2010: The Year We Make Contact

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2010: The Year We Make Contact is a 1984 science-fiction film about a monolith that orbits Jupiter.

  • David BowmanMy God, it's full of stars.

  • HAL

Dimitri Moisevitch: I'm Moiseevich. I'm here to talk about your problem.
Dimitri Moisevitch: We know you are building the Discovery II to go back to Jupiter, to find out what happened to your men up there. You know we are building the Alexi Leanov to also go up there.
Heywood Floyd: I thought you were going to call it the Titov?
Dimitri Moisevitch: We changed last month; people fall out of favour.

Dimitri Moisevitch: The Leonov will reach Discovery almost a year before your people are ready. My government feels it is very important that we get there first. It’s a distinction that will look splendid on the front page of Pravda. What other value it has I don’t know.

Heywood Floyd: How could you convince your people to allow Americans to go on the flight?
Dimitri Moisevitch: It won’t be easy, however, I’m pretty good! A Russian craft, flown by Russians, carrying a few poor Americans, who need our help. That also doesn’t look too bad on the front page of Pravda.

Nelson: I’ve got a President with his finger poised on the button and you want me to go over there and tell him we want to hitch a ride with those very same Russians. Have I missed anything?
Floyd: Nope, that’s about it.

Floyd: The Russians are going to go aboard Discovery with or without us. Ask the President if he wants them to have all the answers.
Nelson: Not bad.
Floyd: If we do go, we’ll lie. We’ll give ’em false information. Tell him that, he’ll love that.
Nelson: You know… he might.

Floyd: You have to sleep on the way up and on the way down, otherwise you go cuckoo.

Floyd: Alright, what’s going on here?
Kirbuk: What do you mean?
Floyd: I mean I may not be the swiftest guy in the world even when I’m not hung-over but I do seem to remember a process whereby you people ask me questions and I give you answers, I ask you questions and you give me answers and that’s how we find out things. I think I read that in a manual somewhere.

Floyd: We’ve been sending probes out here since the seventies. So have you guys. And in all that time none of us have detected so much as a hint of life on any of Jupiter’s moons. Then 10 years ago the monolith was discovered. Discovery was launched and everything went wacko, you catching my drift?

Floyd: How do you feel?
Curnow: Like shit.
Floyd: That’s about right.

Chandra: How was Aerobraking?
Floyd: We’re here, so, it worked.
Chandra: I wish I could have seen that.
Floyd: I wish I could have slept through it.

Floyd: You’re almost there, how’s that for patronising?
Curnow: Not bad.

Kirbuk: Tell me Doctor Floyd, what has happened to American bravery?
Floyd: It’s alive and well thank you very much. What’s happened to Russian common sense?

Floyd: We don’t know what it is, except that it's very large… and has some purpose.

Max: Hey, piece of pie.
Curnow: Cake, piece of cake.

Max: Easy as cake, yes?
Curnow: Pie, easy as pie.

Kirbuk: I didn’t know you brought liquor on board, it is forbidden.
Floyd: You think I’d set foot on this tub sober?

Kirbuk: So what else do they do in Kentucky?
Floyd: Let’s see. They have a big, big horse race, play very good basketball, have babies like everywhere else.
Kirbuk: Sounds like a nice place.
Floyd: Never been there.

Floyd: We have to initiate an escape launch in 2 days.
Kirbuk: You have been drinking your whiskey from Kentucky.
Floyd: I wish I had.

Floyd: We use the docking ring on the Leanov to attach to the Discovery and then we use the Discovery as a booster for the launch. When we’ve used up Discovery’s fuel, we detach, she falls away, and we use the Leanov for the trip home. It’ll work.
Kirbuk: Perhaps.

Nelson: It’s been 12 hours since my request for information. All hell is breaking loose down here, I need a reply. I have enough problems without you pulling some kind of a stunt. I only hope that there’s a world left for you to return to. Report to ground as to what is going on and make that report immediately!

Floyd: I’d love a hot dog.
Curnow: The Astrodome. Good hot dogs.
Floyd: Astrodome? You can't get good hot dogs indoors. Yankee Stadium, September. Hot dogs have been boiling since the opening day in April. That's a hot dog.
Curnow: The yellow mustard, or the darker one?
Floyd: Darker.
Curnow: It's important.

Hal: Dr. Chandra, I’m detecting strong vocal stress patterns. Is there a problem?

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