dog?" (an obvious reference to the Bugs Bunny cartoons. At this moment in the film Wallace has grown bunny ears.)
  • "I'm just crackers about cheese!"
  • "Say no to carrots, cabbage, and cauliflower!"
  • "Love, Gromit! That's the biggest trap of all!"

Project Zoo

  • "The penguin has landed!"
  • "I wonder who does their windows?"
  • "I didn't do it!"
  • "Give up, and I won't have Gromit attack you."
  • "Attack, Gromit!"
  • "This is panda-monium!"
  • "There you are. What took you so long?"


Wallace's Quotes

  • "Gromit! Help!"
  • "Gromit, old pal, I'll...need assistance."
  • "I've used me only ball." (the tellyscope)
  • "Well done! We did it!" (exclaimed by Wallace, even though it's usually Gromit who saves the day)
  • "Cracking good job, Gromit!"
  • "Holy helecopters! Penguins aren't supposed to fly! We'll never catch him now. Unless." (Project Zoo)
  • "I suppose you like kippers. I'm partial to a bit of black pudding myself - with bacon of course."
  • "I could just fancy some cheese, Gromit. What do you say? Cheddar?"
  • "All's well that ends well"
  • "I'm in the mood for food!"
  • "I do like a bit of Gorgonzola"
  • "Aarrrrgh!"
  • "Wake up, Gromit!"
  • "That went as well as could be expected, didn't it?"

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