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6teen is a Canadian animated series targeting youths of all ages. The series chronicles the adventures of six sixteen year old friends at their local mall. The series format is quite similar to a sitcom, with the concept particularly resembling that of Friends. The show was created and edited by Toronto-based writers and producers Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch of Fresh Animation Ltd. It is produced by Nelvana Ltd. The original name for the TV series was The Mall but was later changed.

Unidentified episode

Wayne: This movie meant more to me than your life!

Jen: (putting on camaflogue makeup) You called down the thunder? Well you GOT IT!

Jonsey: Why didn't I sign up for that million dollar neck insurance policy while I had the chance?

Jude (after the death of his pet fish): Ashes to ashes and fish to toilet.

Jonsey (on his New Year's resolution): I resolve not to being fired.

Jonesy: (talking about his new job at Booktropolis) You should see some of the books in there! What a rip-off! The Cat in the Hat, please!
It only took me twenty minutes to read that one!

Nikki: That's because it's a children's book.

Halder: Masterson! Dobbs and I have a bet going and we need you to settle it.
Jen: Sure coach.
Halder: Now Dobbs says that the chocolate you sat in was dark chocolate, but I maintain that milk chocolate would look far more poop like. Now what was it?
Jen: I don't know. I wasn't eating it, I sat in it! (Angrily kicks a pile of shoe boxes.)
Halder: Hey, that's no way to talk to your superior. Drop and give me fifty!

Catlin: Got any chocolate?
Jen: Hey, don't look at me.
Jonsey: Try under her.

Customer: Do you carry Celine Murray Unplugged?
Wyatt: Try the deli, just ask for the cheese section.

Customer: Excuse me.
Jude: No, excuse me. (Farts)

Wyatt: I'll take that. (Uses a magnet on the video) There you go, that should ensure that the tape is completely erased.
Customer: Well, won't that mean I can't watch the movie?
Wyatt: Yeah, have a nice day.

Jonsey: I demand a phone call!
Jude: Good one dude, order a pizza.
Ron: No phone calls until you're officially under arrest.

Jonsey: Can I help you Miss?
Customer: No, I mean maybe.
Jonsey: Don't be shy. Discretion is my middle name. I've taken the oath.
Female customer whispers her problem.
Jonsey: Hey Mr. Goldstein, what do we give people for real serious constipation?

Ron: All right that's it. The mall's closed and you're going home!
Jude: But I have a girlfriend in Australia!
Ron: Well we're not in Australia maggot. NOW MOVE IT!

Jude (Sees Ron pull out the pay phone): No! Please, please you can't do this!
Ron: There's nothing in this world that's free, punk!

Tim: OK Wyatt, I'm Tim.
Wyatt: Hi, Tim.
Tim: Did I tell you that you could call me Tim?
Wyatt: Well, that was how you introduced your....
Tim: You can call me sir. Wyatt, there are three ways to do things here. The right way, the wrong way and my way.
Wyatt: Is your way the right way?
Tim: Absolutely.
Wyatt: So, wouldn't there just be two ways to do things then?
Tim: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you interviewing me today? Because I thought I was interviewing you.

Tim: Do you like music Wyatt?
Wyatt: Actually I sing, play guitar, and write my own songs.
Tim: Are you going to answer my question or just waste my time?
Wyatt: I like music.
Tim: Good. Some people say it's silly to sing for the customers. Do you think it's silly to sing for the customers?
Wyatt: Uh, no?
Tim: I do. I think it's silly. That's why we don't sing for them.
Wyatt: You don't?
Tim: No, we don't. We sing for the meat. You talk to a houseplant and it grows faster, fact! If you sing to meat it tastes better, also fact!

Tim: You start tomorrow.
Wyatt: Thank you...I think.

Tim: If you got a job at the airport, they wouldn't let you fly a plane on your first day would they?
Jonsey: They would if I was a pilot.
Tim: Are you a pilot Jonsey?

Jonsey: I'm gonna go drown my head in the toilet.
Nikki: Make sure you flush!

Jude: So. Do you know the ending? Do you know who did it?
Jen: Jude, this is a driver's manual.
Jude: Oh. So the chauffeur probably did it.

Jen: [Walking with Jude to the arcade.] I thought you were going to teach me how to drive.
Jude: You can't just put an astronaut in a spaceshuttle and expect them to fly. You have to train them first. In a sim-u-la-tor.
Jen: But I'm not an astronaunt.
Jude: I know. You're an AUTO-naut.

Ron: A ha! Caught you red handed maggot! Just what do you think you're doing?
Jude: Turning up the heat.
Ron: Just as I thoug....?...turning up the heat?
Jude: Yeah. Gettin' kinda chilly in here, don't you think?
Ron: Yeah. Good work soldier. Try to find the culprit who keeps turning it down.
Jude: Roger that.

Wayne: Welcome to my side of the planet.....THE LONELY SIDE!


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