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And you are to love those who are your aliens for you yourselves were aliens in Egypt. [Deuteronomy 10:19]
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Achewood is a comic written and illustrated by w:Chris Onstad. It debuted on October 1, 2001


  • Everybody dance like there's ass in your pants. [1]
  • Philippe is standing on it.[2]
  • He Gets With Ladies But In The End They Do Not Like Him. [3]
  • It is silly to like The Cure. [4]
  • Man, why they even got to do a thing? [5]
  • So, you guys hear the one about the priest who gave head to the mailman? Well, there’s this priest, and he’s pretty down on his luck. He prays to God that his luck will improve, and the very next day a horny mailman shows up. Well, one thing lead to another. You can pretty much guess what they did. It wasn’t too cool. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not against gays. I’m actually pretty open minded, once you get to know me. [6]
  • You are a hoot and a holler Ray Smuckles [7]
  • Lie Bot, what is the saddest thing?[8][9][10][11][12]
  • Hey there Jackie D. Tuck me in and be my breakfast. [13]
  • Fuck along, now. [14]
  • Mexican people take too long gettin' in and out of cars! [15]
  • I wonder if there's a college study that shows how exposing my generation to Three's Company set gender relations back apporximately 715 years [16]

Alternate Text

  • Pregnant women should not handle broken tablets of Zyrelax. [17]
  • Llewellyn Ash knows that You are capable of Wonderful Things. [18]
  • Roast Beef's hang-up is actually a fantasy for many men [19]
  • Patronize your local fast food cart [20]
  • Smoking Mr. Gary's pole is so beutiful. [21]
  • 750 dudes with Tron pillows go Oh, No Wonder. [22]
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