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Abraham Moses Klein (14 February 1909 - 20 August 1972) was a Canadian author. Best known for his poetry, Klein also wrote a number of essays and short stories.


  • Where are the braves, the faces like autumn fruit,
    who stared at the child from the coloured frontispiece?
    • Indian Reservation: Caughnawaga (1983)
  • And my tears, too, have stained this heirloomed ground,
    When reading in these treatises some weird
    Miracle, I turned a leaf and found
    A white hair fallen from my father's beard.
    • Heirloom (1982)
  • This is a grassy ghetto, and no home.
    • Indian Reservation: Caughnawaga (1983)
  • For the tourist's
    brown pennies scattered at the old church door,
    the ragged papooses jump, and bite the dust.
    • Indian Reservation: Caughnawaga (1983)

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