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Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam (January 29 1926November 21 1996) was a Pakistani theoretical physicist who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979 for his work in electroweak theory which is the mathematical and conceptual synthesis of the electromagnetic and weak interactions, the latest stage reached until now on the path towards a unification theory describing the fundamental forces of nature.


  • Scientific thought is the common heritage of mankind.
  • It is just impossible to talk only of technology transfer. One should talk of science transfer first and technology transfer later…..Unless you are very good at science you will never be good at technology.
  • Whenever faced with two competing theories for the same set of observations I have always found that the theory which was more aesthetically satisfying is also the correct one.
  • As a scientist, the Quran speaks to me in that it emphasises reflection on Laws of Nature, with examples drawn from cosmology, physics, biology and medicine, as signs for all men.
  • If you consider me to be a non-Muslim, it is your problem but permit me to lay a brick in the mosque you want to build.

  • His main contribution would be his demonstration that it is still possible to be a polymath in 20th century.(comment on his scientist colleague,Ashoka Jahnavi-Prasad[1]

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