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7th Heaven is a U.S. television series about a minister's family living in the fictional town of Glenoak in California.


Season 1

Anything You Want

Annie Camden: Have you ever heard for everything there is a season, a time to uhh...hmm a time to do something or other. The point is that you just have to let nature take its course you can't hurry these things.

Simon Camden: You know, "dog" is "God" spelled backwards.

Family Secrets

In the Blink of an Eye

Lucy: (in front of Eric) You remember my dad?

Jimmy: Oh yeah the God guy.

Eric: Yeah I see how you charmed my daughter.

No Funerals and a Wedding

The Color of God


What Will People Say?

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

The Last Call for Aunt Julie

Now You See Me

With a Little Help From My Friends

America's Most Wanted

Seven Is Enough

Happy's Valentine

Brave New World


Matt: You gotta trust me on this, cause when it comes to this kind of stuff, guys don't think like girls.
Mary: I know I'm sorry.
Matt: Where'd you get that dress?
Mary: (Crying) Camille stole it for me. I didn't know she did it okay? She gave it to me in the car.
Matt: So you put it on and went to a fraternity party?
Mary: I know, it was stupid. I'm sorry.
Matt: It's okay. But you should know, from now on I'll be watching you like a fox.

(Simon and Ruthie find a $50.00 bill on the sidewalk)

Ruthie: Maybe we should give it back.
Simon: To who? The sidewalk?

Ruthie: How about a little tiny goldfish? They won't be no trouble.
Annie: Any.
Ruthie: Any what?
Annie: A goldfish won't be any trouble.
Ruthie: I know. So can I have one?

Faith, Hope, and the Bottom Line

Simon: Well, I know my phone number when someone ask for it.
Ruthie: And still no one calls.

Eric: I just can't go for a security system over a person.
Lou: And that's what makes you a caring, compassionate minister...and a lousy businessman.

It's About George...

The Colonel: Hello.
Jimmy: Hey.
Grandma Ruth: Hey is for horses. Are you a farmer, Mr. Moon?
Jimmy: No.
The Colonel: Do you know who I am?
Jimmy: Lucy's grandfather?
The Colonel: I am Colonel John Camden, United States Marines!

Julie: I don't think I can do this.
Matt: That's what you need. - A warm relationship with your father.

Say Good-bye

Mary: How about this dress?
Lucy: Sure. Whatever. You'll look great.
Mary: Or maybe I could just shave my head?
Lucy: Sure. Whatever. You'll look great

Dangerous Liaisons (1)

Eric: Honey, I think you need to sit down now and try to relax.
Annie: Bite me!
Eric: Bite me?!?

Eric: (praying)) We thank you for this food, Lord, and...any other help you could pass our way about now would be greatly appreciated, with an eye toward peace and harmony. Amen.

Annie: (on the phone with hotel receptionist) Ginger...somebody. What do you mean you don't know? How can you not know? How many "Ginger"s do you have there? Is there a "Ginger" convention in town or something?

Simon: (to Matt) When you see Lucy, tell her she never looked better or I'm a dead man!

Matt: Wow! What did you do to make your hair look so blonde and...um...beautiful?
Lucy: I'm trying to figure out if you're lying and if I think you are I will be killing Simon tonight!

Dangerous Liaisons (2)

Matt: Great. Even with Mary in the hospital, Dad still finds a way to teach me a lesson.
Simon: Well, you've kind of got to admire him for that.

Eric: Your hair looks nice, Luce.
Lucy: Nice or sexy?
Eric: Uh....nice. Definitely nice. If my 13-year-old daughter had sexy hair, I'd shave her head

Season 2

Don't Take My Love Away

See You in September

my butt=

Who Knew?

Say Who?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Do Something

I Hate You

Truth or Dare

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Rush to Judgment

Stuck in the Middle with You

Red Tape


It Takes a Village

Nothing Endures But Change

My Kinda Guy

Eric has invited a foreign exchange student to stay. Annie: You invited a guest to stay in our house without even consulting me? Eric: ...I just thought it would be a great cultural experience for the kids, for all of us. Annie: Well so's a museum, but unfortunately we don't have room for one in our house!

Time to the Leave the Nest

Like a Harlot

Boyfriends (1)

... And Girlfriends (2)

Season 3

It Takes Two, Baby

Drunk Like Me


The Legacy

... And a Nice Chianti

And the Home of the Brave

Johnny Get Your Gun

No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll

Let's Talk About Sex

Here Comes Santa Claus

Nobody Knows...

All That Jazz

The Tribes That Bind

In Praise of Women

Annie: (to Eric during labor) Stop touching me! That's what got us in this situation in the first place.

It Happened One Night


Sometimes That's Just the Way It Is

We the People

The Voice

All Dogs Go to Heaven

There Goes the Bride (1)

There Goes the Bride (2)

Season 4

The Tattle Tale Heart

Life is Too Beautiful

Yak Sada (a.k.a. One Voice)

Come Drive with Me

With Honors

Just You Wait and See

Sin... (1)

... And Expiation (2)

Dirty Laundry

Who Nose

Forget Me Not

All By Myself

Who Do You Trust?


Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Say a Little Prayer for Me

Twelve Angry People

Hoop Dreams

Talk to Me

Liar, Liar

Love Stinks (1)

Love Stinks (2)

Season 5

Here We Go Again











One Hundred

Annie: Who would leave a baby on our doorstep?
Ruthie: God.
Annie: That's sweet, but I think God had a little help on this one

Robbie: What's that pizza lady's baby doing here?
Annie: You've seen this baby?
Robbie: Yeah, at Pete's Pizza.
Annie: Frankie and Johnny.
Robbie: Yeah, that's her name. Frankie. She works at Pete's and brings the baby in with her sometimes.
Annie: Are you sure this is her?
Robbie: No offense, I know all babies are beautiful, but I'd recognize that head anywhere.

Eric: I still can't believe I forgot my birthday!
Ruthie: You're old. Old people forget stuff.









Chances (1)

Are (2)

Season 6








Ay Carumba






Hot Pants

I Really Do

I Really Did

Lip Service

The Ring

Letting Go

The Known Soldier

Holy War (1)

Holy War (2)

Season 7

Monkey Business (1)

Monkey Business Deaux (2)

The Enemy Within

Bowling for Eric

The Heart of the Matter

Regarding Eric

Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn

Peer Pressure

Lost Souls

A Cry for Help (a.k.a. Female Trouble)


Back in the Saddle Again

It's Not Always About You


I Love Lucy

Stand Up

High Anxiety

We Do

That Touch of Bink (1)

Dick (2)

Life and Death (1)

The show was sued due to a copyright claim of Dick Sweden. To avoid lawsuite the producers had to include Dick Sweden's script. As seen below.

Life and Death (2)

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