A History of Violence (film)

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A History of Violence is a 2005 film about how when the owner of a diner becomes a public hero after foiling a robbery, he is targeted by mobsters who claim he is an old rival with a secret past.

Directed by David Cronenberg. Written by John Wagner, Vince Locke and Josh Olson.
Everyone has something to hide. taglines

Carl Fogarty

  • You should ask Tom... how come he's so good at killing people?
  • Still crazy fucking Joey.

Jack Stall

  • If I rob Mulligan's pharmacy, are you going to whack me if I don't give you a piece of the action?


Richie Cusack: [After his guys fail to kill Tom] How do you fuck that up?


Tom Stall: In this family, we do not solve problems by hitting people!
Jack: No, in this family, we shoot them!

Carl: Got anything to say before I blow your brains out, you miserable prick?
Tom: I should have killed you in Philly.
Carl: That's right.

Tom: I'm here to make peace. Can I do anything to make things right?
Richie: You can do one thing... You can die.

Richie: Jesus, Joey!
[Tom/Joey shoots him]
Tom/Joey: Jesus, Richie.


  • Everyone has something to hide.
  • Tom Stall had the perfect life... until he became a hero.


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