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Achille Starace

Achille Starace (August 18, 1889 - April 29, 1945) was a prominent leader of Fascist Italy prior to and during World War II. In 1931, his career reached its peak when he was made Secretary of the PNF. He was appointed to the position primarily due to his unquestioning, fanatical loyalty to Mussolini. As secretary, Starace staged massive parades and marches in favor of Mussolini and proposed Anti-Semitic racial segregation measures. On April 29, 1945, after a summary trial, he was sentenced to death. Starace was taken to the Piazzale Loreto and shown the body of Mussolini, which he saluted just before he was shot. His body was subsequently strung up next to Mussolini's.


  • Very often I receive raccomandazioni for young Fascists or officers or, even worse, persons who do not belong to the organization, with requests that I do something for them in competitive examinations.
    • Quoted in "Mussolini's Italy; Twenty Years of the Fascist Era" - Page 271 - by Max Gallo - Fascism - 1973
  • He is a God.
    • About Benito Mussolini. Quoted in "Mussolini: A New Life" - Page 276 - by Nicholas Burgess Farrell – 2004
  • It is absurd to believe in the possibility of perpetual peace...Fascist education must be education for battle. Fascism believes in sanctity and heroism.
    • Quoted in "Believe, Obey, Fight" - Page 98 - by Tracy H. Koon - Political Science – 1985
  • Our so-called Society people, instead of going in for sport, persist in holding conversations in their drawing rooms, generally in a foreign tongue. They engage nurse maids, personal maids and governesses of all nationalities except Italian. They play poker and bridge with the accompanying drinks, certainly not Italian brands!
    • About disloyal people in Italian society. Quoted in "Activist on Society" - Time Magazine - August 5, 1935


Translation help is needed for these.
  • I'm a man who breathed for the order of the duce.
  • Chissà perché ci si attenda ancora a considerare la fine dell'anno al metro del 31 dicembre, piuttosto che a quello del 28 ottobre. L'attaccamento a questa consuetudine è indice di mentalità non fascista.
  • Alla parola "comizio" d'ora innanzi prego di sostituire la parola "raduno di propaganda". Il comizio ci ricorda tempi superati per sempre.
  • Fate ginnastica e non medicina. Abbandonate i libri e datevi all'ippica.
  • Tutti gli organi del partito funzionano: devono funzionare perciò anche gli organi genitali.

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