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Željko Ražnatović (Serbian Cyrillic: Жељко Ражнатовић), widely known as Arkan (April 17, 1952 - January 15, 2000), was a Serbian criminal and paramilitary leader, who was indicted by the UN for his leading role in a number of war crimes and atrocities committed during the Yugoslav Wars.


  • "It's better to live one day as a lion, than one hundred years as a worm."
  • "If only Russia were stronger, this chaos for Serbia would have never happened."
  • "It is obvious the political platform of my party is much more in the spirit of Dayton Agreement than any of leading national parties in Bosnia; and because of this, my party deserves to be subsidized by the OSCE."
  • "Milošević is a true Serb leader."
  • "I never hated Croats, I just shot at them."
  • "I was first for democracy after communism fell, but the America must realize democracy is not imposed with bombs."
  • "As a proud Serb I would be happier if those people bravely died on the battlefield, so we can remember them as heroes who defended their land rather than men who disgracefully escaped as refugees."
  • "We are tigers and we will certainly not allow the Serbian people to be taken to the slaughterhouse again. If they don't comprehend this, we have no choice but to march on Zagreb and completely annihilate the Croats."
  • "Security doesn't exist here because our enemies draw in, among us."
  • "I am watching all of you idlers."
  • "I don't like intellectuals, they represent a closed circle."
  • "Serbia is in deterrent enemy encirclement."
  • "There is no front line here, this is a hellish war."
  • "Yes I was on the other side of law, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's not a way to solve any problems, it was just for a decent life and recreation."
  • "Did I ever say I was a good boy in my childhood or that I finished high school with success? No, I was a mischievous little devil."
  • "They don't have to rape anybody. Serbian women adore my 'Tigers.'"
  • "We are sanctioned and in isolation. The reason why? We lost the media war."
  • "If we have managed to survive 500 years under the Turks we can endure at least 100 more under sanctions."
  • "As a warrior I am sending a message to Croats and their former masters, Nazi Germany, and all Catholic mafia who bring these problems upon us: distance yourselves from any Serb Volunteer Guard soldiers and the Serbian people."
  • "We can defeat anyone, even the whole world."
  • "They slaughtered my brothers, what do you expect me to do, set their prisoners free?"
  • "I am not a rich man, I have borrowed money in bad times, so I am in debt now."
  • "I've loved only two women in my life, I've never been a womanizer."
  • "If somebody wants to kill me, he will - no matter what stands in his way."
  • "Muslims are like wild dogs. You can't deal with them, you can only kill them."
  • "We came here to help these people."
  • "I have nine children. I would be crazy if I wanted a war."
  • "Brother Serbs, what cattle you are!"
  • "I attacked in the wedge of the enemy like Caesar. When we defeat the foreign enemies, we shall turn to Serbian traitors. We will not kill or pursue them, we are going to whip their backsides fifty times to set them straight."
  • "First let the Hague Tribunal summon those who destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, those who killed civilians in those two towns, those who attacked Panama and Grenada, and afterwards they may summon me, for I was only defending the Serbian men and women, and I was defending myself."
  • "The Hague to judge me? That is funny. I don't give a damn about them. I can sooner judge them."
  • "To threaten me with murder...I've risked my life a thousand times, I've gotten threats from everyone. It is silly, simple threats don't disturb me at all."
  • "If you have followed my entire life story way I have, you would see I am man of my own, not someone else's man."
  • "They have been waiting for eight years to tell me that I am a war criminal and now they do it."
  • "People are simply running away from the bombing. People are simply running away because you (NATO) are bombing them 24 hours a day. As well as bombing Yugoslavia, you're bombing Pristina and all parts of Kosovo. Not only Albanians are running away. Serbs are running away. Turks are running away. Gypsies are running away. Everybody is running away."
  • "I'm not going to hide, I'm not going to surrender. I will go on with my normal life."
  • "You have no proof that any of my volunteers have been in Kosovo. Secondly I have no private troops, they do not exist. I have only volunteers and we are all under the command of the Yugoslav army."
  • "If NATO troops will come with ground forces, I will be the first volunteer in the Yugoslav army to defend my country, my family, my children."
  • "I fought in the war in 1991 and 1992. Muslim soldiers were killed, but my soldiers were killed too. I only killed enemy soldiers in a fair fight."
  • "I am proud to have NATO as my enemy, it means I am a good Serb."
  • "I am not afraid of anything or anyone!"

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