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Eureka is a science fiction TV series that premiered on the SCI FI channel in 2006. In the UK it is known as A Town Called Eureka.

Season 1

Pilot episode [1.01]

[While driving.]
Zoe Carter: Listen-- dog.
Jack Carter: No, you listen, home girl--
Zoe Carter: [pointing] No, dog!

[After they have driven off the road]
Jack Carter: Ow. Are you okay?
Zoe Carter: You call this "protective custody"?
Jack Carter: Oooh, you're okay.

Jack Carter: How long've you been in the tow business?
Henry Deacon: Oh, I don't do this for a living, I do this for fun! I just always liked fixing things. I was an engineer, fact of the day.
Jack Carter: As in trains?
Henry Deacon: Space shuttles.

Beverly Barlowe: Will your wife be joining you?
Jack Carter: My wife? Oh, uhm. [holds up hand with ring] Not likely. We're separated.
Beverly Barlowe: Was it the sex?
Jack Carter: Excuse me?
Beverly Barlowe: Well, it's a common problem in long term relationships. People get bored, they want to experiment sexually, and they don't know how to express their needs.
Jack Carter: Well, not that sharing my sex life with a total stranger doesn't sound like loads of fun, uh, at the moment my needs are a nap and a shower.

Jack Carter: Deputy, where is the sheriff?
Jo Lupo: You wanna know where the sheriff is? He's out on police business. Which is where I should be, instead of baby sitting Felon Spice here.
Zoe Carter: Hey!
Jo Lupo: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll stop doing your job, and start doing mine.

Jack Carter: He's just a dog, for crying out loud.
Jim Taggart: Now you listen to me, friend. I've tracked a polar bear across the arctic tundra, dived with great whites off the very reef. Hunted with the tribes of the Serengeti! But none of it even begins to compare with what that animal's put me through. [Exasperated laugh.] It's not "just a dog", marshall. It's the devil himself. [Leaves.]
Jack Carter: Oh yeah, he's stable.

Allison Blake: Professor Warren King, Marshall Jack Carter. Professor King is a Nobel laureate and noted astrophysicist.
Jack Carter: Wow. Well, I'm captain of my division softball team. [laughs] That sounded better in my head.

Jack Carter: What're you doing out of your cell?
Zoe Carter: I'm getting take-out for me and Jo. Turns out we have a lot in common.
Jack Carter: Like what?
Zoe Carter: Like fighting an oppressive patriarchal society to express our feminine power.

Jack Carter: Let's not shoot the crazy end-of-the-world machine just yet.

Many Happy Returns [1.02]

Allison Blake: I still don't get it. Susan committing suicide. I mean, I know it sounds callous, but I don't care how bad things are, once you have a kid, you don't get to just... check out.
Jack Carter: Well, my daughter Zoe said pretty much the same thing when I told her I was being transferred to Eureka.
Allison Blake: Taking your life and taking a job are hardly the same thing.
Jack Carter: In this town? Not so sure.

Jack Carter: Sorry if we seem a little... unnerved, but we just buried you this morning.
Susan Perkins: You're unnerved?

Jack Carter: It's not like we have a standard form to "undead" you.
Jo Lupo: Ahem.
Jack Carter: Tell me you're kidding.

Douglas Fargo: You might want to be careful with this. It's a portable generator.
Jack Carter:
Douglas Fargo: A fission-powered portable generator.
Jack Carter: OK. Don't sleep on the nuclear power device. Good safety tip.

Allison Blake: So that's why you collapsed? An electrolyte imbalance?
Nathan Stark: I'm just telling you what the doctors told me.
Allison Blake: And they have no idea what caused it?
Nathan Stark: Yes, my electrolytes are out of balance.

Nathan Stark: There was an electrical problem with the computers, and then I saw something. A figure.
Jack Carter: Are you saying someone was in your office?
Nathan Stark: Not someone. Something. It wasn't entirely corporeal.
Jack Carter: Corporeal?
Nathan Stark: Physical. There and not there at the same time.
Jack Carter: Are you saying you saw a ghost?
Nathan Stark: Sheriff. Director of research of the most advanced scienctific facility in the world doesn't see ghosts.

Nathan Stark: So, you sleeping with her?
Jack Carter: Excuse me?
Nathan Stark: You said I'd gotten the wrong impression. I assumed you were talking about my wife. Not that I have any right to ask--
Jack Carter: You're right, you don't.
Nathan Stark: You're not. But you'd like to.
Jack Carter: I'll let you know if I get anywhere. With the ghost, I mean.

Jack Carter: Tell me Henry, you're a scientist, do you believe in ghosts?
Henry Deacon: Well, I believe in energy. When somebody dies, that energy has to go somewhere. So, theoretically I suppose it's possible.

Jack Carter: So what happens now?
Allison Blake: Temporal rehabilitation. Think physical therapy, but a whole lot more expensive.

Before I Forget [1.03]

Jack Carter: I went back to check on my own, personal files, and they've been classified. I mean, my files.
Allison Blake: It's not my fault that there are things about yourself that you're just not cleared to know.
Jack Carter: Yeah, I'd hate to stumble across something that if I told me, I'd have to kill me.

Zoe Carter: I was up all night reading Shakespeare!
Jack Carter: Uh-huh. You're really into this school play, huh?
Zoe Carter: Yeah, you know, um, I think drama club is really helping me find myself emotionally. I feel like I'm really starting to fit in.
Jack Carter: How many classes do you get to skip for rehearsal?
Zoe Carter: Last period every day, including geometry. Love drama.

Jack Carter: Who writes instructions with greek letters anyway?
Jo Lupo: Greeks?

Jo Lupo: My mom used to make my costumes.
Jack Carter: You used to do theatre?
Jo Lupo: Believe it or not, Carter, I didn't have childhood dreams of becoming a commando.
Jack Carter: So you went from being told to break a leg, to actually breaking them?

Jack Carter: I gotta go see a guy about a thing. Device. Gizmo.

Jack Carter: I figured it all out. I know what you're up to.
Jason Anderson: In regards to...?
Jack Carter: I know that you have a device that can... create a wormhole, or, uh, bend time, or make you invisible... or a wormholing, time-bending, invisibling device, that shields you from the mind.
Nathan Stark: Yes, he said "invisibling".

[Jack struggles with Jason Anderson, though the others manage to pull him back]
Jack Carter: [points] There. That's the device that invades your mind.
Jason Anderson: It also starts my car. [shows ordinary car-keys]

Alienated [1.04]

[The group are watching a very loud movie.]
Jo Lupo: [screaming] What's wrong with you people? Turn it down!
Spencer Martin: What? Why?
Jo Lupo: Your neighbours are complaining about the noise.
Spencer Martin: Which neighbours?
Jo Lupo: The state of Idaho! Turn. it. down.

Spencer Martin: Wow. I mean, that is like...
Douglas Fargo: Unbelieveable. Yet... believeable.
Vincent: Definitely.
Jim Taggart: Like being there.
Jo Lupo: I've gotta go. Hey, you guys keep it down, okay?
Jim Taggart: We'll walk you out. You know, in case of alien invasion. Stranger things have happened.
Jo Lupo: Right.

Invincible [1.05]

Dr. Nobel [1.06]

Blink [1.07]

Right as Raynes [1.08]

Primal [1.09]

Purple Haze [1.10]

H.O.U.S.E. Rules [1.11]

Once in a Lifetime [1.12]

Season 2

Noche de Suenos [2.06]

Jack Carter: "Joesefina Ballerina"
Jo Lupo: "I will taser you"

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