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Season 2, Episode 3 part B "Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox"

[Krumm eats an old wind-up toy.]
Toy: The cow goes "moo". The duck goes "quack". The politician goes "I don't recall".
The Gromble: Do you know what we call those who are afraid of that which they don't understand?! [Screaming at students angrily]
Oblina: Humans. [Said with disgust in her voice]

Episode 7

Ickis: All those stories he told were really great, are they all true?
The Gromble: Of course they were all true. Great monsters never lie.
Ickis: Even the one about the shoe store.
The Gromble: NO!
Ickis: But you just said...
[The Gromble glares. Ickis laughs nervously.]
Ickis: Well, maybe he, exaggerated a little...

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