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William Barnes (22 February 18017 October 1886) was an English writer, poet, minister, and philologist. He wrote over 800 poems, some in Dorset dialect and much other work, including a comprehensive English grammar quoting from more than 70 different languages.


  • But no. Too soon I voun' my charm abroke.
    Noo comely soul in white like her—
    Noo soul a-steppen light like her—
    An' nwone o' comely height like her—
    Went by; but all my grief agean awoke.
    • The Wind at the Door, from Poets of the English Language, W. H. Auden and Norman Holmes Pearson (1950)
  • Since I do miss your vaice an' feace
    In prayer at eventide,
    I'll pray wi' woone said vaice vor greace
    To goo where you do bide.
    • The Wife a-Lost, from The Oxford Book of English Verse (1939)

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