Yousef Saanei

Grand Ayatollah Yousef Sanei (born 1927) was the first head of the Guardian Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran for 1980-1988.

He is currently teaching Qom seminarians and is considered a reformer in Iran's government.


Human equality

  • It is my interpretation from the Koran that all people have equal rights. That means men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims too, and in a society where all people have equal rights, that means all people should make decisions equally. ... This doesn't mean that we're changing God's law, It just means were reinterpreting laws according to the development of science - and the realities of the times.[1]

Animosity towards America

  • Undue enmity with enemies does not serve the interests of the system. Enemies must be dealt with wisely and prudently.[2]

Imam Khomeini

  • The leaders of the Pahlavi regime, in an attempt to forestall the rising tide of the Islamic revolutionary movement, were hard at work to cast doubt on the question of the Imam Khomeini's position as a Marja'a (a top religious authority) and in this way, undermine public faith in his academic, political and religious competence.[3]


  • The Exploitation of Religion Must Be Opposed.[4]

Shias and Sunnis

  • Unfortunately, the source of all this conflict between the Sunnis and Shia is some major powers that do not want religious unity amongst Muslims.[5]

Women's rights

  • Despotic rules are attempting to deprive women of their rights.[6]

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