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Zathura is a 2005 film about two squabbling brothers who start a simple game that becomes a space adventure.

A New Adventure From the World of Jumanji (taglines)


  • [to Walter] You're such a dick.
  • [card reads 'Flunk Space Academy, Go Back 2 Spaces'] I'm not even going to comment on that.

(Little) Walter

  • Times change.
  • (to a robot) Bring me a juice box, bee-yotch!
  • It's your fault Mom and Dad got divorced.
  • Still think I have gorgeous eyes?

Astronaut (Big Walter)

  • (pointing at Danny) Danny spun me.


Patrick: [on TV, laughing at the bubble elephant] It's a giraffe!

Danny: I'm hungry.

Walter: What do you want me to do about it?
Danny: Make me macaroni and cheese.
Walter: I don't know how.
Danny: Then what do you know how to make?
Walter: Water.

Walter: [card reads 'Caught Cheating, Automatic Ejection'] Does this mean me?
Danny: Well, you did move the piece.
Walter: Well, he's the one who chea... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! [flies up out through the hole in the house's roof and gets sucked into space and one shoe falls off]
Danny: Walter! [astronaut gets the turbo-jet-pack] Hang on, Walter! I'll save you!
Walter: Help!
Danny: [runs up the stairs] Hang on, Walter! I'll save you!
Walter: Help!
Danny: Wait a minute! I got an idea! [Walter hangs on by his fingertips and Danny gets the lamp]. I'm going to swing this lamp up to you and you grab it and I'll pull you down.
Walter: I can't hang on any longer! [He's gonna slip off.]
Danny: [throws the lamp and breaks it] Don't worry! I'll get another lamp!
Astronaut: [comes with a turbo-jet-pack on his back] Stand back! [blasts off to get Walter down.]
Danny: [waiting for Walter to come down] Walter! [looking at the hole] Walter! Oh no! [astronaut got Walter down] You okay? Are you okay?
Walter: Get away from me!
Danny: Sorry! [gives the other shoe to Walter]
Walter: Don't talk to me 'til we get home! [puts his other shoe on]

[The boys have just returned from the Zathura world, Danny has his finger at the Go button on the board]
Walter: Don't push the button!

[Last Lines]
Lisa: We'll never talk about this [Zathura], agreed?
Walter: Not even the guy with the gorgeous eyes? [Lisa stares fiercely at Danny and Walter, who laughs]



  • A new adventure from the world of Jumanji.
  • Adventure is waiting.


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