10 Things I Hate About You

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10 Things I Hate About You is a 1999 film that parallels Shakespeare's comedy, The Taming of the Shrew, set in a modern-day high school.

Directed by Gil Junger. Written by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith.
How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. (Taglines)

Kat Stratford

  • I hate the way you talk to me. And the way you cut your hair.
    I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare.
    I hate your big dumb combat boots And the way you read my mind.
    I hate you so much it makes me sick — It even makes me rhyme.
    I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie.
    I hate it when you make me laugh — Even worse when you make me cry.
    I hate it that you're not around. And the fact that you didn't call.
    But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you — Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Patrick Verona

  • What is it with this chick? She got beer-flavored nipples?

Bianca Stratford

  • Are you asking me out? That's so cute! What's your name again?

Dr. Walter Stratford

  • Listen, I'm down, I've got the 411, and you are not going out and getting jiggy with some boy, I don't care how dope his ride is!... Momma di'nt raise no fool.
  • You're 18, you don't know what you want. And you won't know what you want 'til you're 45, and even if you get it, you'll be too old to use it!


Patrick: So what's your excuse?
Kat: For?
Patrick: Acting the way we do.
Kat: I don't like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to other people's expectations instead of my own?
Patrick: So you disappoint them from the start and then you're covered, right?
Kat: Something like that…
Patrick: Then you screwed up.
Kat: How?
Patrick: You never disappointed me.

Bianca: What planet did you come from? Planet Loser?
Kat: As opposed to Planet Look-at-Me, Look-at-Me?
Dr. Stratford: [claps] Ok, here's how we solve this one: Old rule out, new rule: Bianca can date...when she does. [points at Kat]
Bianca: But she´s a mutant! What if she never dates?!
Dr. Stratford: Then you'll never date...Oh I like that! And I'll get to sleep at night, the deep slumber of a father whose daughters aren't out being impregnated

Dr. Stratford: This morning I delivered a set of twins to a fifteen-year-old girl, and you know what she said to me?
Bianca: "I'm a crack-whore who should have made my sleazy boyfriend wear a condom"?
Dr. Stratford: Close.. but no. she said, "I should have listened to my father."
Bianca: She did not!
Dr. Stratford: Well, that's what she would have said if she wasn't so doped up.


  • How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.
  • Romeo, Oh Romeo, Get Out Of My Face.
  • They're spitefully romantic.
  • I pine, I perish!


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