2006 World Series

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The 2006 World Series, the 102nd edition of Major League Baseball's championship series, began on October 21 and ended on October 27, and matched up the American League champion Detroit Tigers against the National League champion St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals won the Series in five games, winning Games 1, 3, 4, and 5.


The St.Louis Cardinals won the world series in 5 games...sorry bud.


  • For the first time since 1982, St. Louis has a World Series winner!
    • Joe Buck, after the final out was recorded. Buck's father, Hall of Famer and longtime Cardinals announcer Jack Buck, would typically end any Cardinals victory with the expression, "That's a winner!"
  • It was a big clump of dirt.
    • Kenny Rogers, on the mysterious stain on his pitching hand in Game 2.
  • I was hoping it was going to find a little bit of dirt, grass out there. But the ball was kind of straightening out, and it kept going...It just barely got out of the reach of his own glove, hit off the tip.
  • I just only hope that nobody forgets the job that we did, the players I'm talking about, to go from 71 wins to the World Series. I just hope that nobody just totally writes us off that we're not a good team, because we are. We played very well in the postseason until this World Series. And we have no excuses. We got beat by a team that played a lot better than we did during the course of the series.

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